Sirius followed the witch and walked in. He leaned lazily against the wall and crossed his chest with his arms. He said with a smile, “Though, it depends on Mr. Potter’s performance later.”

“Of course, Neville is also good, but you probably don’t have much of a chance.” He winked at Neville.

Neville showed a shy smile, “Sirius, don’t make fun of me.”

Sirius put away his smile and said seriously, “Neville, seriously, you’re amazing.”

“I know, I know.” Neville glanced at him helplessly.

“Hey, Sean. This is my godfather, Sirius Black,” Harry introduced enthusiastically.

“Hello, Mr. Black. I’m Sean Wallup.” Sean stroked his chest with his left hand, bowed slightly, and nodded with an impeccable smile on his face.

However, Sirius didn’t seem to be very interested in him. He nodded slightly, warmly greeted Sean, and then urged Harry to change his clothes.

Sean didn’t care. He still maintained a good posture so that the automatically measured pins could obtain accurate data.

Harry changed his clothes and walked out. He glanced at Sirius a little nervously and said expectantly, “How do I look? How does it compare to my father?”

Sirius looked at him seriously and then laughed again. He stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder, “Very good, you look much better than your father was back then.”

Harry showed a happy smile, and it could be seen that he had a very good relationship with his godfather.

“Okay, it’s time to buy other things. Let’s go, boys.”

Harry and Neville said goodbyes to Sean and walked out together. Sean looked at their back and could hear a few words of their conversation.

“Hey, Sirius, is there any way to bring the broomstick into the school?”

“Well, we must hide it from your mother first.”

Sean stood on the stool and thought that this version of Harry seemed really good. Now, he is even more curious about Hogwarts.

It is worth mentioning that when Sean and his father left Diagon Alley, they saw Harry and his group again. After a few words of greeting, they happened to meet the professor of Muggle Studies at Hogwarts, Quirrell.

At this time, Quirrell looked like a young man with a slightly pale face, but apart from speaking weakly, he didn’t show any signs of nervousness.

“Professor Quirrell has always been like this as if he drank a potion of weakness.” Sean heard Sirius explain in a low voice.

It seems that Voldemort did not make any move on him. However, no one noticed that after they left, Quirrell narrowed his eyes slightly, and his eyes became cold and calm.


That night, Sean was sitting in the room with a specially bought copy of “History of Modern Magic” in front of him, and next to him were “The Rise and Fall of Dark Magic” and “Important Magical Events in the Twentieth Century”.

“There is nothing that piqued my interest…” He pressed his temples with some headache.

There is very little reference to Grindelwald, and only “The Important Magical Events of the Twentieth Century” gives some vague information.

“Gellert Grindelwald had a conflict with Albus Dumbledore in his early years. Grindelwald tried to implement his own ideas. After being intervened by Dumbledore, the two reached a reconciliation. Grindelwald then founded the Nurmengard School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the same year he founded the Wizarding Reform Association.”

“The Wizarding Reform Association, founded by Gellert Grindelwald, has been committed to improving the rights of wizards since its birth.”

In several books, only a few sentences mention Grindelwald. Sean held his chin and thought for a while but still had no clue.

“It’s better if I went to school and then gained some more knowledge about it. Moreover, the current situation should be much safer than before. At least they don’t have to worry about Voldemort or a Death Eater coming to kill anyone.”

While Sean was talking to himself, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Mr. Wallup walked in, holding a copy of “The Rise and Fall of Dark Magic” in his hand, which was also purchased.

“Son, we need to talk.” Mr. Wallup looked solemn.

“What’s the matter, Dad?”

“In my opinion, the wizarding world is not very safe…”

After a long discussion between the two, they finally reached a consensus that Sean needed to make some preparations before enrolling in Hogwarts. Ordinary people may not have magic, but they have science.


On September 1st, the Wallup family’s mansion was busy early in the morning.

Sean pushed the suitcase to the door. Mr. Wallup took the suitcase and put it in the trunk of the car. He looked at his son, “Is it been concealed?”

Sean patted his deformed lizard wallet, “Of course.”

A miniature pistol was lying quietly in the purse.

After carefully studying the wizarding world’s history, Mr. Wallup believes that the probability of wizards encountering bad wizards is much higher than ordinary people. The owner of the private hospital, who has always been considerate, made this decision with a heavy heart.

In addition to trying some basic magic spells for the rest of Sean’s summer vacation, he also learns how to shoot.

Of course, letting a child who hasn’t had his twelfth birthday with a gun doesn’t seem like a good idea. But Sean’s maturity and excellence far surpassed his peers from a young age, making Mr. Wallup not very worried about it.

He glanced at the door of the house and saw that his wife and daughter hadn’t come out yet, so he whispered, “Sean, I trust you very much. So protect yourself, and you must be cautious.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. I know what I need to do and would not play around with it.” Sean winked at him.

“Very good.”

The two started the car, and with Mrs. Wallup’s worried instructions and her sister Ella’s question, the family finally came to platform Nine and Three-Quarters.

“Where is the entrance?” Mr. Wallup pushed the cart, and the birdcage with the owl on it had already attracted a lot of attention.

This owl named “Cuckoo” was purchased in Diagon Alley that day. It is the most expensive owl in the magical animal store, but it’s not Harry’s Hedwig.

Sean looked around and happened to see another striking and beautiful owl. He showed a smile, and it seemed like a fate.

“Hey, Harry!” Sean ran over and said hello.

“Sean? What a coincidence!” Harry waved to him and introduced the two behind him, “Sean, these are my parents.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter.” Sean saluted politely.

James looks like a much older version of Harry, while his wife, Lily, is a beautiful lady with green eyes that are clean and rich in color.

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Published On: July 3, 2023

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