Sean pulled his tie, tidied up the slightly wrinkled wizard robe, smiled, and said to Hoffman, “Thank you for the compliment. But, are you sure a Nurmengard’s student?”

Hoffman’s eyes were about to burst into flames. For Sean, his principle of dealing with things is very simple. After confirming that a person will never act good on him, there is no need to treat them nicely.

He always believed that his character was not bad and was tolerant enough. For someone like Draco, who hated him, he could still treat him as a classmate and get along well with him after a lesson.

Hoffman listened to the laughter in his ears, but the angry look on his face slowly subsided. He licked his lips. His voice was a little gloomy, “Boy, didn’t Hogwarts teach you, in the face of the seniors, you should maintain your behavior nicely?”

“Thank you for your reminder, but I have excellent grades, and I often get extra points. I don’t need you to worry about those stuff at Hogwarts.” Sean still carried that elegance that made Hoffman’s eyes twitch.

“Do you think that you are safe at Hogwarts?”

Charlotte’s eyes suddenly became dangerous, “Are you threatening the students in our school?”

Sterling frowned. Their provocation could be taken seriously by a Nurmengard professor if they found out about it. His stupid teammate actually threatened a first-year student in public.

Sterling didn’t speak. After all, Hoffman was a student of Nurmengard, but he had to teach him a lesson afterward.

Sean showed a puzzled expression. He held his chin, thought for a while, and finally realized, “Oh, are you going to curse on me at Hogwarts? Or find someone to secretly hit me with a stun spell somewhere empty to teach me a lesson?”

“I didn’t say that. Take it as a friendly reminder, junior.” Hoffman showed a malicious smile.

He didn’t care whether he would be locked up afterward, and Nurmengard wouldn’t expel him just because he threatened a Hogwarts student with words.

Sean took a step forward, “Well, come at me, then.”

“You!” The anger that Hoffman managed to suppress rushed out of his eyes. He raised his wand, but he still didn’t dare to utter the curse because he saw more and more people watching them.

Sterling glanced at him and turned away without looking back.

Seeing that all his classmates had left, Hoffman glanced at Sean bitterly. He drew too much of the attention of everyone around.

“Just wait.” He pushed his way through the crowd roughly and strode away.

Sean shrugged.

“Well done, Sean.” Although she just won the scolding battle, Charlotte patted Sean on the shoulder with great satisfaction.

However, Sean raised his brows and then showed a big smile, “Charlotte, do you know where the students of Nurmengard live?”

“I know where they are. What do you want to do?” Charlotte said hesitantly. She always felt that this student who was recruited to Hogwarts by herself was different.

“Get more people… and then…” Sean leaned over and whispered a few words.

Charlotte frowned, “I mean, what are you going to do with it? They won’t let it slide easily, that’s for sure.”

Sean blinked, “Well, then…”

“Take you there?!”

“Believe me.”


Hoffman was walking alone on his way back to the Nurmengard common room, his face was still gloomy, and the knuckles holding the wand were turning white from the force. Thinking of Sean’s disgusting smile, Hoffman’s breathing quickened a lot.

Last year, Hoffman was extremely dissatisfied that he did not qualify for the competition. Unexpectedly, today, a student made him lose his temper.

Hoffman had already thought about it, and he must find an opportunity to teach that annoying boy a good lesson. Hoffman stopped, seeing a dark corner in front of him, and the thick drapery beside the wall felt eerie in his ears.

He raised his wand and pointed it at the veil, and after finding that there was no movement, he laughed at himself, “I’m overthinking it.”

“Stupefy!” In the shadows, a red light blazed out.

Hoffman immediately responded, and then an angry voice echoed in the corridor, “How dare you?!”

“Stupefy!” A dozen of spells shoot out.

Hoffman had no room to dodge at all. The red light hit him, and he fell. A large group of Hogwarts seniors came out of their hiding places with smiles all over their faces.

Sean crossed the crowd. He squatted down and glanced at Hoffman. He was only going to find a few people, but when Charlotte was looking for someone, many students were dissatisfied with Nurmengard’s students and signed up with the plan.

Sean stood up, pointed to Hoffman on the ground, he smiled, “Well, it’s beating time.”

With Gryffindor as the main force and Hufflepuff as the supplement, the senior students slammed their fists fiercely, while the Ravenclaw students slammed into the crowd and gave him a kick from time to time.

Sean leaned against the wall, “Yes, over there, free meat to beat for everyone.”

It wasn’t until it was determined that they made sure Hoffman’s parents couldn’t see who the person on the ground was Sean stopped them.

“Throw it to the door of Nurmengard’s lounge. Let’s retreat.” On the way back, the seniors looked at Sean more enthusiastically.

“Sean, do you want to go out together during the holiday?” There were already several seniors who were paying attention to him.

Sean showed a shy smile, “I would love to, but I’m still young. I also have to go back to my family, so maybe when I’m a bit older.”

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Published On: August 4, 2023

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