“Oh? I’d like to hear more about it.” Sean showed an interested expression.

Ollivander sighed, “This Dragon heartstring used a Hungarian Horntail, and I was meeting an old friend of the MacFusty clan. A terrifying fellow was on the other side of the island. Only in ten minutes, it killed several Hebridean black dragons, and my goodness, it was a terrifying sight.”

He seemed to be recalling the scene, and it took him a while to come back to his senses.

Ollivander wrapped his wand swiftly with his hands and said softly, “Mr. Wallup, I hope you can use this wand with full responsibility.”

“Of course, sir.”

The silver-haired girl on the side stretched out her hand expressionlessly, “That would be seven Galleons.”

Sean showed an elegant smile and handed the Galleons to her, “Thank you for your recommendation. I’m curious, are you also a freshman at Hogwarts?”

The girl sat back on the bench and said calmly, “I’m in the third grade.”

He was dazzled knowing she looked younger than him. Sean kept a smile and nodded. He said about looking forward to her in Hogwarts and guiding him and walked out of the store.

When Sean and his father had gone from the store, Ollivander looked at the girl and said softly, “He is fit for that wand.”

The girl opened the old book again, she put on her gold-rimmed glasses, and her tone was flat, “I can see that he is gentle and polite. But I think no matter how good of a person is, showing their true face will be self-explanatory of what will happen later.”

Ollivander’s face became a little more serious, “No wonder that wand is very similar to that child.”

The girl turned a page and seemed not to pay attention to them again, “Anyway, Grandpa. You are only responsible for finding the real owner of the wand. After that, whether the new owner became a good, bad, noble, or criminal. You don’t have to bear that feeling within you.”

After leaving Ollivander’s wand shop, Sean’s next destination was Madam Malkin’s Robe Shop. Madam Malkin is a short, chubby witch with a purple robe.

“Are you a freshman, Honey? Are you looking for a uniform?” Madam Malkin looked enthusiastic.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Hogwarts or Nurmengard?”


“Come here. There are so many new students coming here who came to fit their uniform.”

Walking into the inner room, a thin boy stood on a footstool, and a witch measured his length.

A boy with slick hair, round-framed glasses, and a pair of emerald green eyes under the lenses was talking to a boy with a chubby face next to him.

“Neville, are you really not considering buying a broom?”

The chubby boy looked at him. At this time, he was trying to put on his robe.

“Harry, like I said, I’m not good at broomsticks, and first-year students are not allowed to bring broomsticks.” Neville persuaded honestly.

“Then why not bring one sneakily? My dad said Gryffindor hadn’t won a championship for many years. Maybe they’d like to take a talented first-year Seeker?”

Sean was a bit confused to see Harry and Neville at this time. Is his memory started to fade regarding the things happening in the series?

The two also noticed Sean.

“Oh, hello there!”

“Hello.” Sean stood on the footstool.

Harry raised his arm so they could continue to measure his body, and he turned his head, “Are you a freshman? Which school do you come from?”

“Yes, I’m at Hogwarts. How about you?”

Harry’s tone suddenly became a lot more enthusiastic, “I am also a freshman at Hogwarts. My name is Harry, Harry Potter, that is Neville Longbottom.”

Neville, who was sitting, also greeted him.

“Sean Wallup, nice to meet you.”

“Are you all from a wizarding family?” Sean now has a strong interest in the two.

“Yes, our whole family are wizards.” Harry smiled kindly.

It seems that Voldemort may not have any influence at this time. It’s normal to think about it.

The two principals of the schools who can be said to be the strongest in this era are alive and well. Grindelwald is not only not weaker than Dumbledore, but his ways are tougher. It is also interesting to find out where Tom Riddle went to which school back then.

“Nice to meet you. I guess we’re classmates from now on.” Sean smiled.

“Nice to meet you too. Are you from a Muggle family?”

“Yes, though, my father is still recovering from a magic spell before.”

Harry murmured, “That’s not too bad, way better than my cousin.”

Harry muttered to himself and asked curiously, “So, you should have two letters of admission, right?”

“Yes,” Sean nodded, “how about you?”

Harry showed a proud expression, “Our whole family graduated from Hogwarts, and Nurmengard doesn’t even need to send me a letter because I will definitely choose Hogwarts.”

Neville, who was sitting beside him, also nodded in agreement.

“Why is that so?” Sean showed a curious expression.

Probably because Sean has already chosen Hogwarts, Harry has now regarded him as a classmate. Taking advantage of the moment between the witch going out to get the clothes, Harry whispered, “Hogwarts is the best magic school in the world, and I heard that Nurmengard used to be a research headquarters for dark magic and many wizards were imprisoned there before it was being rebuilt as a school.”

Harry continued, “Of course, that’s not the main thing. Nurmengard has been recruiting wizards worldwide since its establishment, and I heard that Nurmengard took every student that was interested in Durmstrang.”

“How come Nurmengard attracts so many people?”

Harry subconsciously showed an expression of disgust, “Because of Nurmengard’s so-called ‘Elite Education’ and prioritizing on improving their power more. Those people in Nurmengard shout about the glory of wizards, but the reality is, they did some evil things.”

“Evil?” Sean was even more curious.

Harry cleared his throat, “I don’t know any of the specifics. Anyway, Hogwarts and Nurmengard are in a state of competition. Remember that.”

“What’s up with kids going out on their own today? Don’t you miss the appearance of your godfather sometimes? I’ll have to think about sending a letter to you at school later, Harry.” A voice in a lazy tone can be heard from a distance.

Sean turned his head to look, it was a middle-aged man with long black hair that was slightly curly, and his well-defined facial features carried some cynicism that was rarely seen in middle-aged people.

Harry saw the man, and a smile appeared on his face, “No way, Sirius!”

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Published On: July 2, 2023

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