All Nurmengard students sat down at the same time, startling both Sean and Hermione beside him. Sean felt a bit weird. Nurmengard felt like a militarized school.

“Hey, Sean. Have you seen that boy?” Hermione touched him and asked in a low voice.

“Yes,” Sean nodded, “Colton Sterling, right? He was the one who came to my house to recruit students. Did you meet him before?”

Hermione nodded, with some resentment in her tone, “His attitude towards my dad is terrible!”

After recalling it for a while, Sean agreed, “Indeed, my family also felt that this guy was too arrogant at the time.”

“But—” Sean pouted in the direction of the Nurmengard students, “Obviously, their way of behavior.”

Hermione agreed but was a little worried, “The Nurmengards are…”

“Excellent?” Sean replied.

“Um…” Hermione frowned and nodded.

Sean didn’t care too much. He smiled at her, “You don’t have to worry about that.”

Sean has never met someone like Hermione. In terms of grades, Hermione was slightly ahead of him. Sean was excellent only in the Transfiguration Class. Moreover, because of Sean, Hermione worked harder and harder.

“I’m serious. Is it bad if I can’t get the first place later?”

However, these Nurmengard elites obviously inspired Hermione’s strong sense of urgency to study.

“I have to worry!” She glared at Sean with a worried expression on her face, “Will I not be able to catch up with them in class?”

Sean shrugged, “It’s okay. You can start studying in the library tomorrow.”

“Then it’s settled!”

During the chat, Dumbledore stood up and clapped his hands, “Let’s welcome the arrival of the Nurmengard students again.”

There was sparse applause that was not very enthusiastic in the hall.

On the long table in Nurmengard, the corners of Sterling’s mouth outlined, “It hasn’t changed at all.”

Beside him, a Nurmengard student laughed softly, “Sterling, what did you do last year? We don’t seem to be very popular.”

Sterling raised his eyebrows, “Will you welcome the wolves that rush into the flock?”

“Ha—fair enough.” The student licked his lips.

Dumbledore waited for the applause to subside and raised a toast to the students in the hall, “Let’s enjoy the food first.”

Sean turned his eyes back to the table, and a lot of food appeared on the plate. In addition to the dishes at dinner parties, there were also dishes such as risotto, roasted pork, spicy bean soup with cream cheese and garlic bread, and other specialties from all over Europe.

It seems that Nurmengard has indeed absorbed a lot of students from all over Europe. Sean took some food and ate it up.

He thought as he ate the food that was being presented for the Nurmengard student was a bit luxurious compared to what he ate in Hogwarts. Sean put a piece of juicy pork into his mouth. The taste was quite good.

As the dinner drew to a close, the hall was full of people, and the students at Nurmengard’s table were no longer so restrained, and they started chatting.

However, Sean noticed that they rarely had a group of people chatting together, and almost all of them only casually said a few words to one or two people around them. Unlike Hogwarts, the Weasley twins alone can chat with twenty people at the same time.

No wonder Charlotte said Nurmengard students would abandon each other when their companions attacked. The atmosphere at the table now reflects this.

Sean looked up at the teacher’s desk, the witch from Nurmengard seemed to have stopped her knife and fork early and was chatting with Professor McGonagall.

Dumbledore was talking to another wizard. The man was graceful and always had a smile on his face. He was a wizard who could easily give people a good impression.

Sean moved his eyes to the side, Snape was holding a goblet, and he gently shook the wine in the glass. But until now, the height of the wine has not decreased.

Next to him, in what should have been Quirrell’s seat, is Professor Trelawney.

Sean was puzzled. Didn’t Dumbledore find a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher?

“Why is Professor Quirrell missing?” Hermione asked curiously.

“Maybe it’s because he hasn’t come back from vacation, or maybe something happened.” Sean looked back and said casually.

“Then what about our Defense Against the Dark Arts class?” Hermione immediately became worried about studying: “I’ve heard others say that Nurmengard doesn’t have this class and instead teaches some kind of magical attack and precautions.”

Sean nodded, turned his body, and said, “It is said that Nurmengard will learn the so-called dark magic.”

“Dark magic? I said in the book that dark magic is called dark magic because casting spells requires the wizards to be evil. Over time, the wizards themselves will be affected by the influence. That’s why most evil wizards act like that.”

Sean spread his hands, “Who knows? Maybe Mr. Grindelwald found some way to remove the evilness, but I’m not sure about that.”

Sean originally thought that the system panel only showed the spell name. However, after Grindelwald taught him the new spell, a bracket was added to his list of spells.

Combust (Dark Magic): Proficiency 100/2000

But for his version of Protego Diabolica, there is no such bracket. He has only seen Grindelwald cast the spell once, and his proficiency has increased by 100.

When Sean was thinking, the last dessert left on the table disappeared. Dumbledore tapped the goblet, and the students fell silent.

“Starting tomorrow, the students of Nurmengard will take classes with various houses. I hope everyone can communicate well.”

“Before that, I would like to announce that both Slughorn and Professor Quirrell are no longer teaching at Hogwarts for personal reasons.”

There was a sound of discussion in the hall.

Dumbledore pointed his finger at Snape, “Fortunately, Professor Snape is willing to resume his position as Professor of Potions.”

Snape stood up and glanced coldly at the crowd, and there was a burst of cheers from Slytherin.

After Snape sat down, Dumbledore continued, “Until a new teacher is found in Defence Against the Dark Arts, and due to academic exchanges, this professor from Nurmengard will be responsible for the rest of the semester classes.”

The man stood up with a smile on his face.

“Let me introduce to you, Nurmengard, the professor of Magic Attack and Defense Arts.”

“Tom Riddle.”

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Published On: July 31, 2023

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