Sean still had a bucket of Flobberrworm left unpicked and was told to get out of the office.

“Professor, then my punishment is over, right?” Sean said towards the small window on the door.

He responded with an angry, “Just go.”

Sean shrugged. He was already punished enough. It’s not Sean’s style to not fight back after being scolded like that.

Shawn had a stroke of bad luck and finally left Snape’s office. Although he didn’t want to have a good relationship with him, he had better not stay out of trouble when in Hogwarts.

In the office, Snape stared gloomily at his desk, which was what he had been writing.

“Forbidden potion: Unicorn horn powder, Full-Moon grass, Fresh African blood worm.”

“Medicinal supplements: Bag Powder of Poisonous Leopard (Unavailable), Winged Demon Venom (1 pint).”

On the paper was a large list of potion ingredients, and at the bottom, Snape marked it, “According to records and theory, the efficacy of the drug is not outstanding, and there is a possibility of mutation”

Snape took the paper and flipped through it. Then his breathing became rapid. His fingers grip the edge of the paper tightly. He seemed to want to smash the prescription to pieces, but in the end, he endured it.

Snape turned around and entered his storage room, then put the paper in a box with a thick stack of similar paper. He took a deep breath and stared at the box, with complicated expressions flashing across his face, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

A small mirror in the storage room shook slightly, interrupting his thoughts. He stepped forward and glanced at it. Half an hour after Sean left, Snape walked out of the office and walked towards somewhere in the castle.

Walking past the flag with the Nurmengard school badge engraved at the entrance of the corridor, he went up to the second floor and then knocked on the wooden door of a certain room.

“Come in.” The owner of the room said in a gentle voice.

Snape pushed the door in, then immediately closed the door gently.

He turned his head to look at Tom in the room and lowered his head slowly, “Master, didn’t you say that in the castle we’d better not communicate?”

Tom’s gentle and elegant smile disappeared as soon as the door was closed, “Severus, are you questioning me?”

“Absolutely not, master!” Snape bowed.

Tom approached Snape, then put a hand on Snape’s shoulder, “Severus, don’t be nervous. I never doubted your loyalty.”

“It’s an honor.”

He turned and looked out the window, “The plan is ahead of schedule as we expected.”

“Yes, my master.” Snape raised his head slowly, without any expression on his face.

“Severus, what was your original mission?”

Snape replied immediately, “To take Wallup.”

“Now it’s changed.” Tom shook his clothes, and the black mist suddenly appeared, turning into a big black python.

The python crawled across the ground, then slowly wrapped Snape with its body.

“Master.” Snape’s breathing increased slightly.

“You don’t need to worry about Wallup anymore,” Tom’s pupils suddenly turned into vertical pupils, and then he showed a smile, “In the future, I will kill him myself.”

“He deserves that.” Snape said.

“Of course,” Tom laughed hoarsely, then stroked Snape’s lightly, “Get back, Nagini. My loyal servant isn’t quite used to you yet.”

Nagini hissed and slowly swam to Tom’s leg. He stroked his head and said softly, “Severus, your new mission is to kill me.”

“Master?” Snape looked terrified and almost fell to his knees.

Tom expecting this reaction, he showed a gloomy smile, “Severus, no one can kill me. But it’s time for this body to come to an end.”

“When the time comes, this body will come to you. Don’t hesitate, Severus. I understand your loyalty. But you still have to make a move to win Dumbledore’s trust.”

“The old man is too keen on everything. I let you sneak in for the past few years, and you haven’t fully gained his trust,” Tom said coldly and immediately showed a smile, “So, I will help you.”

“I understood.” Snape lowered his head. His body trembled slightly over

“This is my trust in you, Severus. When the time comes, don’t disappoint me.” Said Tom softly.

“I am willing to sacrifice my life for you, master.”

“Keep it up, and then do more things for me. After that, I will give you what you want most.”

“Yes, master.”

After Snape left, Tom stood still and didn’t move. After a long time, the black mist that once appeared in the hall spewed out of his body again. The mist seemed to have life, and it filled the room. The mist constantly transforms into faces that show pain and fear.

In the middle of the mist, Tom’s face distorted violently, and he made a hissing sound.

Another face emerged. His face was full of horror and pain. His voice was like someone who was having a near-death experience.

“Master. I… I can do more things for you…” It’s Quirrell’s face.

Before Quirrell could finish speaking, his face distorted again and then changed to Tom’s original appearance.

“Idiot.” He said.

The black mist surged again and retracted into his body. His face was a little pale, but his expression was extremely cold.

“Wallup, what a beautiful spell you did.” Tom said in a low voice.

His laughter grew louder and more insane-sounding.

“I am waiting for the day when you become—the Dark Lord.”

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Published On: August 10, 2023

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