Sean took out the chocolate frog pictures that he carried all year round. This has become one of his hobbies. He took out Dumbledore’s card and handed it over.

Harry took it suspiciously, then opened his eyes and read hard, “Known to create the Sorcerer’s Stone with Nicolas Flamel.”

The trio looked at each other and then at Sean in unison, “What does this mean?”

“Don’t you read?” Sean sighed and explained, “Nicolas Flamel is the only known maker of the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Neville seemed to remember something. He clenched his fist and said in a low voice, “I remember my grandma mentioned the Sorcerer’s Stone. It is a magical substance with many uses. The stone can turn any metal into pure gold and create an elixir of life that will immortalize the person who drinks it.”

“Nicolas lent the stone to Dumbledore?!” Ron exclaimed in a low voice, “So that’s why.”

“Can the stone help my sister’s condition?” Harry was obviously more concerned about his sister.

“I don’t know. Besides, no one else can understand what Professor Dumbledore does.” Sean spread his hands.

Harry nodded, “Professor Dumbledore is always unpredictable.”

He glanced in the direction of the library with some regret, “Mrs. Pince may not let us in again during this time.”

“Are you going to find information about the stone?” Sean asked.

“Of course! If I’m lucky, I can provide something that Dumbledore didn’t even think of!” Harry’s eyes suddenly lit up again, “I can write something to Sirius. He should have a lot of books at home.”

Harry and Sean said goodbye to whatever they thought of, and the trio left quickly. Sean walked into the library.

Although he felt that no matter what Dumbledore wanted to do with the Sorcerer Stone, Harry couldn’t do much with it, the old man himself is way more experienced in things while he isn’t.

Although Harry’s behavior is a bit reckless, his reasoning is good and reasonable. There is no need for Sean to dampen the situation. A person who is willing to think about his family and friends is a formidable person.

Harry had already pulled out a piece of parchment in the Gryffindor common room, ready to write a letter to Sirius.

“Hey, have you noticed anything?” Neville sat on the edge of the bed, cupping his chin in doubt.


“Professor Riddle is acting weird.”

Harry and Ron looked at each other. Ron spread his hands, “Is it normal for a teacher who teaches us those spells in class?”

“Of course, it’s not normal, but that’s not what I’m talking about,” Neville moved closer, “Don’t you realize that Professor Riddle has a similar purpose to ours?”

“Huh, I almost forgot.” Harry patted his head.

The three of them overheard the name of Nicolas Flamel when the three were looking for Hagrid. They originally wanted to go to Hagrid’s and get some information from him, but when they got to Hagrid’s hut, it happened that Hagrid was having a guest.

The three didn’t intend to eavesdrop but unexpectedly discovered that the guest turned out to be Professor Tom Riddle from Nurmengard. He and Hagrid seemed to be old acquaintances, but the relationship was very ordinary. The three just eavesdropped on something.

“…Aragog is fine now…Tom, that’s not what we should be talking about… Professor Dumbledore and Nicole Flamel? I don’t know anything!”

This is what they heard. Hagrid and Tom seemed to have some disputes. Harry was worried they would be found and quickly ran away from Hagrid’s hut. The next day, they went to the library to try to find information about Flamel.

Although Ron remembered it clearly, he was still a little confused, “You mean Professor Riddle is also asking about the stone?”

“Yes, Ron, think about it!” Harry said, “Hagrid and he knew each other like they must know each other back in the day.”

Neville added on the side, “Did you forget what the Nurmengard students were chatting about? Professor Riddle looked in his early thirties but was actually in his sixties.”

“And the Sorcerer’s Stone has the ability to immortalize people!” Harry continued.

Ron also reacted at once, his eyes widened, “So he has something to do with the stone as well?!”

“This is just a guess, but my intuition is always accurate,” Harry nodded. “Guys, we need to be careful.”

Sean was busy with his homework in the library. He didn’t know that the three missed a piece of key information and didn’t tell him about it. If he told them about it, problems would occur because a Gryffindor would always do things directly rather than think about it carefully.

The academic exchange plan between Hogwarts and Nurmengard is still in progress. However, the so-called “academic exchange” has become a provocative conference.

Lately, the students of the two schools have been breaking out all kinds of conflicts, both on a big and small scale. Even after Sean and Hoffman’s incident, students are more to provoke each other.

No one knows whether there will be any students from Nurmengard who do not like him anymore.

Sean was strongly protected by his classmates at Hogwarts. The strength of this protection became stronger as the conflict between the two sides continued to break out. The Weasley twins have begun to follow Sean to the bathroom to protect him.

Because on that night, the first physical conflict broke out between the two sides.

Hoffman returned from recovery. The first person he came looking for was Sean, but Sean didn’t even have time to speak to him. His anger emotion influenced him and came to Sean directly, only to be met with this response from Sean.

After pulling out his wand, a large crowd of Hogwarts students rushed up. However, while they were punching and kicking Hoffmann, the Nurmengard students arrived. They swarmed up, huddled the Hogwarts students.

The conflict started with Hoffman’s screams. Someone kicked him multiple times, and Hoffman groaned in pain while covering his crotch.

The Nurmengard students were upset. They see this as a declaration of war from the Hogwarts students. They touched their wands intensely, but they cooled off. If they used their wands altogether, things would go into chaos.

But then, not long after, both sides fought against each other, and all hell broke loose.

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Published On: August 5, 2023

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