A fight between the students of Hogwarts and Nurmengard broke out. The two sides, who had been keeping their emotions for a long time, fought each other. The shouts from the boys and the screams from the girls were mixed together.

“Stop fighting!” A girl shouted loudly from the side.

Most of the students were using their hands rather than their wands to fight, and Sean was pulled behind by others long before it started.

“Stop it all!” A stern female voice was amplified by magic.

However, the students did not take it seriously.

A high-pitched dragon roar sounded, and the students were startled all of a sudden. They stopped and looked around in horror.

“Why are there fire dragons in the castle?”

“Thank you, Newt.” Professor McGonagall hurriedly thanked Newt beside him, who was taking something back into his arms.

“Stand back, everyone!” She raised her wand and walked between the two groups, her face trembling slightly with anger, “What are you all people doing?!”

“A group of students fighting in the castle?!” Professor McGonagall looked sternly at everyone, including the Nurmengard students.

“Everyone who did it just now will be punished!”

Filch came up and said, “Professor McGonagall, my suggestion is to start with the dungeon. You know, I oil those shackles every day.”

“Argus, I don’t have time to discuss this with you now.” Professor McGonagall interrupted him bluntly and waved her wand.

Those students who were panting heavily found that a round silver spot was printed on their shoulders.

“Tonight, everyone will come to my office. Anyone who doesn’t come will be punished. I will know. As for your stupid injuries, go to Madam Pomfrey to get the medicine yourself!” Although Nurmengard had a small number of people, it did not suffer too much. Seeing this happen, all of them laughed lightly.

Professor McGonagall turned around at once, “Don’t think just because you’re not my students, you will not be punished. I will explain it to your vice-principal in detail!”

The smiles of those students disappeared. It seemed that Rozier was similar to Professor McGonagall in Nurmengard.

Sean turned his head and looked at his shoulder. There was no silver circle on his shoulder.

That night, a large group of students with bruises lined up outside the infirmary. After they got their medicines, they had to go to Professor McGonagall’s office. Everyone who came out from there was a little embarrassed. They seemed to have been scolded, and everyone had received various punishments.

George and Fred were given the task of cleaning the owl shack, and they were not allowed to use any magic.

Rosier also punished the Nurmengard students, but the reason for the punishment was not the because of the fight but the failure to win the fight. Those students would undergo brutal physical training on their off days.

The students on both sides were very dissatisfied with their punishment, but they did not dare to disobey the professor. All kinds of swear words should not be used in the castle when the students of both schools meet each other.

No one would dare to make the first move to attack them again before the punishment is over, but the atmosphere in the castle is getting more and more tense.

“Frankly speaking, I didn’t learn anything from this academic exchange.” Hermione complained to Sean with her notebook, and the two were preparing to go to the library together.

“I’ve been taunted three times by people I don’t know at all.” Hermione was a little angry. She always felt that the fight between the two schools was too stupid.

Sean followed her and shrugged helplessly. He thought that Dumbledore and Grindelwald had some ideas for facilitating this program, but now it seems that there are no results at all. He hadn’t even seen Dumbledore at the dinner for days.

Hermione sighed irritably, “And it’s going to be the fourth time.”

Along the corridor, several Nurmengard students were talking over there. They saw Sean and Hermione and immediately laughed.

“Here’s the furry little kid and her poodle.” The student winked at the two of them with a strong German accent.

They don’t dare to make a ruckus now, but all kinds of ridicule are getting more and more harsh.

Sean squinted his eyes, and it was okay to mock him a few times, but they were getting more and more obnoxious. He hated the most when others laughed at his hair, which was what his mom usually styled it.

He took a step forward, and just as he was about to speak, a voice rang from the side.

“If stupidity hurts, I guess you would cry because of it daily.”

Stephanie appeared out of nowhere. She put on another pair of glasses with thick lenses, but there was no expression on her face, and her tone was flat. However, the words that came out of her mouth had already made the Nurmengard students mad.

“A third grader?” The Nurmengards identified Stephanie’s grade through the uniform and sneered, “Do Hogwarts accept little kids now?”

Stephanie’s expression didn’t change, “You can go to Madam Pomfrey to check your head to see if you have brain damage.”

“Pfft.” Hermione laughed out loud.

Sean’s expression did not change, and he even frowned.

The expressions of those students were getting ugly. They stood up straight and said fiercely, “Do you want me to clean up that mouth of yours? You little bitch…”

Before he could finish speaking, a lot of bubbles appeared in his mouth. Stephanie held up her wand and looked at them blankly.

Sean frowned. Stephanie was only in the third grade. How could she be doing nonverbal magic?

Although Nurmengard students have bad mouths, their brains are still there. Wizards who can cast spells without saying their incantation is something else.

They ran away without giving her a counter-attack. Stephanie withdrew her wand, a piece of paper floated to Sean’s hand, and she walked away quickly.

Sean glanced at the handwriting on the note.

(I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive me.)

Hermione stopped laughing and looked at Sean, “What happened between the two of you?”

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Published On: August 6, 2023

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