The first meeting of the Dueling Club came to an abrupt end. The students practiced separately, and the Nurmengards students who were trying to provoke them all held back.

Originally, he wanted to teach them a lesson, but Sean’s Occamy is too much, especially for an XXXX-rated magical beast to appear at this time.

Moreover, Sean’s strange spell impressed them. After the silent Acupunctinternus and Occamy Serpensortia, who knows what he can pull out later?

When it was over, Sean left the hall and went to take a glance inside. Tom and Snape seemed to talk about a few things and then walked away quickly. On the way back to the common room, Sean made an excuse and changed his path.

After walking through a corridor, he saw Newt waiting at the stairs entrance.

“Professor Scamander.” Sean smiled and walked up quickly.

Newt smiled slightly, “Well done, Sean.”

“It’s thanks to you, Professor.”

Newt shook his head. He reached out his hand to pick up Pickett and said softly, “Sean, you are better than me.”

Sean was a little embarrassed, but Newt continued to say seriously, “Sean, you know that wizards have all kinds of talents, right?”

“Yes, Professor.” Sean nodded, but he was a little puzzled.

What kind of talent did he refer to? Does it mean he is better at learning a certain kind of magic?

Newt explained, “Generally speaking, as long as a student is diligent enough, they can learn everything. But there are some talents that you can’t learn no matter how hard you try.”

He smiled, “My mother raised Hippogriffs, and I have been very interested in magical animals since I was a child because of it. This is not from the influence of my family but also from the fascinating nature of the magical beasts themselves.” When Sean saw Newt’s expression, he became comfortable and happy.

“I can communicate with these little guys,” he showed a smile. “This is probably the best gift God has given me.”

“Communicate?” Sean became curious. Of course, he knew that Newt could have a good relationship with many magical beasts, but communication is something that he never knew.

Newt nodded and picked up Pickett, “He says you don’t taste as good today as when you last met.”

Sean looked at Pickett. He could play happily with Pickett, but it was difficult to understand what Pickett was trying to say fully.

Sean’s eyes widened, “Professor, you can understand what they were saying?”

“Yes, but I can’t fully understand it,” Newt spread his hands helplessly, Pickett dangling on his fingers, “Their way of thinking and the ability to understand our words are limited. I can’t talk like any normal person would. I could only interpret what they’re saying.”

“Of course, for me, that’s enough.” Newt’s eyes were bright.

“That’s amazing.” Sean praised.

Newt looked at Sean gently, “Sean, this is a gift you were born with, and yours is better than mine. I hope you use this gift well and consider these animals your friend, okay?”

“I’ll try my best, Professor.” Sean laughed.

“It looks like you’re doing a good job,” Newt also smiled. “When you have a day off, come to me anytime.”

“I will, Professor.”

It wasn’t until the two of them said goodbye that Sean remembered that Naja was still on his side.

“Professor, your Occamy.”

Newt waved his hand, “I leave it to you for some time. I have to look for her for a long time when it’s feeding time.”

“But shouldn’t the school forbid students from having this kind of pet?” Sean was immediately moved but said with some concern.

“That Occamy is harmless and can shrink its body at will, and Naja has listened to you more,” Newt scratched his hair and then showed a smile to Sean, “And for you, taking care of them is a fun thing to do, right?”

“Fun? Of course.” Sean laughed dryly. It seemed Newt had already discovered he was secretly raising the Winged Demon.

“Many times, magical beasts are more reliable than most people. Remember that well, Sean. See you around.” Newt walked up the stairs and left.

Sean smacked his lips, simple-minded magical beasts will never betray you after they decide that you are a good person. Simple principles are not necessarily applicable to humans, which is one of the reasons why Sean likes to play with magical beasts more.

He put the teapot with the Occamy into his pocket and then told Dave not to bully her. He returned to his bedroom. Other than the sheep brain, he has to buy some insects and mice to feed Naja.

The next day, after placing an order in Diagon Alley through an owl, Sean hurried to the basement floor of the main castle.

Today, he has a punishment from Snape.

Sean turned around and easily found Snape’s office. Behind the crescent-shaped doorway was a wooden door with a serpentine pattern, and a buckle in the middle could be pulled open.

Sean knocked on the door. After a while, the buckle was quickly opened and closed, and the wooden door was pushed open. Snape stood at the door.

“Come in.” He said coldly.

Sean walked in, and Snape turned around abruptly before he had time to look at the room. With a wave of his wand, the wooden door behind him automatically closed.

“Wallup,” Snape gave him a disgusted look, “You can’t even close the door, can’t you?”

“Sorry, Professor.” Facing Snape one-on-one, he felt a lot of pressure, especially after he set off that firework.

Snape’s office was just like his character. It was dark and gloomy, and no bright thing was in sight. Many huge glass jars were on the shelves against the wall, and all kinds of materials floated back and forth in it. Snape went behind the desk and looked at Sean coldly.

“Professor, what do I need to do?” Sean said.

“Wallup,” Snape finally spoke, leaning forward slightly, “Do you think provoking the Dark Lord is something you should be proud of?”

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Published On: August 9, 2023

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