“Sean,” Harry said in surprise, then said anxiously, “Quick, let’s run!”

“Harry, go back to the flame. We’re facing someone who wouldn’t let us run away this time.” Sean said.

“Avada Kedavra!” Tom raised his wand directly.

The green magic light was blocked again by the black substance.

“Wallup, no wonder that Dumbledore really likes you.” Tom shouted sharply as he used his wand.

“Did you just find out about it now? No wonder Professor Dumbledore said that you’re not that bright.” After Harry ran past the flames, he continued, “By the way, Professor Riddle, I haven’t thanked you for teaching me that spell.”

Tom’s expression became more distorted, and he laughed nervously, “Wallup, do you think with what you have now you think you’re better than everyone?”

“At least it can match your level, Tom.” Sean called his name directly.

Tom’s expression became more and more gloomy, he kept waving his wand and then sent out a series of magic spells to attack Sean, but all the magic spells were blocked.

“Tom, this isn’t like your style, do harder.” Sean stood still without moving.

“Your mouth’s big for a little kid, Wallup. Do you feel that you are favored by everyone, valued by the principal and professors and that you feel that you are the one who will bring something new to this era?” Tom dodged Sean’s Nonverbal spell, and the stone wall was destroyed.

His face constantly twisted, “Do you think you are the Son of Destiny in the prophecy?! No, you are just a little toy being played by them”

Tom laughed loudly, “Wallup, let me tell you the truth! You’re just a catalyst for the corruption that the old man couldn’t hold and use you as a trophy for their sins.”

“It’s not the kind of thing you would always expect it to be,” Tom shouted like crazy.

Sean’s expression didn’t change. He spread his hands, “Frankly, Tom, your speech skills are far worse than Mr. Grindelwald.”

“Haha—you’re such a strong kid at heart,” Tom was no longer a person, the corners of his mouth were almost drawn below his ears, and his eyes were bulging out, staring at Sean.

He said with a sarcastic voice, “However, I did learn something from Grindelwald.”

“Can you tell me about it, Tom?” An old man’s voice rang out. It was Dumbledore.

Tom suddenly looked up at the source of the voice, his face becoming more and more distorted, “Dumbledore! I knew it, I knew it.”

“Avada Kedavra!” Tom uttered a spell and went straight to Obscurial. After the black matter shrank slightly, he transformed into a thick black mist that directly broke through the stone wall that had just been broken.

“Wallup, think about what I said. You’re being manipulated, and your ending has been written. Are you willing to live your life that way?” The black mist rushed out of the basement.

Dumbledore did not appear in the room, and the Obscurial that had been surrounding Sean shook for a while, and then he turned into Aurelius again.

“Stay here. I have to do something.” He nodded to Sean.

On the castle’s third floor, the corridor’s ground suddenly exploded. A thick black mist spewed out, then broke the glass and flew out.

In mid-air, a transparent barrier suddenly unfolded, blocking Tom’s path. The black mist trembled for a while, and it became more violent.

“You can’t run away, Tom.” Dumbledore appeared in the air, and at his feet was a big bird flapping its wings.

Tom’s distorted face appeared in the black mist, and his face was full of resentment, “Dumbledore!”

“Stop what you’re trying to do, Tom.” Dumbledore’s expression didn’t change.

“Stop? Is the greatest wizard of the century advising me?” Tom’s sarcastic voice sounded, and he laughed again, “Those idiots crowned with your glory will know that the great Dumbledore is a dark wizard.”

“Tom, you still don’t understand.” Dumbledore shook his head.

“I don’t need your teaching anymore, old man.” Tom roared angrily.

On the way back, a figure flashed instantly. It was Aurelius.

Tom shouted, “Wallup, do you really think you can stop me?!”

Standing still in the room, Sean touched his head.

Outside the castle, Tom and Aurelius fought. Just as he dodged the opponent’s attack, a flame hit him.


The black mist violently tossed along. He cast several powerful spells in a row and finally found a way to escape. The black mist surged and flew towards the outside of the castle quickly. Just as Dumbledore was about to raise his hand, he saw another black mist rising into the sky.

Tom let out a sharp laugh, “Severus, my loyal servant. Stop them for me!”

“Yes, my master…” Snape took out his wand. Tom’s black mist passed Snape and fled in the direction behind him.

“Avada Kedavra!” The green light hit Tom’s black mist, revealing his figure in mid-air.

He widened his eyes and then fell straight down. Snape’s wand tip was still shaking slightly, and he looked down at the fallen body.

“I appreciate your action, Severus. But I have to remind you it’s better not to use the Killing Curse even in this situation.” Dumbledore said, and he controlled the bird to the ground.

Tom’s body fell to the ground. Based on his eyes itself, he’s at his end.

Dumbledore looked in the direction of the castle, and doubts flashed in his eyes. In a place that no one could see, a faint black mist quickly disappeared into the night sky.

The black mist flew for a long time and finally landed in a Muggle village.


Then, a middle-aged man in a fur coat came out to the area.

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Published On: August 13, 2023

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