“Tom Riddle.” The moment he heard the name, Sean froze in place.

His eyes were fixed on the man who stood up from the teacher’s desk and greeted him. Tom looked at him in his early thirties and looked at everyone with a gentle smile.

Sean even wondered if this Tom Riddle was the same that he was thinking. Wouldn’t that be Voldemort? He really couldn’t figure out how Dumbledore could have allowed Tom Riddle to teach at Hogwarts.

Or does Dumbledore not know Tom Riddle’s true identity?

Sean looked at Dumbledore. The old man smiled and seemed to be sincerely welcoming the arrival of his new colleague.

“Our curriculum will also change,” Dumbledore continued, “The students in the lower grades will no longer be taught jointly by the two houses. More information about the rest of the semester will be informed in the future.”

“The students of Nurmengard will also have classes with you all the time. I hope everyone can communicate well when the time comes.”

With a smile on Dumbledore’s face, he opened his hands, “Okay, students. This is the end of today’s dinner.”

The crowd in the hall began to move, and Sean squeezed towards the teacher’s desk amid Hermione’s voice. He had to ask the matter clearly, even if Dumbledore wondered how Sean got the news.

If it doesn’t work, just say he has some prophecy ability. Whether or not he can deceive the old man, with Dumbledore’s behavior, he won’t go deep into the secrets of his students.

However, a group of people wearing trench coats blocked his way.

“Excuse me.” Sean tried to squeeze past the crowd. But those people blocked Sean like a wall.

“Hogwarts, eh? Do you have anything to do with us?” A boy said, with a mischievous smile on his face.

“I’m not looking for you. Please move.” Sean said quickly.

Cotton is right. The students of Nurmengard are indeed keen to provoke Hogwarts.

“Well, that’s boring. I want to ask someone to ask where we should sleep tonight.” The boy took a step sideways, blocking Sean’s pace.

In this short period of time, Sean saw through the crowd that Dumbledore and Riddle had disappeared. He irritably scratched his hair, then took a deep look at the boy who was talking, remembered his face firmly, turned his head, and left the scene.

The group of Nurmengard students didn’t stop them either. They just let out a burst of laughter that their pranks had succeeded.

Sean quickly left the hall. He doesn’t have time to play children’s games with this group of people now. If he doesn’t figure it out tonight, he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

There was a crowd at the entrance of the hall. Sean avoided Filch’s gaze, turned around, and went to the main castle building. The students all went to the common room of their respective houses. Sean quickly went up and waited outside Dumbledore’s office.

He glanced at the stone statue, and it winked at Sean, “Password?”

Sean doesn’t know the specific password, but as long as he tries all kinds of candy in the wizarding world, he will probably be able to guess it, but Sean is not going to do it.

He turned around at the entrance. Taking advantage of the time before Dumbledore came back, Sean sorted out the thoughts in his head.

Does Dumbledore know the true identity of Voldemort? Knowing Tom Riddle is teaching at Hogwarts right now. Moreover, even if Dumbledore didn’t know it, did Grindelwald know nothing about his professors?

Under the circumstance that the Death Eaters had already appeared, the two should have already started investigating Voldemort. Or maybe, Tom is skilled enough not to be suspected by Dumbledore since he entered the school.

Sean suddenly thought of a question, which school did Tom graduate from? Was Nurmengard established when Tom entered school?

However, judging from the few words he heard Dumbledore and Tom talking to, the two should have known each other before. This made Sean a little uncertain. His head was spinning faster and faster, and the statue just stared at him the whole time.

Just as Sean was getting more and more confused, someone came.

“Sean? What’s the matter? You should have gone back to your dorm at this point.” Dumbledore smiled.

“Professor, I have something I want to ask you.” Sean said quickly.

“Cockroach Clusters.” Dumbledore gave the password, and the stone jumped aside.

He made an inviting gesture, “Come in. Let’s talk.”

Sean followed Dumbledore into the office, and as soon as he walked up the spiral staircase, he said quickly, “Professor, something is wrong with Tom Riddle.”

Dumbledore turned his head sharply and stared at Sean. He slowly opened his mouth and said, “Sean, do you have the ability to foresee the future?”

Sean was stunned for a moment. This was a reason he made up. Why did he tell him in advance?

Dumbledore looked away again. He walked to the perch behind the door and looked at the empty wooden shelf.

“Sean, you want to say that Tom Riddle is Voldemort, right?”

Sean breathed a sigh of relief. The old man really knew it all. He nodded, “Yes, professor.”

Dumbledore turned his back to him and couldn’t see his expression clearly. He said in a reassuring voice, “The answer is yes and no.”

Sean is confused. What does this mean?

“Professor, I don’t quite understand…”

“Excuse me, but now is not the time for you to know.” Dumbledore turned around and smiled at Sean.

Sean glanced at Dumbledore helplessly and nodded.

“It’s time for you to go back and rest. You have a class to attend tomorrow.” Dumbledore winked at him and showed a smile.

“Then I’ll be leaving. Good night, Professor.”

“You too, Sean.”

When Sean left the office, Dumbledore stood still as if waiting for someone. A flame suddenly flashed across the office, and an old man with white hair and a white beard appeared from the flames. If Sean were still here, he would definitely open his mouth.

It was another Dumbledore.

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Published On: August 1, 2023

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