Sean could no longer hold his expression. He didn’t expect that Snape would say something like that. He tried to open his mouth to say something.

But Snape stopped him, “Do you think that you can do whatever you want with Dumbledore on your side?”

“Do you know how stupid your behavior is?”

“If the Dark Lord made a move, do you think you can survive at that time?” Snape’s eyes were cold. His expression was very dark.

Sean spread his hands, “I trust Professor Dumbledore.”

Snape snorted coldly, “Do you think that after getting some support from Dumbledore, you feel that you are superior to others and untouchable?”

Sean was sorting out what Snape was talking about at this moment. Looking at the situation, Snape knows a lot of things happened in the background.

He punished Sean because he angered Tom and needed to do something to calm Tom down. Snape was really protecting him, although the way that he did it was a bit scary.

Sean said casually, “No, Professor.”

Snape was obviously disgusted with Sean’s attitude. He tossed his robes and put his hands on the desk, “Don’t let me see such stupid behavior again, Wallup.”

Sean blinked and asked curiously, “Professor, who are you working for? Mr. Grindelwald? Professor Dumbledore? Or Tom Riddle, of course. It doesn’t look like you’re doing it for him.”

Snape narrowed his eyes. His body slowly stood up. He raised his chin slightly and said, “Don’t be so arrogant, Wallup. You don’t need to know these things. What can you possibly attain by knowing this information? You think too much and shouldn’t be asking about these things.”

“I’m just curious, professor.” Sean spread his hands innocently.

“Put away your curiosity!” Snape shouted angrily, “Now, it’s time for your punishment.”

Sean pouted, then began his punishment under Snape’s lead. He needs to pick out the rotting and stinking ones from the pile of Flobberworm and the herbs for the next potions class.

This is obviously not a pleasant one. The smell of the Flobberworm is worse than a barn that has not been cleaned for two months. For every half an hour, Sean has to stand up and take a breath of fresh air.

Snape was writing something behind the desk, and when Sean stood up, he didn’t even look at him. He didn’t seem to want to talk to Sean at all.

After laboriously picking out a bucket of Flobberworm, Sean stood up, took a few breaths of fresh air, and straightened his back. He glanced at his watch, it was already afternoon, but he hadn’t eaten yet, and Snape didn’t even move the whole time.

Sean sighed and then put his eyes on the specimen jar by the wall. Those jars were full of things he had never seen before. It was weird and looked like disgusting things that were soaked in a green kind of mixture.

However, Sean felt it was not as bad as what he had just gone through, and he was watching it as he was taking a breather.

“You’re here for a punishment, not for a visit.” Snape’s gloomy voice suddenly sounded.

Sean turned his head and saw Snape’s eyes.

“Understood, Professor.” He sat down and resumed his work.

“A person who can’t even brew a potion will just stare at these things in amazement.” Snape mocked.

“Professor, I’m just curious.” Sean was a little unhappy. He just took a look while he was resting.

“Looks like the arrogant genius is trying to prove he’s not so stupid,” Snape said. “So, what’s in the square jar on the third shelf from the left?”

He muttered and looked at the jar containing something like a handful of hay. Sean recalled the knowledge in his mind and found that there was nothing that came up to his mind.

“I don’t know, Professor.”

Snape’s sarcastic voice sounded, “Looks like you can’t prove anything, Mr. Wallop.”

“Let me tell you, this is the flint grass I just talked about in the last class. It can be used to make magic potion directly when it is fresh, but it must be soaked in ice water after drying to prevent combustion. Because the grassroots cause sparks and hot gas when brewed.”

Sean glanced at the jar, and sure enough, a few bubbles would pop up from the grass in the water from time to time. However, he didn’t talk about what happened after drying it in class.

“It doesn’t seem like you thought about expanding on what you learned in class at all, but that was expected,” Snape said, “a fool never sees his own foolishness, let alone how to improve themselves.”

Sean rolled his eyes.

“Professor, If you think I’m not good at the class. Why don’t you give me some books about potions?” Sean couldn’t help but retort.

Snape’s voice was filled with disdain, “Even if you have learned the basic potion well, do you still want to understand the art of it?”

“I originally had this notebook so I could study it…” Sean muttered.

He suddenly heard the creaking sound of the chair being moved back, and he stood up. Sean turned his head. Snape’s face was dark, and he came to Sean.

“Do you think you are worthy of getting that notebook?” Snape’s voice was really cold.

“I thought it was given to me by Professor Slughorn.” Sean shrugged.

Snape’s face got closer, and Sean could almost see his reflection in his dark eyes.

“Do you think you’re funny, Wallup?”

Sean’s face froze, “No, Professor.”

Snape almost pushed Sean against the wall.

“You’re getting more and more na├»ve. I wonder where you get that kind of influence.”

Snape narrowed his eyes slightly, “You made me think of someone. Was it Potter’s old man or Sirius Black?”

Sean wanted to say that he didn’t know both of them. But he smiled shyly, “Professor, I just want to say that the fireworks back then were just a misunderstanding.”

Snape grabbed Sean by the collar, “Get out of my office!”

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Published On: August 9, 2023

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