The grown-up Sean doesn’t seem to have changed much, except that the edges and corners are more distinct. His eyes are more profound, and his face is more good-looking. It is completely the adult version of Sean now.

​​He has a charming smile on his face, which is one of Sean’s frequently used expressions.

​​”My dream is to grow up?” Sean looked at his grown-up self in the mirror curiously. He was a little confused.

​​Because, at present, he has no urgent desire to grow up. It is good to be a young wizard, and there is no psychological burden in becoming a child.

​​But why does the Mirror of Erised show him this? Could it be that the thing he wants the most is to grow up?

​​Sean doesn’t think so. The thing he desires most now is to become stronger and become Hogwarts’ proudest student.

​​He moved his face closer, wanting to take a closer look at the Mirror of Erised. Suddenly, Sean suddenly moved his face up, and those lake blue eyes that Sean was all too familiar with were stained with blood.

​​Sean was startled, took a step back, and frowned deeply.

​​Sean in the mirror smiled again, but this time it gave him a completely different feeling. He stood up straight, his hands behind his back casually, his brows raised high, and he looked rebellious. It felt like a person whose arrogant enough.

​​Is there something wrong with the Mirror of Erised? Sean moved away a little, his brows furrowed. The Mirror of Erised should reflect his deepest desires. Many people are immersed in illusion because of the characteristics of the mirror.

​​But why does this scenery in front of him feel different?

​​Sean is very clear about himself. He is not the kind of person who has no desires. He loves knowledge and wants to get a lot of money to ensure his happy life.

​​Sean was in shock and moved away from the Mirror of Erised. He called out Naja and leaned on her body to think about it. ​​He has to sort out what happened today.

​​First, he was tricked out of the common room by Grindelwald, then he met the Gryffindors trio wandering around in the castle, and then Aurelius controlled him.

​​The underground transparent room was obviously designed a long time ago, and it was also in line with Aurelius’ monitoring duty.

Several questions remain, why did Grindelwald try to trick him? What did Dumbledore set up for so long to get Tom Riddle?

​​What did Tom Riddle try to achieve? Horcrux? The two old men must know how to make Horcruxes, and they obviously dislike things like Horcruxes.

​​Sean still thought a little about what Tom said at the end. Although his face is expressionless, and Tom’s ability to charm people is obviously far inferior to Grindelwald, the information he reveals makes him a little bit curious.

​​”You’re just a catalyst for the corruption that the old man couldn’t hold and use you as a trophy for their sins.”​​

What role did he play in the prophecy?

​​Sean was silent for a while, but he still decided not to think about it.

​​Tom’s words were obviously not informative. He just wanted to plant a seed in his heart to make Sean doubt himself and simultaneously create mistrust in Dumbledore.

​​Sean wouldn’t completely mistrust someone. In his eyes, Professor Dumbledore was probably 10,000 times more reliable than Tom. There was no reason to listen to his last words.

​​In Sean’s view, Tom is already a dead person. After all, the two old men made this trap and even brought in Aurelius as a helper. If he ran away, they would only need to immediately track him down and remove him from existence.

​​Just as he was about to get up, he saw a black substance squirming in the big hole and then turned into Aurelius again.

​​Aurelius smiled at Sean, “Albus asked you to go to his office.”

​​”How about you, sir?”

​​”Oh, I’ll take you there.”

​​He wrapped Sean again and arrived at the principal’s office.

​​”Taffy.” After Aurelius had said the password, the stone beast jumped aside, and the two entered the office along the spiral staircase.

​​Dumbledore was standing in the middle of the office with what appeared to be a corpse under his feet.

​​”Sean, you’re here.” He turned his head.

“By the way, Aurelius. Newt heard that you are here.” Dumbledore said to Aurelius.

​​Aurelius showed a sincere smile, “Well, it’s best for me to meet him in person.”

​​”Send my regards on your way out.”

​​Looking at the conversation between the two, Sean suddenly had some doubts. Dumbledore seemed to be supporting Aurelius.

​​There were only two people, one old and one small.

​​Dumbledore looked at him, “Sean, take a look.”

​​ Sean leaned over and immediately frowned. The corpse was obviously severely impacted, and the form was distorted. He moved his gaze to his face, then widened his eyes.

​​Although the face was pale and blurred, and many parts were broken and swollen due to the impact, Sean still recognized the other person. It was Quirrell’s face.

​​”Professor Dumbledore?” Sean looked at Dumbledore beside him.

​​”Actually, it’s just a body container for Tom,” he explained. “I have to admit, Tom’s talent for this kind of magic is amazing. Riddle used Quirrell’s body. I don’t know how to take control of a body, and he can pull Quirrell’s soul up before he dies.”

​​”However, this method also has drawbacks,” Dumbledore laughed lightly. “For example, huge pain. A body that carries two souls together is not going to be stable.”

​​Seeing his stunned expression, Dumbledore smiled and nodded: “Tom is so confident, so arrogant to the point he lost his mind. I had prepared some plans for him but didn’t expect him to be like this.”

Sean’s mouth twitched. Dumbledore really did have a lot of plans about capturing him in Hogwarts.

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Published On: August 15, 2023

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