The spell immediately popped out of Thompson’s head. It’s a spell that summons animals. The head of the wand will shoot out a light, and a live snake will pop out. The size of the snake and the desire to attack depends on the strength of the caster.

He was on guard, worried that Sean would do something.

However, nothing happened.

“I’m sorry, I’m not very skilled.” Sean smiled shyly.

Thompson didn’t relax at all. He didn’t even have the guts to move. He has seen what Sean has done before, and this kid is sly.

Seeing that he didn’t let down his guard, Sean pouted, and he might need to change up his strategy. However, with Professor Newt’s pet, he still wondered if it was actually going to work.

He put the mini teapot in his palm and raised his wand again, “Serpensortia!”

Thompson immediately raised his wand. However, he saw a huge figure appear in front of him. It was a monster with a bird’s head, blue-green scales covering all of its skin, and huge purple wings on both sides of its body started to appear.

In the hall, all the students held their breaths and looked in horror at the fifty-foot-long beast that suddenly appeared on the stage.

A sound similar to a bird’s call accompanied by a hiss resounded throughout the Great Hall.

It was a beautiful Occamy. But at this moment, except for Sean, no one cared about the Occamy’s beauty. There was chaos in the hall, and the girls had already started screaming. Even Snape immediately grabbed his wand and pointed at the Occamy that was wrapping Sean.

“Wallup, get out of there!”

Sean didn’t expect that he would cause such a big panic. Before going on stage, he just expressed his thoughts to the little guy in the teapot. That is to appear a little bit shocking for everyone.

But things went awry.

Looking at the messy hall and Snape, who was on guard, Sean touched the Occamy around his body, “Turn smaller.”

The Occamy felt weird. Sean usually calls by his name gently. But the Occamy still shrunk quickly and turned into a scarf wrapped around Sean’s neck.

“It’s okay. Don’t be nervous.” Sean explained.

The students in the hall finally calmed down a little. They moved away from the stage unconsciously, then stared at the Occamy twisting around Sean’s neck.

“You’d better explain to me why you keep an Occamy in the school. An Occamy is a beast with a risk rating of XXXX, Wallup.” Snape looked gloomy, holding up his wand high.

Sean spread out his hands, “This is a Serpensortia Spell, Professor.”

“The Serpensortia spell does not conjure that kind of animal.” Snape looked at him suspiciously.

“Professor Dumbledore said that my spell is often distorted. The results may differ every time I cast it.” Sean looked innocent.

“How are you going to explain that you can control that thing?”

“I have some talents in handling magical beasts. Several of my colleagues know about this.” Sean looked at Harry and Draco.

“Yes, I can vouch for Sean!” Harry said immediately.

Snape ignored Harry and looked at Draco. He looked at Snape with a slight hint of fear but nodded eventually. Snape was speechless. He could only stare at Harry and Sean viciously as if the two had done something bad together.

Sean didn’t care. He looked at Thompson, who was still in shock and gasping for breath.

“Shall the duel continue?”

Thompson swallowed his saliva and hesitated. But Sean was the one who asked it.

“I’ll be there in a moment.”

The Occamy flew out, and in everyone’s eyes, it once again turned into a huge monster that could cover the entire stage.

“I sur-” Before Thompson could say anything, the Occamy directly entangled him, and the Protego Charm he was proud of was directly broken.

His whole body was entangled. Sean had expected such a result for a long time. Naja was an Occamy that Newt took care of for a long time. It was hatched in the hands of the smugglers. Her personality became a little bit sensitive.

It likes to hide in various mini containers, and it takes a long time for Newt to find her every time she needs to be fed. However, the arrival of Sean solved this problem.

Naja is interested in him. She once huddled in Sean’s robes and tried to go back to the common room with him. Then Dave, who had been hiding in his pocket, was frightened out by her.

Naja’s huge body had already wrapped around Thompson tightly.

“Wallup, that’s enough!” Snape shouted.

Sean pretended to raise his wand as if he was manipulating the Occamy that he “accidentally” summoned.

“Come back.”

Naja obeyed Sean’s words, immediately shrank down, and flew over Sean’s shoulders. Thompson lay down on the opposite side of the stage.

Snape stepped forward to check and found that he had fainted from a brief suffocation. He took out a glass bottle, uncorked it, and brought it to Thompson’s nose.

Thomson woke up, slowly opened his eyes, and subconsciously shouted, “I surrendered!”

“Get off the stage.” Snape said to him.

Amid the laughter of the Hogwarts students, Thompson’s face turned red. He gritted his teeth and stepped down from the stage. When Snape was checking on him, Sean pretended to cast a spell to make Naja disappear. Naja cooperated and disappeared from the stage.

When the Occamy appeared, Tom didn’t say anything and clapped his hands, “Such an excellent spell. I haven’t even seen that kind of spell before.”

“I’m honored, Professor.” Sean put the mini teapot in his hand back into his pocket.

The Nurmengard students looked at Sean suspiciously. Serpensortia was a spell that they learned a long time ago. But what he just summoned is an Occamy. Is that even possible?

He waved politely at everyone and then jumped off the stage.

Next time, there won’t be any more Nurmengard students trying to provoke the Hogwarts student. Because as long as someone dared to make a move, Sean will stop them.

Although it was uncertain that he could pull up that stuff again, no one was willing to gamble for it. Besides, who knows what Sean could do later to them?

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Published On: August 8, 2023

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