On the way back, Sean thought about the meaning of Dumbledore’s last words. He waited for the stairs in front of him and lifted his chin.

Did Dumbledore mean that he should take Tom’s Defense Against the Dark Arts class? No, it should be the Magic Attack and Defense Arts class now.

He walked up the stairs, wondering what Dumbledore meant. Tom did not dare to act rashly under his hands. Would this mean letting him learn more from him?

It seems to make sense. After all, it is impossible for him to teach dark magic at Hogwarts blatantly.

Sean returned to the Ravenclaw common room and suddenly found that it was so late, and there were still many people reading books in the lounge, and everyone’s brows were tightly locked.

Sean took a look, most of them were senior students, and they were holding a copy of “Advanced Potion-Making” by Libatius Borage.

Sean froze in place. The corners of his eyes twitched. The day that snape is here to teach the potions class has arrived.


In the principal’s office, Dumbledore, who appeared from the fire, looked tired, and his lips were a little dry. He glanced at the man in the office who was exactly like him and said, “Gellert, are you keeping an eye on him?”

Dumbledore in the center of the office twitched for a while and gradually turned into the appearance of Grindelwald. He smiled with his hands behind his back, “Of course, but Albus. You are overly worried.”

Dumbledore looked deeply at Grindelwald, “I was wondering if I made a mistake.”

Grindelwald smiled happily, “My old friend, you are on the right path.”

“I hope so.” Dumbledore walked to a desk, opened the drawer, took out a glass bottle, and drank it.

He wiped his mouth and looked at Grindelwald, who was smiling, “Gellert, it’s time for you to go back to Nurmengard.”

Grindelwald spread his hands and said, “Albus, I did you a big favor, and you didn’t let me stay at Hogwarts for the night?”

“Gellert.” Dumbledore’s expression became much more serious.

As if he said something that shouldn’t be said, Grindelwald shrugged and didn’t say more. Dumbledore’s gaze rested on the perch behind the door again, his eyes were fixed, and he couldn’t tell what he was thinking.


The next day, Sean got up early. He took out “Thousands of Magical Herbs and Mushrooms” and “Magic Potions” for a while.

Seeing his unpleasant expression, Hermione wondered, “What’s the matter, Sean? Didn’t you sleep well last night?”

Sean showed a forced smile, “I’m not very good at potions. The new professor is here, and I’m a little nervous.”

“Well, that’s a first from you. Let’s go. The first class is Potions. I don’t want to be late.”

Sean sighed and followed her. Fortunately, the four houses merged to learn together. The potions classroom was enlarged a lot by magic, and the temperature of the originally gloomy basement dropped a lot after Snape walked in.

Although the first-year students were unfamiliar with this potions teacher, they knew Snape was not a good teacher like Professor Flitwick.

Snape walked quickly to the podium, then glanced at everyone in the circle with his gloomy eyes.

When Sean was seen, he felt that the word ‘Danger’ was imprinted on his forehead.

Snape picked up a book, pausing as he read Harry’s name. Harry obviously didn’t know who Snape was. He held his chest out. As Slughorn’s favorite student, Harry always had pride in Potions class.

“Harry Potter—” Snape extended his voice, “has been excellent in all previous assignments—seems to be a celebrity.”

There were laughs from the Slytherins, and it seemed that they had already learned about Snape’s temperament from the mouths of the seniors. Harry’s smile froze awkwardly on his face, and he could hear the sarcasm in the new professor’s words.

Snape skipped Harry, continued the roll call, and paused at a name.

“Sean Wallup.” Sean gave a wry smile and raised his hand.

“Why do not you answer me?”

“Here I am, professor.”

“Ravenclaw will be deducted one point for your sloppy attitude.”

The corners of Sean’s mouth twitched. His hatred is still higher than Harry’s.

After the roll call was finished, Snape slowly closed the book, glanced at the students again, and said in a cold voice, “I don’t know what you have learned before, but here, you have to start from scratch.”

Everyone heard his words clearly, and their backs stood up unconsciously.

“Of course, I don’t expect you to really appreciate the beauty of the simmering cauldron with white smoke and fragrance wafting out of it. You don’t really understand the fluid that flows into people’s blood vessels, its heart-wrenching magical power of ecstasy. I can teach you how to increase your prestige, glory, and even prevent death. But there must be one thing. I hope that you are not the idiots I often encounter.”

Sean kept his mouth shut like everyone else, and the students were silent.

“Potter.” Snape asked suddenly, “What’s the key to cooking Tubeworms?”

Harry stood up quickly, “When the smoke from the cauldron turns green, use a silver knife to make a small incision in the head, Professor.”

“When should the flower dew of Moonlight Flower be collected to achieve the maximum medicinal effect?”

“The first full moon after blooming, Professor.”

“If I need a bezoar, where can I find it?”

“Bezoar is a powerful detoxifying stone in the stomach of a goat, provided that the goat is constipated first.” Harry spread his hands.

“Potter—” Snape narrowed his eyes slightly, “Do you think you’re very humorous?”

“Of course not, sir. I just wanted to adjust the atmosphere in the class.” Harry shrugged.

Snape’s eyes became more and more gloomy. Obviously, Harry’s behavior made him quite familiar.

“Because you were acting unruly against a teacher, Gryffindor will be deducted one point.”

“Sir!” Harry’s eyes widened in confusion.

“One more point from Gryffindor because you disturbed the progress in class,” Snape continued.

Harry opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something, but in the end, he sat down angrily.

Sean then breathed a sigh of relief.

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Published On: August 1, 2023

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