The goblin’s abrupt attitude change made the corners of Sean’s mouth rise. He glanced at the goblin who was busy weighing the gold and asked curiously, “Do people always bring gold for transactions knowing that pound sterling is not much of a strong currency? Even if it’s a stolen one?”

“Very few dare to do this, let alone walk with it in Diagon Alley. Although sterling is worthless, gold is different.” The goblin rubbed his hands and said flatteringly.

In other words, if someone has the guts and the ability to sneak it in, you can trade the stolen goods here.

Half an hour later, Sean walked out of Gringotts’s gate with many Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts and followed the goblin.

He sent the two out enthusiastically, “We look forward to seeing you two again.”

Sean patted his bag, which was a deformed lizard skin wallet from Gringotts with an Extension Charm on it. Purses made of this material automatically shrink when a stranger approaches, like a shape-shifting lizard. That purse alone would cost five Galleons.

Of course, Gringotts is not a charity company. In addition to the money given to Sean, Mr. Wallup also opened an account in Gringotts for him. Now, there are plenty of Galleons in his vault.

After walking a few steps, Mr. Wallup complained, “Everything here doesn’t make sense. Even the conversion rates are really high.”

Sean smiled and replied, “Well, I thank you for helping me financially.”

Mr. Wallup smiled slightly and accepted his son’s flattery with some pride. Although the price was not small, Mr. Wallup was very satisfied with his plan.

“Okay, what shall we buy first?”

“How about a wand?” Sean gave the answer immediately.

They looked on the map on the parchment to a dilapidated shop door, the gold sign on the door had peeled off, and it reads: “Ollivanders, creating wands since 382 BC.” A wand stands alone on a faded purple cushion in the dusty window.

Sean didn’t see the old man he expected when pushing open the store door. Instead, a girl was sitting on a bench.

The girl’s long bright silver hair fell softly down to her waist in the wizard’s robe. The girl was petite and was holding a huge old book. She was wearing gold-rimmed glasses and reading a book at this time. A very delicate and beautiful girl who looks about his own age.

He stepped forward gently and politely said, “Hello, is the owner here?”

The girl read the last page in a hurry. She put a bookmark and then gently closed the old book. The moment she raised her head, Sean felt that his breathing stopped for a moment, and the girl’s pale blue eyes seemed to have magical power.

Fortunately, this only lasted for a while, and Sean looked away without showing any trace so that he would not appear so rude. Although she is extremely beautiful, the feeling he’s having is not quite right. She looks like a descendant of a Veela.

“Grandpa, someone’s looking for you.” The girl withdrew her gaze and called to the rear in a cold tone.

She took out her wand and waved it lightly. Mr. Wallup, who was standing behind Sean, was pushed out of the store by an invisible force.

“Ordinary people may get hurt when testing the fit of the wand.” She retracted the wand gracefully and explained softly.

“I see, I understand.” Sean looked back at his father, who stood outside the door unscathed with a puzzled face.

The sound of light footsteps came, and Sean finally saw Ollivander, an old man with dreary but very bright eyes.

“Good afternoon.” His voice was as ethereal as the clouds in the sky.

“Good afternoon, sir. My name is Sean Wallup.”

“Oh, yes, yes, Mr. Wallup. I’ve been expecting you and uh…”

“Grandpa.” The girl sighed coldly.

“Oh, right… Mr. Wallup, let’s get to the point.” Ollivander smiled shyly and stopped his habitual beginning.

The tape measure that flew in automatically began to measure the data of every part of Sean’s body. When Ollivander turned around and shuttled between the shelves, the tape measure had already begun to measure the distance between his nostrils.

“What is your dominant hand, Mr. Wallup?”

“Right hand.”

The tape measure shrank into a ball and fell to the ground. Ollivander opened a box and handed over a wand, “Cedar wood, unicorn tail feathers, eleven inches, very tough. Try to wave it.”

Just as Sean took the wand and waved it, Ollivander took it away almost instantly after it shook the shelves.

“Try this one, cherry wood, phoenix tail feathers, twelve and a half inches. A loyal and powerful combination.”

But nothing happened.

“Try this. Dogwood, dragon heartstring, nine inches, a naughty but interesting combination, although it’s always reluctant to do things.”

“How about this one?”

“Hmm, maybe this one?”

“This is a difficult one. Try this one.”

Sean tried dozens of wands, but Ollivander was still not satisfied. The old man stared at the shelf with some distress, thinking about the next wand to try.

Looking at Sean, who did not show a trace of impatience on his face, the girl who had been watching the whole time pointed to a box and said to Ollivander, “Grandpa, try that one.”

Ollivander showed a moving expression and took down the brand-new long box.

“Come, try this.”

Sean took it. It was a pure black wand with a smooth surface and straight. It looked elegant and clean.

Just when he started, a wonderful heat flow gushed out of Sean’s body. He waved his wand unconsciously, and the heat suddenly became hot at his fingertips. Fierce red lights flashed, the tip of the staff splashed with sparks, and the shelves rumbled to the ground.

“Are you guys alright?” Sean, who was holding the wand, looked at them, who were under a transparent barrier.

“I’m alright, I’m alright.” Ollivander struggled to stand up from the smoke, and a strange light appeared in his eyes.

He glanced at the girl, then turned to Sean and said, “Elm wood, thirteen inches, the core is the Dragon Heartstring. This is my latest work.”

After speaking, Ollivander showed a sigh of relief, “Elm wands tend to be more charismatic, magical, and noble by birth. In my experience, elm has the least accidents among all wands. One, wands made of this wood are the least prone to make mistakes and can cast the most elegant spells, but…” Ollivander’s expression showed some fear.

“The owner of the core is not a friendly figure.”

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Published On: July 2, 2023

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