In everyone’s eyes, a green light hit the goblin. The green light flashed, and the goblin froze for a moment, then continued to struggle in Riddle’s hands, trying to bite him.

Riddle showed a smile, he waved his hand, and the goblin flew back into the box again.

“Does anyone know what spell I just cast?”

Hermione swallowed, but before she could raise her hand, Tom pointed to another student and said casually, “Let’s see, Sean Wallup?”

Sean stood up and took a deep look, “It’s the Killing Curse.”

“Correct! What about its effect, Mr. Wallup?”

“It’s a spell meant for killing, which will take the life of the cursed person.”

Tom nodded in satisfaction, then motioned for Sean to sit down.

“However, that goblin is still alive and kicking. Is it because I don’t have enough magic power?” He smiled and spread his hands to look at everyone, but no one answered him, as if telling a funny joke.

“Obviously not.” He put his hands behind his waist.

“For every spell, it is entirely based on the caster itself for its effect.”

Hermione raised her hand.

“Yes, Miss Granger?”

“Sir, I don’t think your actions are right.” She moved her lips, “Casting dark magic often requires the caster to have evil intentions. Maybe you can control the Killing Curse, but this is something that we shouldn’t learn.”

There was no displeasure on his face. He waved his hand to signal Hermione to sit down, “Miss Granger, you have overlooked one thing. This class is called Magical Attack and Defense Arts in Nurmengard, and we’re not going to teach a bunch of deranged lunatics to go around wildly killing someone.”

He paused and smiled, “If the malice or evil intentions when casting the spell are eliminated, will the so-called dark magic become a weapon in the hands of wizards?”

The student of Nurmengard raised his chest and put pride on his face.

“I’m here to teach you the truth. Magic is just magic, and the one who masters it is always a wizard.”

The students at Hogwarts whispered one after another, and today, Professor Tom Riddle brought them new knowledge of magic.

Only Sean frowned slightly. Tom’s words sounded correct. He also made a reasonable demonstration, and there seemed to be no loopholes that could be pointed out.

However, Tom missed a point.

What about the release of the curse?

Many of the reasons why dark magic is feared is because it does not remove the curse, and the cursed person has to suffer some pain. In his hands, the spell could be harmless, but how about other people prone to this concept of dark magic, such as Grindelwald?

The Protego Diabolica in Grindelwald’s hand is as docile as a cat, but if people learned it, the spell could potentially bring great harm to everyone.

Moreover, Sean noticed that the goblin that Tom used as an example was a humanoid creature. He unconsciously glanced in the direction of the Slytherins. Draco and his group were discussing something excitedly.

Sean sighed. Is this his true purpose?

On the podium, Tom did not stop the students from discussing. He smiled and said, “Of course, some things are still far away from you. Today, let’s learn a spell.”

“Well, who’s going to give me a demonstration? What about you, Oaks?” He pointed to a Nurmengard student.

The short brown-haired boy walked down reluctantly while the other Nurmengard students let out a laugh.

“Relax, Oaks. This is a first-year material. I believe you should have studied it.” Tom patted the boy on the shoulder.

He and the boy stood, then explained, “This is an offensive spell. The effect is very simple. It will give the person hit by the spell some pain from being pricked by needles, and it has a good effect on distracting others’ attention.”

“Of course, some people use it to do some little pranks.” Tom joked as if the spell was just a prank spell.

He made a gesture for everyone to learn with him, and after seeing everyone’s wands waving, Tom nodded in satisfaction.

“Acupunctinternus.” he emphasized the pronunciation of the ‘Internus’, “Remember, emphasize the pronunciation, and picture a long needle in your head as you cast the spell.”

“Say it with me, Acupunctinternus.”


“Very well,” Tom turned to the boy, “Oaks, are you ready to duel with me?”

Oaks squeezed his wand nervously and finally nodded vigorously.


The boy looked very nervous, but the others didn’t expect Oaks to raise his wand as soon as Tom finished speaking. His movements were fast and accurate, and the spell was cast.


Tom dodged the spell and waved his wand, “Acupunctinternus!”

Oaks cried out in pain, then covered his shoulders.

“You’re good, Oaks. But you need to practice more.” Tom waved his hand to let him return to his position. The boy was still clutching his shoulders as if he had been stabbed too hard.

“Okay, go into two groups and start practicing the spell. Don’t worry about how much pain you will endure. With your current level of understanding, it should be no different than a mosquito bite.”

Whether it was a coincidence or an accident, the opponents of the Hogwarts students were all their classmates, and only Sean was assigned a student from Nurmengard.

“Wallup, he only studied half a semester longer than you, don’t worry about it.” Tom said with a smile.

But everyone else looked at Sean with some worry. They were learning this spell for the first time, but the students of Nurmengard had obviously mastered it before.

The tall, black-haired boy showed a malicious smile, and he slowly raised his wand. The other Nurmengard students also looked like they were watching the show.

Sean shrugged. He took time to look at his panel.

Avada Kedavra (Dark Magic): Proficiency 100/3000

Acupunctinternus (Dark Magic): Proficiency 200/1000

His talent for dark magic seems to be a boost in the way he learns things.

“Duel!” Riddle ordered.

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Published On: August 2, 2023

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