Sean stepped onto the stage and stood opposite him.

“Don’t be nervous, Mr. Wallup.” Tom’s voice was reassuring.

Even Sean had to admit that he had a charm that made people want to get close to him. If he hadn’t known how crazy the soul under his skin was, maybe Sean would now regard Tom as trustworthy.

Tom took a few steps back and explained to everyone, “Before the duel, both parties must salute.”

The two bowed to each other.

“Mr. Wallup, attack me with all the spells you can think of. You don’t need to worry about anything.” Tom stood with his hands behind his back, standing gracefully. Even he did not take out his wand.

“Professor, isn’t this a bad idea?” Sean looked a little bit embarrassed. He hesitated when he touched his wand.

“Oh, Mr. Wallup. Don’t worry about your spell hitting me.” Tom smiled.

“But…” Sean frowned as if he was very resistant to the matter of ‘attacking a professor’.

Tom comforted Sean, “Be confident. This kind of exercise is common in Nurmenga-“

“Acupunctinternus!” When Tom’s face turned to the Nurmengard students, Sean directly raised his wand.

A barrier appeared in front of Tom, and the magic light dissipated. He turned his head and continued to smile, “Quite an attack, Mr. Wallup. When facing an enemy stronger than you, A sneak attack is the right choice, but the chants were too loud.”

Sean pouted, knowing his attack didn’t work.

“Acupunctinternus!” Without any hesitation, he continued to cast the next spell.

It still didn’t work. Tom maintained an elegant stance and pointed to Sean, “The speed of the cast is fast, but you swung your wand too much.”

“There is progress, but that angle is a bit complicated for you.”

“That’s good, but you can recite the spell a little faster.”

“As I said, the range of action should be smaller.”

“Try to cast your spells a little quieter so your enemies can’t tell which one you’re using.”

The situation on the stage became a little weird as the two stood on the spot without moving. Sean was constantly casting the same spell, and Tom resisted those spells without making a move.

Sean has no plans to stop at all. Dumbledore said that he could learn as much as he could. Tom thought he was showing his strength, but Sean’s proficiency as the time goes increased.

At the same time, Sean took the time to look at his proficiency level. He was surprised to find that every time he chanted a spell, it increased a lot when facing Riddle.

Sean raised his brows, and the spell was cast faster than before. After all, not everyone can train against the Dark Lord.

When Sean chanted the spell and his head hurt a little, it notified him that the spell was upgraded.

Acupunctinternus (Dark Magic) Lv 2: Proficiency 10/50000. You can cast the spell silently.

Sean’s head was dizzy, and he licked his tongue. He didn’t expect that the magic now could be silently cast. Nonverbal Spells required anyone to practice them intensely, but he was able to do it with this spell.

Sean finally understood the biggest use of this system. It gave him a new power when casting a spell. As long as the level can be raised, anything is possible.

As for why the requirements for the next level suddenly increased so much, Sean also understood. He guessed that after this, the next ability might be Wandless Magic.

Seeing Sean lowering his head with some difficulty, Tom smiled.

“Mr. Wallup, let me teach you another technique. When your opponent is exhausted, they will be easy to be hit by a spell.”

He raised his wand, “Expelliarmus”

The spell hit Sean, and his wand flew out.

“Now look at me and think about the outcome of this duel.” Tom raised his hand.

“I think I’ve learned a lot from this. Thank you, professor.” Sean panted, walked to the side, and picked up his wand that was blown away.

He secretly pointed to Tom, who turned to face the crowd who were about to speak.

“Acupunctinternus” He cast it silently and the spell struck Tom.

Sean didn’t look at his expression at all and jumped off the stage. Tom’s body paused for a while, and then all the students saw in horror that a black mist rose came up from him. Those mists rose rapidly and then quickly retracted into Tom’s body.

He turned around, and the smile he always showed was gone.

“Professor, thank you for your lessons.” Sean bowed as if nothing had happened.

The Nurmengard students were shocked. Tom has taught them for so many years, and this has never happened. In their eyes, this Professor, the second strongest professor in their school right before Grindelwald, was hit by a first-year Hogwarts student.

The black mist also made them curious. Tom did not explain the black mist coming out of his body. It is normal for a powerful wizard to have some secret magic.

He took a deep look at Sean and put on his smile again, “Wallup, you did well.”

“It’s an honor, professor.” Sean showed a smile.

Snape had been watching from the sidelines. He took a step forward and said coldly, “Wallup, because you attacked the professo-“

“Severus, tolerance is something that every professor should learn. As I said long ago, Wallup can do whatever he wants.” Tom waved his hand.

Snape glanced at him and continued slowly, “No point deduction, but…”

“Wallup, you will have a punishment tomorrow.”

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Published On: August 7, 2023

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