The speed of the black mist was even faster than the Golden Snitch. Sean barely had the time to dodge it. The black mist shot straight into Sean’s eyes, and Sean felt as if a troll’s breath spewed on his face, and the strong rotten smell was strong.

He felt the heat in his eyes, and the black mist rushed into his body.

Grindelwald had been sitting by the side watching all of this and raised smiled slightly. Dumbledore frowned, he immediately pulled Sean over, and Nagini was pinned to the ground with the wave of his wand.

“You’re good, Sean?” Sean stood where he was. His eyes gradually lost their luster.

“Grindelwald!” Dumbledore looked at him sternly.

Grindelwald crossed his legs leisurely and laughed, “Albus, I understand that you have always been wary of me. You have to admit it, whether it’s cooperation or other aspects.”

He stood up and then walked over to Sean, who had blank eyes, “I won’t be easy to this child.”

“You’re putting this child in danger now!” Dumbledore was angry.

“Danger? Stop joking, Albus. I’d be worried if it were Riddle’s whole soul.” Grindelwald chuckled, “Albus, you just don’t want to be worried about things not going your way.”

“But none of us can make a choice for Sean,” Dumbledore said bluntly.

Grindelwald smiled, “No no no. I don’t think this will affect Sean’s choice. This is just a small gift. Without it, how Sean chooses will still be in line. He is a rational child. Don’t you know how talented Sean is? When I saw him for the first time, I thought he was like a younger version of ourselves.”

Dumbledore’s pupils were filled with disgust, “Your methods make me sick.”

“Come on, my old friend,” Grindelwald put a hand on Sean’s shoulder, “a weak soul fragment. We all know what Riddle wants to do, but… “

Grindelwald licked his lips excitedly, “Our dear friend doesn’t know what he’s going to face.”


When Sean opened his eyes again, he was surprised to find that he was in an extremely bright open space. This place is like an island surrounded by blue sky. On the island, there is a familiar building, which is the mansion of the Wallup family.

“Where am I?” Sean subconsciously wanted to take out his wand, but he was surprised to find that not only the wand but also Dave and Naja, whom he had been carrying around him, were gone. The wallet with the pistol was also gone.

Instead of wearing a robe, he switched to a comfortable T-shirt and sweatpants.

Sean stretched out his hand and looked at it. He clearly remembered that a black mist had just attacked his body, but now he didn’t feel any discomfort. Instead, his whole body was warm, and he felt very comfortable.

“Is this… my inner world?” Sean suddenly had a thought.

He remained vigilant and slowly walked towards the mansion.

The big iron gate was there, and Sean glanced inside. There was no sign of activity, and there was nothing wrong there. The closer he got, the stronger the feeling of safety, ease, and comfort in his heart.

He stretched out his hand and saw a mark on the door. The mark came from an accident when Sean was a child. He knocked over a ladder. It hit Sean and then on the door.

However, both of his parents hurriedly took Sean to the hospital. After examination, they found that he didn’t suffer a big injury, and the mark was preserved.

According to his father, it’s a memorial for that time.

Sean smiled, pushed open the door, and walked in.

He checked it out. There was no one in the mansion, but there was a boiling hot pot in the restaurant, and Sean’s favorite food was on the table.

“Didn’t my parents specially buy this after I requested it when I was seven years old?” Sean was familiar with this scene.

Sean didn’t feel anything wrong, walked out of the mansion, and walked towards the edge of the island.

The further he goes to the edge, Sean’s expression becomes more and more strange. The edge of the island is covered with dark black slate, and there are even railings.

He stuck his head out and looked down, then widened his eyes. Crimson occupied all of Sean’s vision, and the ground below the island was completely filled with magma.

“What is this?” Sean frowned.

He didn’t know that there was an uninvited guest on the ground that he couldn’t see.

“Who’s there?” On a small black rock in the magma, a person stood on it.

That was Tom Riddle.

His whole figure is somewhat transparent, the edges are blurred, and his face is distorted from time to time.

This is not the first time Tom has done this, most of the soul worlds he invaded were narrow and dark, and he didn’t even need to spend much effort to control their soul. That’s what he did to Quirrell.

While he was hesitating, the magma suddenly began to boil. Tom took a step back, and he was horrified to find that in front of him, something seemed to be rushing out of the magma. He spent a lot of energy turning himself into a black mist and wanted to escape.

But the magma boiled violently just after flying into the air, and a huge figure stood up and blocked his way. It was Sean.

Tom saw Sean’s eyes, and he trembled uncontrollably.

His eyes were full of violence and murderous intent. The overflowing violence made the black mist that Tom turned into evaporate continuously.

“Grindelwald! You did this on purpose!” The black mist that Tom turned into shook violently and dissipated.

Sean slowly closed his eyes and didn’t notice anything on the island. He walked around the island and found nothing else. At this moment, he was lying on the lounge in the mansion, thinking about how to get out.

His eyes darkened, and when he opened his eyes, he was already back in Dumbledore’s office.


“Sean, how are you feeling?” He saw Dumbledore’s concerned face.

“I’m alright…” Sean replied and realized that there seemed to be a lot of things happening in his mind.

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Published On: August 15, 2023

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