However, just as Sean was talking about something, he was given a question and could answer it normally.

He lacks talents in potions class. He usually depends on memorizing the contents of the book over and over again while Hermione gives him some help from time to time. Harry is the real potion genius here.

Halfway through the class, Snape also finds a lot of trouble with Harry. Most of them were small matters, like Harry playing with the knife and did not take the class seriously.

“Wallup, can you tell me what was supposed to be the finished product of this half-finished light-blue potion here?” Snape raised his hazy eyes from the cauldron, “It looks like a troll made it.”

“I don’t know, professor.” Sean could only answer honestly.

He strictly followed the textbook’s steps, but the potion he finally got was always unsatisfactory.

Snape straightened up and sneered, “Obviously, if you knew, you wouldn’t have made such a thing.”

He walked over to the other students and left a sentence, “Wallup, you will be given more homework later.”

“Okay, professor.” Sean replied angrily.

While Snape was picking on the Gryffindor students again, Hermione complained in a low voice, “Sean, Professor Snape is targeting you too much.”

Sean looked enviously at the dark blue liquid in Hermione’s cauldron that was slowly fading and said helplessly, “Maybe he’s interested in me?”

“That’s a stupid reason. He’s targeting you on purpose. Professor Slughorn doesn’t usually do this.” Hermione said, dissatisfied.

“Who knows?” Sean raised his eyebrows.

He misses so much now that he is treated like a nobody in Slughorn’s class.

The morning potions class finally came to an end, and Sean failed to obtain the potion he should make in the book. Hermione’s cauldron was basically completed, except that the potion was not good enough for Snape’s standards.

In Harry’s cauldron, the potion was as green and clear as his eyes, and of course, the simmering flames that had been extinguished under the cauldron also seemed to hide the resentment in Harry’s eyes.

During the class, Snape poured most of his attention on Harry and Sean. After Snape left the homework for him, the potions class finally came to an end.

On the way to the hall, Harry squeezed Neville and Ron over.

“Man…” Harry only said that, and Sean immediately felt pity for him.

“Well…” The two of them sighed and walked towards the hall together.

“This is the first time that I didn’t get extra points in the Potions class. I felt like I was going to get stabbed by him when I held the knife.” He said dissatisfiedly.

“Well, maybe he is more strict with a better student like you.” Sean laughed dryly.

Snape’s attitude can be imagined. Harry’s current appearance is almost the same as his father’s, except for his eyes and potion talent. In other words, he is a better version of his father. Harry would probably be more popular than his father back in the day.

But that cynical attitude that likes to make fun of children is exactly the same as his father, with a little bit of Sirius’s influence mixed in.

They talked about Snape all the way and then walked to the hall. Harry patted his chest and said that he would teach Sean about potions in the future. Sean naturally agreed with a smile.

However, if he learned some of Harry’s tricks, wouldn’t that make him more targeted by Snape in the future?

During the meal, Sean saw Dumbledore and Tom talking again, but he seemed tired and less enthusiastic than yesterday. Tom remained elegant, chatting with the professors beside him from time to time.

Sean buried his head and continued to enjoy his food. Since Dumbledore said it was all right, and he didn’t have to worry about anything.

The class on Magic Attack and Defense Arts is in this afternoon. After a short lunch break, Sean finally ushered in Tom’s first class.

When they entered the classroom, Tom was already standing by the podium. He leaned on the edge of the podium and waited until everyone entered the classroom before standing up straight with a smile.

“Okay, my children, I welcome you to my classroom.” He didn’t call him by name, and after brief opening remarks, he started to teach his class.

“Most of you have gone through the Defense Against the Dark Arts class before this. But I want to ask you a question first.”

He stood still, looking at the Hogwarts and Nurmengard students on the side.

“What is dark magic?” Tom leaned forward slightly, and his slender fingers lightly held a wand that appeared out of nowhere.

Hermione immediately raised her hand. “What’s your name?”

“Hermione Granger, sir.”

“Tell us, Miss Granger.” Tom smiled.

“Dark magic doesn’t have a strict definition. It’s a general term for those dangerous magic spells,” Hermione bit her lip. “The common feature of dark magic is that it’s powerful and has no defensive spell. During the casting process, the caster must be filled with malice if the target were to suffer great pain. It is also difficult for magical medical methods to heal them from the injury of dark magic effectively.”

He applauded lightly, “You’re correct.” He paused, “But that was based on the books.”

Nurmengard’s students let out a burst of laughter. Hermione was a bit embarrassed.

Tom walked through the students again, “People tend to have awe of the unknown, and if the consequences of the unknown frighten them, that awe can turn into disgust and rejection.”

He played with the wand in his hand and then raised his hand slightly. A brown humanoid creature flew into his hand in the box on the side of the classroom. The little guy was about a foot long, like a potato with a big head with out-of-proportion limbs.

It was a goblin. It struggled violently in Tom’s hands and made a threatening scream. Tom gave a mild smile and raised his wand.

“Avada Kedavra.”

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Published On: August 2, 2023

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