“Acupunctinternus!” The Nurmengard student didn’t look down on Sean because it was his first time. He did not care about it anymore.

“Acupunctureinternus!” To his surprise, the Hogwarts student cast it on the opposite side.

“How is it possible? He has only seen one demonstration…” The tall student widened his eyes and then rolled around, barely avoiding the spell.

“Morris, are you backing down?” Voices of other Nurmengard students can be heard mocking him.

Morris ignored his classmates and he stared at Sean. He remembered what the professor said, to never underestimate the enemy. Morris became more and more calm.

Sean just shifted his body sideways to avoid the opponent’s spell. These elites in Nurmengard don’t seem to be very strong.

Before that, Sean had never fought against someone on his age, so he was always vigilant and didn’t attack as soon as he could. Looking at the student’s suddenly serious and vigilant expression, Sean fixed his stance.

Sean’s wand quickly waved, “Acupunctinternus!”


There was a strange situation in the classroom. Morris was completely suppressed by a wizard who had just attended the first class. He didn’t even have time to fight back. He just focused on rolling on the ground to avoid the spell.

Sean’s expression became more serious, is the student holding back? Thinking of this, he made his move faster.

Morris barely escaped the spell, and sweat had already formed on his forehead. His own wand couldn’t even complete the movement, and Sean’s spell was cast, giving him no time to relax.

Morris shouted while dodging the spell again.

A sense of powerlessness and humiliation arose in his heart. He felt like a practice dummy for his opponent, and he couldn’t do much about it.

Sean maintained a high degree of concentration. He found his level was still too low, but the student was agile.

Suddenly, he felt his movements a little faster.

[Acupunctinertus has been upgraded]

“Acupunctinternus!” The spell finally hit Morris.

“Argh!” Morris fell to the ground and shouted a scream.

This scene took everyone aback. They saw Morris was half-kneeling on the ground, with blue veins on his forehead, his eyes turned white, and his whole body trembled violently. The shrill cry that came from his mouth told everyone that he was in great pain.

“Alright, practice is over.” Tom narrowed his eyes slightly and stood between the two.

However, the spell was not the Cruciatus Spell. Morris wailed for a while, and the effect of the spell was finally over. He was panting heavily, and his eyes went blank. The students at Hogwarts looked at each other.

“Professor Riddle said this spell can be used as a prank?”

“No way I’m going to use this, ever.”

Tom checked Morris and found that he was blank because of the pain, and there was nothing serious. He stood up and looked at Sean with an inexplicable expression.

Sean spread his hands innocently, “I just released the spell according to the method you taught.”

Tom smiled slightly, “Yes… It’s just an accident. I think Mr. Morris may be more sensitive to this spell.”

He knew very well that the upgrade of his Acupuncture Spell caused this effect. Seeing Tom turn around and let everyone continue to practice, Sean narrowed his eyes slightly.

He was still wondering how the system could judge only some stinging effects as dark magic. It seems that this magic spell can be regarded as a weakened version of Cruciatus.


In the classroom, the students who started practicing were all scared. The Hogwarts students were reluctant and didn’t take the practice seriously at all. In addition to the scene just now, they couldn’t even cast it if they wanted to.

The Nurmengard students were different. It wasn’t the first time they used this spell, nor was it the first time they practiced with each other. However, Morris’ screams made them murmur in their hearts.

After all, Morris made them feel a little guilty. Sean stood there. He found that the eyes of others looking at him were a little weird. Tom didn’t seem ready to arrange another practice for him either.

He looked at the crowd, then walked towards the Nurmengard students.

“Wanna do it with me?” Sean showed a polite smile.

“No…I don’t have time now.” The students wanted to refuse Sean firmly, but Morris let out another low groaning sound. The two forced a smile and declined Sean.

Sean looked at the other Nurmengard students, but the other students avoided his gaze.

Sean glanced at Tom. He was leaning on the podium and staring at everyone, but if you look closely, you will find that his eyes are out of focus, and he doesn’t know what he is thinking. He quietly opened the system panel and took a look.

Acupunctinternus (Dark Magic) Lv1: Proficiency 30/5000

This is Sean’s first spell to advance to a level. His dark magic talent might have an influence on it. After waiting for a while, the first lesson on Magic Attack and Defense Arts finally came to an end.

“This class ends here. I won’t assign any homework. Everyone remember to practice it by themselves in their spare time.” Tom said with a smile.

He acted as if nothing bad had happened.

“Okay, you can go now as the class is over. Oh, I almost forgot, Ravenclaw gains twenty points.” Tom smiled at Sean.

Under the complicated gaze of the people around him, Sean retracted the wand in his hand. He greeted Morris and then left the classroom.

After everyone left the classroom, Tom moved his neck, his smile gradually subsided, and he stood alone by the podium for a long time. The box by the wall shook again, and Riddle walked over and grabbed the noisy goblin in his hand.

The goblin showed his teeth, danced, and kept making sharp screams.

“Oh, poor little guy. I forgot to feed you, didn’t I?” Tom smiled again, and he pointed at the goblin.

“Avada Kedavra.”

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Published On: August 3, 2023

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