“Where’s Grindelwald?” Sean asked.

“Gellert has been guarding outside. He has often complained to me that the weather in Scotland is too cold.” Dumbledore spread his hands.

Sean nodded, and sure enough, the fish was caught after laying the bait.

Dumbledore took out two wands and handed the shorter one to Sean, “Sean, please return this to Harry.”

Sean took the wand and put it in his robe. He glanced at Dumbledore, looking at Tom’s wand, and asked softly, “Professor, Harry is also in the prophecy, right?”

Dumbledore stopped his movements, sighed, and finally nodded.

“Forgive me, Sean. It’s not that I don’t want to tell you. It’s because I can’t tell you whether it’s the limitations of the prophecy itself or other factors,” Dumbledore showed a smile, “I’m just an old man who stepped into the grave with half of my leg. There are too many things I don’t understand about magic and wizards.”

Sean fell silent. Finally, he raised his head and gave Dumbledore a smile, “I understand, Professor.”

“Thank you, Sean.”

“You are too kind, Professor.”

At this moment, a fire flashed, and the happy and wild voice could be heard.

“Oh, Albus, my old buddy. You should give me a hug. I can’t imagine anyone else can do it better than me.”

A snake was thrown to the ground, and Grindelwald walked out of the flames with a smile on his face. He opened his hands and walked towards Dumbledore.

Sean froze in place, shouting wildly in his heart.

Fortunately, Dumbledore obviously disliked Grindelwald’s style and said solemnly, “Gellert.”

“Alright, alright.” Grindelwald withdrew his hands and then seemed to have just seen Sean, “Sean, how are you doing tonight?”

It felt weird knowing Grindelwald tried to trick him before.

“I’m okay, sir.” He replied dryly.

“What a wonderful night!” Grindelwald patted Sean on the shoulder hard.

Dumbledore looked a little helpless and asked, “Is there a problem?”

“Why do you ask it like that, Albus?” Grindelwald showed an exaggerated expression.

Sean is a little bit wary of Grindelwald now, and this old man’s words don’t seem to be trustworthy enough for him.

Dumbledore obviously didn’t want to watch Grindelwald anymore. He walked to Nagini’s side to take a closer look and then frowned tightly.

“Its scale is hard.” He frowned.

After Grindelwald walked to Dumbledore’s desk, he opened the drawer as if he had entered his own home and then picked up a Bertie Botts multi-flavored bean from the jar inside and threw it into his mouth.

“It’s natural knowing so many years…Ugh! Why does it taste like booger?!” It was the first time Sean saw Grindelwald’s stunned expression. He hurriedly lowered his head to hide his laugh.

Dumbledore’s eyes flashed with happiness. He easily walked around Nagini, took out his wand, and chanted a few spells.

Sean saw the wand used by Dumbledore. It was pure black with a smooth surface. There was a metal holder at the bottom, and the bottom seemed to be engraved with runes. Shouldn’t Dumbledore be using Elder Wand?

The wand has a handle with a ring of metal on it, and then the main body of the wand winds up like a tangled vine and merges together. This was the first time Sean saw Dumbledore use a wand and the first time he saw such an expression.

Grindelwald rinsed his mouth and complained, “Albus, did you deliberately change a batch of the multi-flavored beans?”

“Who knows.” Dumbledore didn’t look up.

Sean heard the information contained in their conversation. That means Grindelwald had eaten Dumbledore’s Bertie Botts Beans before.

Grindelwald didn’t seem to care about Sean. He walked up to Nagini and said, “Where’s Credence? Don’t he want to see his old man?”

“Grindelwald!” Dumbledore’s tone suddenly became serious, and he even changed his title.

“Albus, you underestimate Credence and both of us too much.” Grindelwald didn’t care about Dumbledore’s attitude. He casually sat on a back chair with his legs crossed.

“I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.” Dumbledore said bluntly.

He turned to look at Sean gently, “My child, maybe I need you to do me a favor.”

“Me?” Sean, who was busy digesting the huge amount of information in the conversation between the two, almost didn’t react.

Dumbledore stood up, “It’s very simple, as long as you use the talents you used to take care of magical animals from Professor Scamander.”

He looked at the huge python on the ground, “Do something to it?”

“Yes, to her.” Dumbledore nodded, “Sean, I will wake up Nagini, and then you look into her eyes.”

Sean nodded suspiciously. Dumbledore meant letting him use his talent for magical animals to control Nagini.

Dumbledore motioned for Sean to stand up and waved his wand, awakening Nagini. She struggled violently as soon as she woke up, but the transparent cage still strained her firmly.

“Sean.” Dumbledore motioned him to step forward.

Sean stepped forward and met Nagini’s eyes.

Those were a pair of emotionless eyes, the slit-shaped pupils unique to snakes stared straight at Sean’s eyes, and the black vertical line in the middle of the eyeball was really dark.

Their eyes made contact, and the office suddenly became quiet, and Nagini no longer struggled.

Dumbledore looked disappointed.

Sean was slightly puzzled. Nagini came from a human who was a Maledictus. He didn’t know whether she was a magical animal, but if she was, why didn’t he feel any emotion at all?

Nagini is not like the Ashwinders. But since Dumbledore didn’t call to stop, Sean didn’t look away.

He frowned. Just now, he saw something within her eyes. As soon as he thought that this was Tom’s pet, Sean immediately took a step back, and at this moment, something occurred.

Nagini struggled frantically, her hissing mingled with pain. A black mist rushed straight to Sean’s eyes in an instant.

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Published On: August 15, 2023

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