“Muggle, huh? Disgusting.” He looked at his hands in disgust and made a dissatisfied sound.

​​”Killian, where are you going in the middle of the night?” A neighbor who heard screams came out and saw him.

During this period of time, Killian seemed to have changed his personality. Although he was often seen to be always grumpy, now Killian looked more gloomy.

​​’Killian’ turned his head and put his finger on his lips, “Shh.”

​​”What?” The neighbor was horrified to find that Killian just used his lips. His clothing suddenly came to life, entangling him like a python.

His weak shouts quickly subsided, and his struggling hands and feet stopped moving. Killian or Tom Riddle now showed a look of pain on his face. His hand just now twitched and trembled.

​​He made a bellowing voice from his throat, and black mist emerged from his body again. The black mist was no longer thick, and the edge of the mist had already diluted.

​​After standing in place for a while, Tom took the black mist that escaped out of his body back into his body, and Nagini appeared at his feet.

​​”Nagini—” Tom stroked her head, “Go, it’s time to eat.”

​​Nagini slowly crawled towards the corpse on the ground. The moment she opened her mouth to swallow the corpse, several transparent chains jumped out of the air and tied it firmly to the ground.

​​Nagini hissed. Tom paused and looked at the air somewhere. The air slowly trembled, and a figure came out of it.

​​”Look at you, Tom. I have been standing here for a long time, and you didn’t notice me?” The person smiled.

​​Tom’s voice almost came from between his teeth as if he was about to spit the name, “Grindelwald.”

​​Grindelwald was wearing a turtleneck trench coat with his hands behind his back and gave Tom a mocking smile, “Tom, you have disappointed me so much.”

​​Tom didn’t speak or run away. He stared at him at this time.

​​”I thought you would be smarter,” Grindelwald walked up to Nagini with his hands behind his back without even looking at Tom, “Oh, have you become a Horcrux?”​​

He straightened up and walked towards Tom, Grindelwald seemed to want to reach out and pat Tom but finally gave up the idea.

​​He waved the air in front of him with disgust, “Your performance is getting worse and worse.”

​​”Grindelwald,” Tom’s voice was cold, “You and Dumbledore joined forces?”

​​Grindelwald gave him a strange look, “Even a new student in Hogwarts can see it, don’t you know?”

​​He ignored Tom’s twisted expression and said to himself, “Though, it’s not a total alliance agreement. But I didn’t expect your shell to be so weak. I originally wanted to take Sean to see more things. But, it’s a pity.”

​​”Sean?” Riddle sneered, “The first-generation Dark Lord wants to take him?”

​​Grindelwald smiled and didn’t mean to correct him at all. He touched his short beard and said, “Tom, Albus is right. In terms of dark magic, you are one of a kind and the most talented person I’ve met. I never thought that the Horcrux would have such a purpose.”

​​Tom didn’t speak, just stared at him.

​​”Frankly speaking, I don’t like Horcruxes very much. The empty life map has length and no meaning,” He said, “only you are willing to pursue this kind of garbage. “

​​Grindelwald seemed pleased with Tom’s twisted face. He moved and said casually, “Come on, Tom. Tell me about your work and about how you incorporated Quirrell’s soul into it. Yes, the coexistence of souls and the ability to resist Death is a bit interesting.”

​​”Grindelwald, I can tell this secret with you for an exchange.” Tom replied.

​​”Exchange?” Grindelwald suddenly laughed, “Tom, I like your humor.”

​​He laughed out loud as if he had heard some very interesting joke and could hardly stop, “Tom, you are so funny.”

​​”Tom, I almost resisted the urge to kill you,” he finally stopped laughing, then looked at Tom. “What you’re doing is just blocking death itself, and you dare to call it a secret in front of me?”

​​”Grindelwald,” Tom’s voice was hoarse, “what do you gain even if you kill me?”

​​”Gain?” Grindelwald frowned. He held his chin as if he was thinking about some difficult problem. He showed an expression of sudden realization, “I’ll be doing fine and happy.”


Dark blue flames spewed from Tom’s orifices. The black mist poured out like crazy, trapped in a transparent box.

​​”Argh!” The screams gradually weakened until Tom’s body was completely burned to ashes.

​​Grindelwald stretched out his hand, and Nagini moved to his side.

​​”I still have to go to work.” He sighed and said but with a happy look on his face.

​​The gust of wind blew away the ashes on the ground, and the last trace of black mist also dissipated into the sky.

​​Grindelwald stood there, thought for a while, and finally said, “Forget it. Consider it a gift to Sean.”​​

He then disappeared with Nagini.

​​After a long time, a gentle breeze blew over the empty ground, and it seemed that something was about to gather together. The black ashes were looming in mid-air and about to come back together. But after some time, the ashes were completely gone.


Sean didn’t know what was going on outside. He stayed in the stone room with the Mirror of Erised for a while. He stood up and looked in the mirror.

​​He was very curious about what he really wanted. He had desires, but they were not strong all the time. Sean wanted to see what the Mirror would show him.

​​He stood in front of the mirror, surprised to find no other scene appeared. In the mirror, there was a tall and good-looking person.

​​It was a grown-up version of himself.

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Published On: August 13, 2023

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