Sean’s expression changed, and he didn’t feel anything.

On the system panel, there are many more spells that Sean has never seen before.

Imperius (Dark Magic) Lv1: Proficiency 4900/20000

Cruciatus (Dark Magic) Lv1: Proficiency 6950/20000

Killing Curse (Dark Magic) Lv1: Proficiency 16500/20000

Fiendfyre (Dark Magic) Lv1: Proficiency 5000/15000


He has learned dozens of magic spells that he has never seen before, and the level is not low. The most important thing is that those magic spells are all dark magic.

There is even a spell to create the Dark Mark which Voldemort originally created for him and his followers.

Neither of the two in the office disturbed Sean until he raised his head, and Grindelwald winked at him easily, “How’s the trip?”

Sean looked at Dumbledore with a sullen face.

Dumbledore didn’t ask what Sean saw but said softly, “A lot of dark magic… right?”

“Yes, professor. But I don’t understand.” Sean was confused.

Judging from the results, the black mist that got into his body just now should be related to Tom Riddle. But he didn’t feel anything, and it felt like he was on vacation.

Dumbledore looked at Sean for a while, then sighed deeply, “That is Tom’s soul fragment. Obviously, the one you just faced is not his whole soul. He is vulnerable, and you gained his knowledge and experience.”

Sean nodded and then said suspiciously, “But I didn’t feel anything except receiving those things.”

“It’s normal,” said Grindelwald, who looked very pleasant, “Sean, no matter how many prophecies we hide from you, you must understand that you are special, alright? This is yours. We do not even understand our secrets and will not explore them. In the future, you will solve it yourself.”

Dumbledore stood up with a tone of admonition in his tone, “Sean, I have seen too many fallen wizards. You are a smart child. You should also know what the use of dark magic means, right?”

Sean nodded. The release of dark magic requires the caster to carry great malice. If things go on like this, their emotions and heart will be affected and finally become distorted.

“Don’t indulge in those powerful but evil spells, alright?” Dumbledore looked at him and said in a deep voice.

Before Sean could answer, Grindelwald interjected, “Sometimes, wizards also need some self-defense methods. Sean, you make your own choices.”

“It’s dark magic.” Dumbledore said angrily at Grindelwald.

“Please, Albus. You only know a lot more dark magic than I do. Aren’t you still the greatest wizard of this century?”

“Sean is only in the first grade, and I will never allow him to be affected by those influences.”

“Sean is not one of those mediocre students. Interests are often accompanied by risks, and can’t dark magic be improved?”

The two old men started to quarrel again.

Sean looked at the two with some headache, and the conversation had extended to their magical differences when they were young. However, he didn’t have the chance to intervene.

Sean glanced at his panel. There was a long list of those dark magic spells. He had a bit of a headache just thinking about it.

Mastering magic spells is not a bad thing, but as Dumbledore said, dark magic can affect people’s minds. Using it sparingly might not have any effects, but if using it constantly like Tom, then there’s no doubt that his mind will be affected by bad things.

Sean decided to put the dozens of highly skilled dark magic on hold first. He still prefers Transfiguration and magical beasts. If he can exert these two talents, he’ll be strong.

Moreover, these dark magics are equivalent to broadening his horizons. If he encounters a dark wizard who wants to cast a spell on him in the future, he will have a way to deal with it.

Of course, he won’t hesitate when it’s time to use it, but he will only use it if it’s really an emergency.

In the office, the argument between the two finally stopped.

Dumbledore’s face was full of anger, and Grindelwald’s face turned a little red, and neither of them seemed to come to an agreement.

The two old men looked at Sean at the same time.

“Sean, it’s up to you now.” Dumbledore said.

Grindelwald spread his hands, “Make your own choice. You don’t need to give us an answer. After all, the old man who stepped into the grave with half his foot already gave up his life.”

Sean laughed dryly, “I understand.”

There was silence for a while. The two old men seemed to be still digesting the argument just now. Nagini made a sound again, and they remembered that they had other things to do.

Dumbledore carefully checked Nagini and made sure that there would be no second or third soul fragment running out again.

“Do it again. This time, I’ll protect you.” He emphasized the word ‘protect’.

Grindelwald sat back on the chair and said casually, “Albus, Do you really think there’s another one? Besides, shouldn’t we just make Anti Tom Riddle Order?”

Dumbledore ignored him and looked at Sean. Sean didn’t know whether he should be cautious or expect it. He shrugged and stood in front of Nagini.

This time, nothing substantial happened. Sean did not influence Nagini and shook her body.

Sean saw joy flashing in Dumbledore’s eyes and asked suspiciously, “Professor, is this enough?”

“Thank you for your help, Sean,” Dumbledore stood up straight, “Nagini’s result is what I expect it to see.”

He explained, “Nagini is not an animal. Her body is human, but she has been hit by a curse that went straight through her bloodline.”

“I don’t know who invented the curse, but this curse is extremely vicious,” Dumbledore’s voice was weak, “A person under that curse will switch back and forth between their human and animal form. But eventually, it won’t happen again, and they’ll become an animal forever.”

“At that time, the wildness of animals will completely suppress their human nature, and her memory of being a human will gradually disappear.”

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Published On: August 15, 2023

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