The next day, when Sean was enjoying his morning sandwich in the Great Hall, the Nurmengard students looked at him in a strange way.

In the first class, he turned the Acupuncture Spell into some kind of Cruciatus Curse and shocked everyone.

Hoffman was lying in front of the common room an hour later before being discovered by students who came there late. He has now been sent to the school doctor’s office for treatment. According to eyewitnesses, it took a whole tube of anti-swelling cream for Hogwarts’ doctor to make Hoffman back into his normal condition.

At that time, only then did someone recognize him as Hoffman, and Sean suddenly became the object of suspicion.

Although the Nurmengard students prefer to work alone and don’t care much about the lives of their classmates, at Hogwarts, Nurmengard is willing to help each other.

Two of the students had particularly sour expressions and were the first to discover Hoffman.

Hermione also noticed those unfriendly eyes. She touched Sean, who was looking at his goblet of pumpkin juice carefully, and asked him in a low voice, “Why do they all look at you this way, Sean? Did you go out last night? What have you done?”

Sean, who was sure that Snape had not drugged the pumpkin juice, took a sip and then said casually, “I went out to give Hoffman a full body massage.”

“A body massage?” Hermione suddenly thought about the scene where Sean gave Draco fought, and she sighed helplessly, “Sean, the professors will come to you.”

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to that guy. He would only lie down in the medical ward for two days.”

“But what if the professor at Nurmengard wants to punish you?”

“I don’t think so.” Sean winked at Hermione.

There are only two professors at Hogwarts. Tom would not care about it. The other was Vice-President Vinda Rozier, who was Grindelwald’s right hand.

The reason why Sean dared to act that night is very simple. First of all, he has already made it clear that he is going to do it secretly, so why not make the first move to do so? Secondly, if the enemy wanted to play dirty, then he didn’t hesitate to play dirty as well.

When breakfast was almost finished, a note floated to Sean’s side.

(Mr. Wallup, please come to my office now.)

Putting away the note from Professor Flitwick, Sean spoke to Hermione and then walked out of the hall under the watchful eyes of Nurmengard students.

Before coming to Professor Flitwick’s office, he knocked politely on the door, and after getting permission to come in, Sean pushed the door and walked in.

“Good morning, Professor Flitwick.” Sean greeted with a smile.

Professor Flitwick looked serious, “Mr. Wallup, do you know why I asked you to come here?”

“Because I beat up Mr. Hoffman from Nurmengard.” Sean answered honestly.

“Well, it seems that you can also realize your mistake, which is good.” Professor Flitwick nodded.

Sean stood with his hands behind his back.

“However, we still have to refer to Professor Rozier’s opinion. You must not contradict your story when she comes over, okay?” Professor Flitwick jumped out of the chair from behind the desk and asked Sean.

“Of course, sir.” Sean smiled, and it seemed that he didn’t even need to get a punishment.

Professor Flitwick glanced at Sean. He touched his mustache and asked, “Sean, did Mr. Hoffman attack you first?”

Before he could speak, Professor Flitwick took out his wand, “I’ll put a swelling spell on you. Don’t worry, it will go away in an hour, and then you can say that Hoffman made the first move, and you have no choice but to fight back.”

Sean smiled embarrassingly. However, before Professor Flitwick could convince Sean to accept the swelling spell, there was a knock on the door.

Professor Flitwick hurriedly winked at Sean, then cleared his throat, “Please come in.”

Vinda still maintained her youthful splendor. She walked in to take a look around and set her eyes on Sean.

“Ms. Rozier, Wallup has already explained the cause of the incident to me. Mr. Hoffman’s attack on a first-year student is too much.” Professor Flitwick sighed as if it was a pity that the students were treated unfairly.

“However, considering that Wallup also fought back, and Mr. Hoffman paid the price for it. Hogwarts decided not to make the matter worse. Correspondingly, so did Mr. Wallup. What do you think, Ms. Rozier?”

Rozier slowly smiled, and she looked up and down at Sean, who was standing honestly, “I think it’s for the best of us. However, the students at your school are outstanding.”

As Sean expected, Rozier had no intention of pursuing him at all and instead showed a lot of interest in Sean.

“Oh, Mr. Wallup is a very good wizard.” Flitwick didn’t expect her to let go of it easily.

“It’s thanks to Hogwarts and your teaching, sir.” Sean added.

Rozier looked at the teachers and students who were responding harmoniously together. An inexplicable look flashed in her eyes, and she said, “Mr. Flitwick, although I can not pursue Wallup’s behavior, the Nurmengard students urged me to do something to satiate their emotions.”

“In order not to destroy the friendship between the two schools, I have a proposal.”

Professor Flitwick and Sean looked at each other, then looked at each other, “Please do tell.”

“Professor Flitwick, you should be familiar with it.” Rozier looked at the display cabinet in the office.

On it is the championship trophy of Professor Flitwick’s Duel Club.

“What do you mean by that? Reinstating the Dueling Club?” Professor Flitwick frowned.

“This is also a good exercise for the students of the two schools, isn’t it?”

“Oh, a very constructive proposition,” Professor Flitwick said dryly, “but I have to ask Professor Dumbledore’s opinion.”

“I believe he will agree to it.” Rozier left and walked out of the office.

Sean and Professor Flitwick looked at each other, and he could only shrug his shoulders hearing this answer.

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Published On: August 4, 2023

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