“It’s nothing. She is just being what she is usually.” Sean rolled up the note and cast a magic spell to burn the paper.

Hermione glanced at Sean suspiciously. In her mind, Sean always had a smile on Hogwarts students, even at Draco. What did that girl do to make Sean act like this?

“Let’s go. It’s time to go to the library.” Sean didn’t want to mention Stephanie at all.

“You’re weird.”

“What do you mean? I didn’t speak ill of her because of my excellent quality.”

“Sean, people with quality don’t usually boast themselves like that.”

“But in front of a girl like you is normal. It’s called being confident.”

Sean brushed the topic before with his words, and the two chatted all the way to the library. By the time they went to lunch, many students were already in the corridor outside the hall.

“They are going to rebuild the Dueling Club!” Harry explained excitedly when he saw the two.

Ron also came over, “Tonight is the first meeting, and we are all ready to attend it. After all, maybe it can come in handy for…”

“Then you have to find a way to keep yourself from dying in the arena. The professors don’t have time to take care of your body later.” The voices of the Nurmengard students rang again, and they always found a way to mock the Hogwarts students.

“Acupunctinter-” Sean raised his wand.

The annoying student quickly took a step back and fell to the ground in panic.

“Are you okay?” Sean said and even stretched out his hand to help him up.

But the student had a hellish expression on his face. He didn’t even get up and took a step back quickly.

Sean slowly put the wand back in his pocket and said innocently, “I haven’t mastered the spell yet, so I’m just playing with you until I get better at it.”

The Hogwarts students laughed. In the academic exchanges between the two schools, Nurmengard has almost had the upper hand.

In all kinds of classes, Hogwarts was almost completely suppressed. The first year was almost entirely carried by Hermione, Neville, and Sean. In the classes of other grades, those who performed better were often the Nurmengard students.

In terms of advantages, the students at Hogwarts are obviously more united than Nurmengard. While the four houses had some contradictions between them, they were unexpectedly working together to fight the Nurmengard students. Even the Slytherins didn’t even mock the other houses in front of Nurmengard students.

Regardless of whether it is studying or mocking them, Hogwarts students can always get a lot of cheers and support from their colleagues, and Sean is one of the key figures.

His innocent expression made them furious. Because after the Hoffman incident, he has not been punished, and Professor Rozier has not shown any justice at all. This makes the Nurmengard students unable to do anything to him.

“I’ll wait for you tonight.” The Nurmengard student said his final word and left.

Sean didn’t care much and didn’t worry about anything.

At eight o’clock in the evening, they returned to the Great Hall.

At this time, the ceiling had completely turned dark, the long table had disappeared, and a long, gilded stage appeared in the center of the hall. Hundreds of candles floated in the air, and the flames danced.

Almost everyone at the school came, and there was a commotion in the hall. On the other side, as if a dividing line was drawn, the Nurmengard students stood together and showed disdainful glances at the Hogwarts students.

Sean and Hermione squeezed into the front row, and she was a little worried.

“Sean, who do you think will teach us? It won’t be Professor Riddle, right?”

“Actually, there is a high probability that it will be him,” Sean looked at the entrance of the hall, the professor who taught the lesson had not come yet, “Professor Rozier proposed the proposal to rebuild the Dueling Club, and the two schools should each have a professor as a representative. But Nurmengard’s representative is already obvious.”

Hermione’s brows furrowed. In the Magic Attack and Defense Arts class these days, Tom’s remarks were obviously biased towards dark magic, which made her feel very bad.

“Which professor will be our representative? Is it Professor Flitwick? I remember he was The Duel Club champion when he was young.”

“I also hope it’s Professor Flitwick…” Before he could finish speaking, the students suddenly went silent.

Snape and Tom entered through the entrance of the hall. Tom obviously has a high prestige among the Nurmengard students, and it took Snape only two weeks to have the same aura as Professor McGonagall, which can silence the audience.

Sean looked at the two of them. While Tom was smiling, Snape was still wearing his black robe with a gloomy face. However, there was no communication between the two.

Does Tom know that the person beside him is actually a double agent? Sean thought curiously.  With Dumbledore’s assurance, Sean didn’t pay much attention to Tom anymore.

He was starting his first year as a student, and a lot of things had happened. At this moment, he should pay attention to these two people in front of him.

However, he didn’t notice that as soon as Tom came in, Harry and the others lowered their heads and whispered something.

“Welcome, everyone,” Tom stepped into the center of the stage, and he made a gesture of opening his hands that Dumbledore often used, “With the approval of the two principals, we have decided to rebuild the Dueling Club.”

“Whether it’s Professor Dumbledore or Professor Grindelwald. They all think that you need to learn some ways to deal with people, of course,” he winked at Hogwarts, “Nurmengard’s students have already had such courses. So all of you must be prepared.”

He paused, then turned to Snape and nodded, “I would like to thank Severus here as he will serve as my assistant.”

Snape looked at him, and when Tom introduced him, he reluctantly stood up and glanced at the crowd.

“Your student may don’t know much about dueling, right?” Tom rubbed his hands, “Well, I’ll pick a student and demonstrate it.”

Tom took a look around the room, then looked at Sean, “Mr. Wallup, I still remember your excellent performance in class. Please, come and show us some demonstration about dueling.”

However, with this big kind of event in the school, other professors should watch the scene now to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Sean nodded and walked onto the stage.

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Published On: August 6, 2023

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