Her intention is obvious. She wants to beat up Hogwarts students openly. Based on what Sean knew about Dumbledore, he would most likely agree to this proposal.

Sean thinks it is still necessary, and the combat ability of Hogwarts students really needs to be strengthened urgently.

Moreover, Hogwarts has a very serious stratification. Excellent people can often far surpass their peers because of their talent and hard work, and most students are just doing what they can.

However, these are the things that Dumbledore should worry about. Sean is just a weak and innocent first-year student.

After thanking Professor Flitwick, Sean walked straight to the classroom where he was going to teach.

However, just as he walked around a pair of armor that was showing off the glossiness of their breastplate to the lady in the painting, Sean saw a figure around the corner, holding a book as always with a large robe almost covering her.

It’s Stephanie. But Sean’s eyes didn’t stop at all. He didn’t even glance at her and was about to walk away.

Stephanie spoke, her voice still as cold as the weather outside the castle, “Sean, the people from Nurmengard said that they will teach you a lesson sometime.”

Sean didn’t look back, just waved his hand casually, “Thank you for your reminder, Miss Ollivander.”

Stephanie didn’t catch up with Sean, who walked away quickly. She just stared at him leaving. Her eyes turned from black to blue, and she didn’t know what she was thinking. Sean didn’t want to talk to her at all. Despite the fact, she wanted to tell him that the Nurmengard students were after him.

She acted very cold the first time they met in Ollivander’s shop. He didn’t think much about it at the time. The Veela blood in her only works against the opposite sex, and Stephanie can find a female assistant instead of him.

He could stand Grindelwald when facing him directly. At least he has some charismatic characteristics. But Stephanie is just different.

It has nothing to do with the purpose or the way of doing things. But it just felt weird if someone were coming up to him and asked him to do something like that.

Sean quickly forgot about it. There was no class this morning, and he wanted to go to the library to finish the potions class homework assigned by Snape.

However, a noise could be heard when he walked to the library.

“How dare you kids?! Get out of the library! Get out now!” Mrs. Pince waved her wand and yelled at someone.

It was the Gryffindor trio, Harry, Neville, and Ron, and behind them, a few feather dusters were enchanted and were whipping their backs hard with Mrs. Pince controlling them.

The three tucked their heads, and in the end, they were whipped a few times by Mrs. Pince’s wand and then fled the library in embarrassment.

“I’ll bet that Mrs. Pince’s wand is not made of wood! It hurts so much…” Ron rubbed his back with a bitter look on his face.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” Sean went over to greet the three of them.

“Hey, Sean,” Harry greeted him, then smiled embarrassedly, “We were looking up something and accidentally knocked over a bookshelf.”

Sean completely understood why they were treated that way. Last time he accidentally smeared some ink on a book and was kicked out of the library by Mrs. Pince. It was very gentle that Mrs. Pince didn’t kill the three of them.

During the conversation, Sean realized that Harry and Ron, except that Neville never showed up in the library, came to find a wizard named Nicolas Flamel.

“Sean, have you heard of this person’s name?” Harry put on a look of anticipation. He knew that Sean was a frequent visitor to the library.

“Why do you want to know about this person?” Sean didn’t answer immediately but instead asked them.

They looked at each other, then pulled Sean into a corner that no one passed by.

“Sean, remember the first time we met?” Harry pushed his glasses.

Sean nodded. It was the first time he went to Diagon Alley and saw Sirius.

“Hagrid was actually in Diagon Alley that day, but you probably didn’t see him.”

“Isn’t it normal for Hagrid to go be in Diagon Alley?”

“Of course, it’s normal. But Sirius didn’t stay with us at first and went to meet Hagrid. Last time, he was drinking at my house, and he accidentally revealed that Hagrid was helping Dumbledore get something.”

“Something?” Sean asked, pretending to be puzzled.

Of course, he knew that what Hagrid took was the Sorcerer’s Stone, but now Voldemort is still alive and teaching at Hogwarts. He was curious about who Dumbledore was trying to bait with the stone.

“Yes, a very magical thing!” Harry looked excited. His eyes shone under the lens, “With that stone. Maybe it can cure my sister’s disease!”

Sean frowned. Although he didn’t know what happened to Harry’s sister, in his impression, the Sorcerer’s Stone seemed to be able to heal illnesses.

Harry continued, “It’s a pity that when Sirius wanted to continue talking, my dad stopped him. I was wondering if I could go to Hagrid and get some information about it.”

“So you heard the name Nicolas Flamel, and you thought if you could come to the library to find some clues?”

Harry smiled embarrassedly, “Exactly.”

Sean leaned against the wall, tightened his robe, and said softly, “But if Professor Dumbledore could cure your sister with that magical thing, he should have done it long ago. You know that, right, Harry?”

Harry nodded, “Well yeah. Professor Dumbledore is a great man, so maybe he hasn’t fully studied that thing yet?”

“I’m not sure…” Sean touched his chin and looked at Harry, “But what’s the use of you looking for this, Harry? We’re all just young wizards.”

“Maybe, just maybe, if I showed him what I can do with it, he would use that to cure my sister.” Although Harry was a little unconfident, his sister’s condition made him make this kind of choice.

Sean thought about it and smiled, “Well, I do know who Nicolas Flamel is.”

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Published On: August 5, 2023

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