“Together?” Sean didn’t understand what he meant.

Aurelius nodded, “That’s not the real Tom Riddle. Albus and Grindelwald set up a deal to get something, and I was responsible for driving Harry away when he saw him.”

He has always wondered how could the real Tom Riddle be willing to take a huge risk to sneak into Hogwarts. The person inside seems to be something like a Horcrux or some advanced magic that he didn’t understand.

“But what do I need to do?”

“Albus seems to want you to see all this. His original words are: Sean is very vigilant, can notify others of his findings as soon as possible in the face of danger, and has always been very careful about finding a rat.” Aurelius spread his hands.

Sean raised his eyebrows. He’s been fooled by Grindelwald twice. As for finding rats, Sean always believed that it was right to leave things to the right people.

“Shall we go?” said Aurelius.

Sean summoned Naja and sat down on her body. The Occamy curled up behind him to make Sean lean on more comfortably.

“I’m not interested. You can go by yourself.”

Sean didn’t want to join in. What if Tom jumped off and attacked him with all his strength?

“Well, it’s the same as what Albus said.” Aurelius smiled and shook his head, “Don’t worry, Sean. If I can’t protect you in front of such an empty shell, then Albus would not ask me to do this.”

“Trust me. I can take him out if things happen.” Aurelius suddenly erupted an extremely powerful wave of magic power.

Sean was a little moved. Aurelius didn’t speak anymore. His pupils suddenly turned white, his whole body twisted up, and then he decomposed into a black oily substance. He floated in mid-air, and he showed a gesture to Sean.

“Okay.” Sean nodded.

A gap appeared, and it floated silently in the air. It shook a bit, moved towards Sean, and the black oily substance covered Sean. Just the moment it was covered, Sean felt the difference around him.

It was a kind of darkness that could not be described in words. It was mixed with negative emotions such as resentment, sadness, madness, etc. Those emotions seemed to have a complex form.

However, a transparent and warm barrier in the middle blocks all the negative emotions. Sean watched in amazement as Aurelius transformed into an Obscurial. That barrier was probably the key to Aurelius’ controlling his current form.

At the same time, Sean also felt the power. He even had some doubts, could the strength in his Obscurial form be stronger than Dumbledore?

Before Sean moved, he silently opened a gap so that he could clearly see the situation outside. In front of the Mirror of Erised, Tom’s face was gloomy. He could see himself laughing in the mirror, but that was all.

Where did Dumbledore hide the Sorcerer’s Stone?

A complicated look flashed across his face as if he was entangled in something. Then, he felt someone was coming.

Harry passed through the black flames and then saw Tom in the chamber in shock.

“Harry Potter,” Tom chuckled, and he became the professor he knew again, “The ignorant are always fearless. I have to admire your bravery.”

“You really came for the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Harry gritted his teeth and raised his wand.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it?” Tom reached out, and Harry’s wand flew into his hand.

“Phoenix feather, eleven inches long.” Riddle smiled at the flustered Harry. “Did someone tell you who the owner of this wand ‘brother’ is?”

He pulled out his wand, “Thirteen and a half inches long and the same phoenix feather.”

Harry’s eyes widened, and Sean, who was secretly watching all this, muttered in his heart.

Harry and Riddle’s had a correlation? Harry was not the boy who survived with the lightning scar. How could there be any connection between them?

He thought of the note he had seen in Grindelwald’s office in which Harry’s name appeared.

Could Harry also play a role in this new prophecy and is still associated with Voldemort?

Tom continued, “You don’t think I know that you’re eavesdropping on me outside Hagrid’s hut? Who do you think you met Snape in the middle of the night while wandering around the restricted area? Do you think—”

His face twisted, “I don’t know you. Harry Potter.”

“What are you trying to do?” Harry trembled.

“About that prophecy, I’ve been confirming who the person referring to is. I thought it was Wallup, but then I found out that Wallup has other uses, and you are the one I’m looking for. That prophecied person.”

Sean frowned.

“It’s a pity that Wallup has affected my plan. I can’t help it. I can only come to get the Sorcerer’s Stone in advance and, at the same time, meet you in person.”

“Come here. You know how to take the Sorcerer’s Stone, right?” He ordered.

“I don’t know, and you’ll never get the stone from me!” Harry exclaimed.

“Looks like you need some little help…” Tom narrowed his eyes and raised his wand gently, “Crucio!”

Harry’s eyes were shrouded after the spell was cast, and his eyes were black again in an instant.

He saw a mass of pure black oily substance squirming in front of him, and the Cruciatus Curse cast by Tom was easily blocked.

Tom turned his head sharply, his face gradually contorted, “Wallup…”

Sean came into the room with Obscurial covering his body.

“Hello, Professor Riddle.” Sean smiled.

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Published On: August 12, 2023

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