The blue flame burned, and Naja moved on the ground.

“Aurelius Dumbledore?” Sean didn’t even react at first because he was more familiar with the other person’s name, Credence.

Grindelwald once tricked Credence Barebone. He is really powerful and once was once destroyed by the wizards of the US Ministry of Magic, but he still survived.

In his impression, he seemed to be used by Grindelwald as a tool against Dumbledore. But he didn’t know what happened to him in the current world.

Aurelius waved his wand, and a tunnel slowly emerged.

“Take out your flame and your friends on the way out.” Sean thought for a long time and finally took back Dave and Naja. Taking the flame back into his wand took a lot of effort.

He is someone that can blow up a part of a mountain with a single spell. He wouldn’t stand a chance if he is here to target him. Moreover, he proved that he was not a threat by entering his flame.

Aurelius smiled, and when the last trace of blue flame disappeared, he said, “I can understand your vigilance, but please allow me to explain. I must apologize again for the Imperius Curse. I am used to using dark magic because I don’t need to control any maliciousness.”

“No need to control maliciousness?” Sean repeated what the other party said.

“Yes, the form I just showed is called Obscurial.” His expression did not change: “You should have heard of it before. When dark magic is cast with any malicious or evil intent, it will carry the magic in accordance with its power. If it’s not, there isn’t any power.”

Aurelius spread his hands, “In my Obscurus form, I can do anything beyond that. I can get along with this nasty guy and borrow its power inside my body.”

Sean became curious. Obviously, Aurelius played a key role in the reconciliation between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, and he should have a good understanding of what happened between the two.

Aurelius saw his eyes, “Don’t look at me. Only the two can tell you the answer you want.”

“Maybe you can cast the Imperius Curse on me again and then take me to ask them.” Sean replied.

He stopped talking about this topic, turned, and walked towards the tunnel that just appeared, “Come on, I’ll show you… um, the movie? Forgive me for being out of Muggle society for too long. That should be the right word for it.”

“Movie?” Sean followed suspiciously.

Walking through the tunnel, they came to another room, and then Sean was surprised to find that one of the room’s walls seemed to be transparent, and a picture was displayed in it.

That was Harry and the others. The three of them were in a brightly lit room, and hundreds of dazzling birds were flying fast under the ceiling.

Sean immediately understood that Dumbledore had always asked Aurelius to supervise the Sorcerer’s Stone.

“Oh, their speed is quite fast.” Aurelius looked at their movements with interest.

“This is the task that Dumbledore gave you?” Sean asked.

“Yes,” Aurelius continued to lead Sean into the tunnel, “Of course, my main task is to monitor that malicious bastard.”

No wonder Dumbledore said don’t worry. It turns out that Tom has been monitored by a person who may be the strongest in history.

Sean followed Aurelius through the long tunnel, passing through several rooms. Sean could see those mechanisms, a huge magic chessboard, and a monster through the transparent walls.

There was a black flame in front of him. This flame seemed to extend for many parts, and there was also a flame in front of Sean and Aurelius.

“Does it look familiar?” Aurelius smiled at Sean, “It has the same origin as your spell, but it will be even more ferocious, and it also requires a potion to pass it.”

He handed over a small glass bottle, took out another bottle, and drank it. Sean picked up the small bottle and drank it. The potion slid down his throat like ice, making him shiver.

“It tasted so bad.” Aurelius said, then he waved to Sean and passed through the black flame.

Sean walked over, and the black flames did not cause any damage to him. He saw the scene behind the stone wall. It was Tom. He had long since lost his elegant posture, and his face was slightly distorted. At this time, he was staring coldly at a mirror in front of him.

That’s the Mirror of Erised.

“Look,” before Aurelius walked to the stone wall, he looked at Tom as if he were admiring an oil painting, “Obviously, he couldn’t get what he wanted.”

Sean walked over. On the opposite side of the transparent wall, Tom moved and cast a spell from time to time.

“I have to admire Albus’ ideas,” Aurelius looked at Tom and laughed, “It’s a magical mirror, and a person like Tom can only laugh in front of the mirror. He wishes to get the stone, but he isn’t able to reach it. Even if it’s literally in front of him.”

“Then why did Professor Dumbledore set up these levels? I mean, it doesn’t even stop him at all from getting here.”

“Who knows? I’m only responsible for looking after him. As for thinking about the levels, I’ll leave it to Albus and Grindelwald. To be honest, talking to them often gives me a headache.”

Sean nodded in agreement.

“Oh, it looks like your friends are almost here.” Aurelius glanced in the direction where he came.

He raised his wand and looked at Sean, “Albus should still hope you can see all this. Do you want to come together?”

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Published On: August 12, 2023

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