Facing Snape’s words, Sean had strange thoughts. On the surface, he was punishing him. But he was actually trying to dispel the anger that Tom didn’t show in his heart, right?

There is a high probability that he is still protecting the Hogwarts students.

Sean nodded honestly, “I understand. I’ll come to you tomorrow, professor.”

No matter whether his guess is accurate or not, Sean has already summed up Snape’s action. He just needs to go with it.

Don’t fight back, or Snape to punish you even further. Harry has proven this many times. As for the fact that he cast the Acupunctinernus on Tom, Sean didn’t take it to heart at all.

What’s more, probably Dumbledore and possibly Grindelwald might be watching now, and his Nonverball Spell should be commended.

The Acupunctinernus spell can’t be used properly now as it has serious side effects. Though, when he really is in danger, Sean doesn’t mind casting the Acupunctinernus spell on Tom at all.

Moreover, Sean didn’t care whether he would offend him at all. No matter his purpose in sneaking into Hogwarts, if he wanted to do anything against him, Sean would definitely not take any chance.

If Tom really wants to kill him, Sean’s “good or bad” performance in front of him has no meaning. With his strength, Sean can only hope that Dumbledore and Grindelwald are reliable enough to protect him.

It doesn’t matter how much he provokes him. If it is not reliable, even if he bowed and devoted his life to Tom, he will die.

However, at present, the two old men seemed reliable. Moreover, Sean suddenly thought, could this Tom was Voldemort?

He remembered what Dumbledore once said. The answer was “Yes and no”.

Voldemort was pursuing immortality and surprising enough to sneak into Hogwarts. Tom had been teaching in Nurmengard for so many years. Was he so confident that he wouldn’t be discovered?

On the stage, Tom had no other reaction to the spell that could make Morris wring in pain except for the black mist that had come out of his body.

He resumed his smile and stood aside, and Sean muttered something.

Snape began to explain something. His voice was not much louder than a whisper, but everyone dared not speak out and carefully listened to what he said.

“Everyone practices in pairs, but if anyone dares to use a curse, I’ll add a little something to everyone’s pumpkin juice tomorrow morning.” Snape reminded everyone of a threat, and the students started to find their partners.

Hermione looked at Sean in surprise and worried, “I can’t believe it. Was it a Nonverbal Spell? How did you do it, Sean?”

Several students beside him also came to him.

“Sean, you’re only in the first grade!”

“You’re a sly one. Did someone teach you that secretly?”

“Merlin’s beard, Sean. You broke through Professor Riddle’s defense. My dad said that powerful wizards will have various means of protecting themselves.”

“That’s right, that black mist may be his defensive magic!”

“Wouldn’t that make him really powerful?”

“He is!”

Facing all kinds of jokes and questions from his classmates. Sean showed a smile, “It just happens, you know, and my spells probably won’t hurt Professor Riddle.”

Everyone else agreed. How could a first-year student hurt a professor in a school? The spell might be weaker, knowing it was a Nonverbal Spell.

During this time, the students had a heated discussion for a while and then began to practice in pairs. Sean observed them, and it was obvious that the Nurmengard students were better at fighting.

Whether it is the timing or the choice of the spell, they have obviously gone through a lot of training, including the junior students. On the Hogwarts side, even the third and fourth graders were having trouble casting the Disarming Charm, and many of them laughed when it happened.

It doesn’t feel like a duel, more like practicing with friends.

Sean shook his head silently. The Hogwarts students really need to amp up their skills. How they learn depends on their own intention and motive.

They will find ways to train themselves, like Neville and Harry. The two of them go back and forth with seriousness and vigilance on their faces.

After observing for a while, Sean could only sigh. There is a long way for Hogwarts students to progress.

After the students practiced for a while, several Nurmengard students stepped onto the stage.

“Professor, since it’s an academic exchange. Shouldn’t we be able to challenge someone?” A student asked the two professors.

Tom smiled and agreed, “Learning and making progress together is necessary.” He turned his inquiring eyes to Snape again.

Snape’s expression didn’t change. He just nodded.

The Nurmengard student who brought it up grinned and showed his teeth. He turned to face everyone at Hogwarts.

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Zalos Thompson, a fifth-year student of Nurmengard,” he raised his chin, “I’m willing to accept any challenge from fifth-year students or above from Hogwarts only.”

Thompson looked at the Hogwarts students, and the Gryffindors set their eyes on him.

Finally, a fifth grader from Gryffindor stepped up. His eyes were calm, and judging from the expressions of the students around him, his strength should be good enough.

“Salute.” Snape acted as the referee.

Both bowed.



However, Thompson’s wand easily blocked the red light.

“Nonverbal Spell?” Sean’s expression changed.

Did Nurmengard’s fifth graders mastered Nonverbal Spell? And looking at Thompson’s relaxed look, he looks quite skilled.

The Hogwarts students present were stunned, and Thompson’s performance was even more amazing. After blocking a few spells at will, he fired a silent Pertificus Totalus from a tricky angle.

The Gryffindor student fell straight to the ground.

However, when everyone thought it was over, Thompson raised his wand again. The Gryffindor student immediately turned over and vomited after the curse was cast.

“Professor, this curse is okay, right? Besides, our school has been teaching us to make sure that our enemies are completely defeated, even in a duel.” Thompson smiled.

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Published On: August 8, 2023

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