“Wallup, these things should be enough for you to learn.”

“Thank you very much for your guidance, Professor McGonagall.” In front of the office, Sean bowed again.

Just now, Sean passed the Transfiguration test in Professor McGonagall’s office ahead of schedule. Professor McGonagall had higher requirements for Sean, who completed the course in only half a semester. Still, Sean managed to turn a frog into a beautiful goblet, and he even added some extra details to it.

Sean could have completed this level of Transfiguration a long time ago. However, he still went to Professor McGonagall after ensuring that his foundation was strong enough and put forward the idea that he wanted to start the second-grade course earlier.

Professor McGonagall was obviously very satisfied with Sean’s progress. After seeing the goblet, she directly handed over the second-grade content she had made for Sean and agreed that Sean could come over at any time when he didn’t understand any of it.

“Wallup, remember what I said.” Professor McGonagall stood at the door with admiration in her eyes.

Sean nodded, “Of course, Professor, I will always maintain awe in magic and Transfiguration.”

After Professor McGonagall graciously watched Sean leave, she returned to the office and sighed, “Such a shame that you’re not a Gryffindor.”

Sean was in a good mood when he got the content for learning more magic. He flipped through it on the way and found that Professor McGonagall’s detailed annotations were also found in many places. It seemed that she prepared this course as a teaching material.

After reading some pages, Sean was amazed in his heart. Professor McGonagall’s understanding of Transfiguration is so deep, and this information alone can bring him a lot of knowledge.

Sean walked in the direction of the common room. He made an appointment with Hermione to help her perform some Transfiguration exercises later. He just turned around a corridor when a huge black figure came towards him.

It was Snape. Sean sighed and then stood by the wall, hoping that he could ignore him.

Snape’s face was as gloomy as ever. He saw Sean and moved over to him.

“Good evening, professor.” Sean said to him dryly.

“You do know it’s nighttime, Wallup.” Snape looked down at Sean, his voice slow and steady, “I think I should inform you that students are not allowed to come out at night.”

He replied quickly, “I just came back from Professor McGonagall’s office, and I’m going back to my common room now.”

“Then speed up your pace!” Snape flicked his robe, “Professor Dumbledore is not at school tonight. No one will come to babysit you if things happen.”

Sean frowned. Snape was reminding him again about Dumbledore not being present. Does that mean that Tom is going to make a move?

“Thank you for your reminder, Professor.” Sean replied.

Snape walked away from him. But then he paused, and his voice could be heard from the echoes of the corridor.

“Because you haven’t returned to the common room at night, five points will be taken from Ravenclaw.”

Sean’s smile froze on his face.

Feeling dejected, Sean hurried back to the common room, and after studying with Hermione for a while, he was in a better mood.

Whether or not Tom was going to make a move was completely forgotten by Sean. He should not worry about things like this, knowing Dumbledore is still alive.

At night, Sean was lying on the bed. He yawned and closed the book in his hand. Professor McGonagall’s notes are so good that he forgot about the time.

Seeing his roommates had already fallen asleep and Sean closed the book. Just as he was about to fall asleep, he saw a small flame burning in the air.

The golden-red flame burned and then quickly extinguished, and a note fell on Sean’s bed.

Sean looked at the place where the fire disappeared. A Phoenix was used to send him letters?

Sean picked up the slightly crumpled parchment.

(Dear Sean, would you like to come to my office now if you can?

– Dumbledore.)

Dumbledore invited him at this time of the night?

Sean looked at the note again suspiciously, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

Tom was caught?

Sean became excited. Although Dumbledore said that he didn’t need to worry, he couldn’t relax knowing that kind of person kept coming back and forth in the school.

Why did Dumbledore call him now? Does it have some correlation to the prophecy he was told before?

Unsure of what to do, Sean immediately rolled over and got out of bed. He sneaked out of the common room. The last time he came out to wander in the middle of the night was the last time he caught into some trouble.

Sean was worried that he would meet Grindelwald again in the middle of the night, and he thought about not doing it again in the future.

After leaving the common room, he walked into the castle. It was a little strange that Sean never saw Filch once.

According to the Weasley twins, Filch only slept for four hours a day and spent the rest of the time patrolling Hogwarts. It may be that Dumbledore waits until Filch’s bedtime before making a move on Tom.

Thinking this, Sean quickened his pace. When he reached the fourth floor, he looked at the corridor on the right.

There was no movement there.

Sean looked away, and just as he was about to take a step, he saw that the air beside a stone pillar moved, and three heads appeared out of thin air.

It was Harry, Neville, and Ron.

“Sean, why are you here?” Harry waved to him immediately and whispered.

He looked around and walked quickly to the three, “I told you guys not to do something stupid.”

Harry pulled off the invisibility cloak directly, “Come here!”

“What now?” Sean sighed and got into the invisibility cloak.

“Okay, it’s time to tell me why you came here.” Under the invisibility cloak, Sean said helplessly.

“Didn’t you wander out to stop Snape from getting the Sorcerer’s Stone?” Harry’s eyes widened.

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Published On: August 11, 2023

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