“Their descendants will even inherit this curse. Every Maledictus is a woman, and the curse is passed down in the blood of their daughters.”

Sean nodded, and he glanced at Nagini, “So, she didn’t influenced by me because she is a human rather than an animal, right?”

“That’s right,” Dumbledore agreed with his point of view and added, “To be precise, I need you to help me judge whether Nagini still has a trace of humanity.”

“If you can attract her, then her human side has completely disappeared. She will be just an animal, whether that be her body or soul. This is the terrifying fact of being a Maledictus, it curses people, and it will be carried over time.”

Sean looked at Nagini with some sympathy. She turned into a snake and couldn’t turn back. Those memories that belonged to humans were slowly eroded, and the remaining human consciousness in her soul would gradually blur.

“Can she turn back? Professor, you just said that Maledictus will become animals permanently.” Sean asked.

Nagini obviously followed Tom for a long time, which means that it may have been ten or even decades since she turned into a snake.

Dumbledore’s expression became serious, “It’s difficult, very difficult. In fact, I have been studying this problem for a long time.”

He shook his head, “I haven’t found any spells that can lift the curse. I got some information from the notes of some ancient potion masters, researched it with Severus for a long time, and the medicine we created is not guaranteed to work on the curse.”

“Professor, are you familiar with Nagini?” Sean asked. He naturally knew some information about Nagini.

Dumbledore showed an expression, “Yes, we have known each other a long time ago. But due to some accidents, I didn’t notice Nagini’s disappearance and only recently discovered she was with Riddle. Our plan tonight is not only to get rid of Riddle but also get Nagini.”

“I see.” Sean nodded.

Dumbledore continued, “You saw it just now, didn’t you? I brought Aurelius because he and Nagini used to be good friends. He never gave up looking for Nagini. I can’t let him see her for his own sake, so I have to send him off first.”

“Credence is not weak anymore, Albus. He will know.” Grindelwald interjected.

“But not now.” Dumbledore said angrily.

Grindelwald spread his hands, not trying to argue with him again.

Dumbledore cast a spell, and Nagini fell unconscious again.

“Sean, we will find a way to give Nagini a preliminary treatment. At that time, we may still need your help.”

“Of course, Professor.” Sean replied quickly.

Dumbledore smiled at him, “Thank you. Of course, It won’t affect your classes.”

When Dumbledore mentioned this, Sean had a thought.

He looked at him, “Professor Dumbledore, what about our next Defense Against the Dark Arts class?”

“Hm, you’re right,” Dumbledore scratched his head, “I have to find a good candidate to replace him.”

Grindelwald stood up, he stroked his short beard, and smiled, “I know someone.”

“Okay, this is the end of our conversation.” Dumbledore didn’t even look at Grindelwald. “It’s time for you to leave Hogwarts.”

He turned to Sean with a gentle smile, “Sean, I’m sorry for interrupting your sleep. Take care now.”

Sean looked at Grindelwald and nodded quickly, “Goodbye, Professor. Good night.”

As soon as he turned around, he heard Grindelwald’s voice, “Wallup.”

“You too, sir. I wish you a good night.” Sean laughed dryly, turned around, and said good night again.

Grindelwald put on a smile again on his face and said gently, “Sorry for disturbing your sleep time, see you next time.”

Sean nodded and left quickly.

Leaving the office and passing the third floor, the big hole that Tom had smashed was still there, and the sky outside was already a little bright. He carefully bypassed the collapsed floor, and Sean walked quickly towards the common room.

Gently returning to the bedroom, Sean sank into the bed. He let out an extremely satisfied sigh and then fell asleep.


“Where is this?” When Sean woke up, he found that he had slept in another place.

Ravenclaw’s bed was gone, and his body was covered with white linen sheets. With the furnishings around him, Sean quickly realized that he was in the school’s infirmary.

“What the hell?” Sean looked at the head of the bed, where gifts and candies were piled up with a lot of cards written on them.

“So, you’re finally awake. How are you feeling?” Madam Pomfrey came to him.

“I’m okay. But, ma’am, why am I here?”

“It’s like what Albus said. You’re fine. There’s nothing to worry about. You just need to rest well.”

She handed over a card, “Professor Dumbledore asked me to pass it on to you.”

Sean took the card and unfolded it suspiciously.

(Dear Sean: Here’s a little thought of mine. I’d love to make it up like this, I’ve been thinking about it, and Albus can’t do it, so I’m going to tell you the truth.

Apparently, Albus didn’t want me to stay with him for the night. In desperation, I could only find a place to rest. After all, Scotland is really cold.

I wanted to thank you, Sean. Your quilt is clean and warm. Oh, I moved you to somewhere else for you to rest as well. After all, after fighting the Dark Lord, you must have been injured by something, right?

Besides, those gifts are from your admirers and friends. Although what happened last night should be kept a secret, the greatest wizard named Albus Dumbledore once said: secrets always spread like wildfire.

You’re welcome.

P.S.: I took all the Bertie Botts Beans from you.)

The signature on the card was Albus Dumbledore. After Sean read it, the handwriting changed and turned into something else.

(Gellert Grindelwald.)

Sean was dumbfounded and confused about how this old man’s mind works.

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Published On: August 16, 2023

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