Sean and Hermione were on their way back to the hall.

“How can Professor Riddle teach us such…” She glanced at Sean, “Such, such powerful dark magic! We are only in the first grade!”

Obviously, Hermione was quite dissatisfied with Tom, whether it was his speech in class or the magic he taught. However, considering Sean’s excellent performance, she toned down her complaint by a bit.

Sean showed an innocent expression, “To be honest, I didn’t expect the power of that spell to be so terrifying.”

“Professor Riddle also said that it can be used for pranks. God, that person is…” Hermione frowned. She glanced at Sean, “But, Sean, what you did is not wrong.”

“Don’t worry, Hermione. It is what it is.”

Sean didn’t care about it at all. Morris showed no mercy when he faced him. If that spell hit Sean, he would be the one that bore the pain.

Along the way, the classmates who used to be friendly to Sean unconsciously distanced themselves from him. It seemed that Sean had to suffer for a while before Morris’ screams disappeared from their minds.

On the other hand, although Harry and his group’s expressions were a little weird, they were still okay with him.

“Sean, is there any famous wizard in your family?” Harry asked.

“Yes, Merlin is at the top of my family tree.” Sean nodded.

Ron’s eyes widened, and he said in surprise, “Sean, you’re Merlin’s descendant?!”

Ron was still puzzled walking into the hall, but Sean and the others just joked around and talked with each other on the way there.

On the spacious stone corridor of the castle, two groups of people are facing each other.

“Sterling, if you can’t control your stinky mouth, I’ll wash it for you.” Charlotte had raised her wand, and her voice was cold.

Sterling casually turned his wand around his fingertips twice and said lazily, “Miss Hawke, do you really need to say that?”

As soon as these words came out, behind Charlotte, several Hogwarts students showed angry expressions on their faces and took a step forward together.

However, on Nurmengard’s side, they sneered. Facing the Hogwarts students, they took out their wands and refused to let them go.

“Is that how Hogwarts entertains guests from afar? Well, this isn’t a polite way to greet them, isn’t it, Miss Hawke?” A male voice with a strong German accent rang out.

Sean licked his lips unconsciously. It was the guy who stopped him in the Great Hall yesterday.

Charlotte glanced at him and said coldly, “Is Nurmengard also recruiting wizards with trolls’ blood?”

The boy didn’t look angry at all. He bowed slightly, and the corners of his mouth outlined a provocative arc, “I forgot to introduce myself, El Hoffman, a seventh-grade student in Nurmengard.”

“What’s going on?” Sean asked a Ravenclaw fourth grader near him.

“In front of Charlotte, it’s the same group of bastards that says Kaya deserved it at last year’s tournament.”

Kaya, a sixth-year Ravenclaw student who participated in the Tournament last year, spent the rest of the semester at St Mungo’s Hospital because of the opponent’s curse.

Sean nodded. According to Charlotte’s character, if someone dared to mock her colleague, she would fight back.

The confrontation is still continuing, perhaps because today is the first day of academic exchanges, and the two sides are only at the stage of mocking each other.

After all, they lost last year’s competition, and Charlotte and the others are clearly at a disadvantage. Sean walked to Charlotte’s side.

“Get back, Sean.” Charlotte blocked him. Although both sides were in an intense situation, she couldn’t help but want to do something for them.

Sterling raised his eyebrows. He still had some impressions of Sean. However, for the Student Council of Nurmengard, bullying a first-year student was a shameful act.

Hoffman grinned with interest, “I’ll remember you, junior. Because of you, my first impression of Hogwarts was not very good. Aren’t you going to apologize to me? “

Sean showed his smile, “Ho… Hoeman? Mr. Grindelwald will be very disappointed to see you like this.”

Hoffman narrowed his eyes at once, “Do you know who you are talking to, kid?”

“Let me briefly analyze your character. You don’t know Miss Hawke, which means that you didn’t qualify for the competition last year, and maybe you didn’t even get the qualification to watch.”

“Then, you follow Mr. Sterling but don’t want to fall behind him a little bit. Which shows that you have high self-esteem, making you feel that you are on the same level as Mr. Sterling and Miss Charlotte.”

“You also like to play with your hair, and your eyes are always drifting to the ladies present. Which shows that you are eager for the attention of the opposite sex.”

“At the same time, you are always stroking the ring on your hand. If I can guess it correctly, it should be a magic item produced by alchemy. It seems that you are not too confident in your own strength. Well, at least you got a nice watch.”

“Wait, your watch is a fake one? A real magic watch should be, oh, Draco, come here.”

Sean pulled over Draco, who was watching the scene next to him, and then opened his sleeve, revealing a delicate watch. On the dial, snowflakes continued to fall.

“Look, the weather spell on the dial interacts with the hands.” He looked at Malfoy, “Draco, is it expensive?”

Draco was confused and raised his head subconsciously, “My father gave me this. I think it’s around thirty Galleons.”

“Wow, really suits your family, eh?” Sean pushed Draco back into the crowd, and he smiled at Hoffman.

“It seems that alchemy props and expensive magic watches cannot coexist together, am I right? Hoeman?”

The Hogwarts students burst into laughter, and even some Nurmengard students turned their heads secretly. Hermione covered her wrist in surprise. The Christmas present that Sean gave her must be expensive.

Hoffman gritted his teeth. In this world, there is nothing more humiliating than being humiliated in public.

“You’re good, kid…”

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Published On: August 3, 2023

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