Sean looked away. He wailed in his heart.

Did Professor Dumbledore bring Snape back again? He’s a Death Eater, and he even enchanted the previous Potion Professor.

Sean thought about Dumbledore’s purpose again and told him about the night in detail. It was impossible for him not to know Snape’s true identity. But was he willing to get him here? Does it mean that Snape is a double agent?

Sean has no expectations for the dinner. Will he put something in his pumpkin juice? After all, he set the fireworks, would Snape easily let him go for that?

Sean was a bit distressed, and Dumbledore stood up.

“Welcome back, students. First of all, please allow me to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Although it’s a little bit late.” He smiled at everyone and then immediately drew a round of applause.

Dumbledore stretched out his hands to signal everyone to be quiet, then said, “In this opening ceremony, Hogwarts will have academic exchanges with Nurmengard during the semester. They already have come to Hogwarts at this moment.”

Sean and Hermione looked at each other suspiciously. There were no strangers on the train, and when they came to the school, they didn’t see other wizards wearing different school uniforms.

Sean was originally curious about the way Nurmengard travels. The Beauxbatons use flying carriages, while The Durmstrang’s ship is still impressive to this day.

After Dumbledore said this, there was a commotion in the hall. Because of the rivalry between the two wizarding schools and last year’s Goblet of Fire, most of the students at Hogwarts were a bit hostile to Nurmengard.

Among them, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor students are the most intense.

Most of the Ravenclaws were a bit mad. The Ravenclaw delegate who played for Hogwarts last year was seriously injured.

At these two tables, the students made a noise one by one. However, Professor Dumbledore had already said it at the opening ceremony. When Nurmengard announced they had arrived, the students were still excited.

Under the influence of their friends and classmates, the Gryffindors made some noises.

The Slytherins looked at them differently. From their point of view, the elites of Nurmengard were more like their group. Dumbledore let the students make a fuss, and after a while, he raised his hands.

“Is this your honor as Hogwarts students?” Sean had never heard this old man speak in such a serious tone.

Obviously, everyone was frightened. They raised their heads and looked at the old man. Under the gaze of his eyes, their voices suddenly dropped.

Dumbledore looked at all the students seriously, “Failure is a foregone conclusion. But I hope you can learn from your failures instead of just being angry right now.”

“Success does not lie in never making mistakes, but in not repeating the same mistakes.” Dumbledore slowed his tone and looked at everyone kindly, “I have always believed that self-examination is a beautiful and powerful virtue.”

“Since all of you chose Hogwarts, I sincerely hope from the beginning that you will be the pride of your family, Hogwarts, and the wizarding world.”

“Children, let go of your prejudice and anger, embrace your opponent, and become a better version of yourself.”

Dumbledore stretched out a hand, and the flags of the four colleges slowly flew down, flying above each student’s head.

“You are a Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.”

Dumbledore raised his hands. The torches and candles in the entire hall fluttered one after another, reflecting every college flag in the firelight. The starry night on the ceiling of the hall began to brighten.

Dumbledore’s voice was gentle and powerful, and he said slowly, “All of you are Hogwarts.”

The hall was silent for a moment. Then, the students all stood up. They were all applauding vigorously with anticipation in their eyes. Even the Slytherins couldn’t escape Dumbledore’s earnest and infectious speech.

Sean stood up and applauded enthusiastically. He believed that what Dumbledore said at this time was from the heart.

Professor Dumbledore seems to be becoming increasingly interested in the competition between the two schools. He has never spoken like this before.

With a smile on his face, Dumbledore pressed his hands together, and after the applause gradually faded away, he said, “Now, let’s welcome the guests from afar.”

The tall wooden door of the hall opened. Sean turned his head along with the others. The students of Nurmengard entered the hall, led by two teachers, a man, and a woman.

They wore black uniforms resembling high-neck trench coats, and under their dark gray trousers were polished high-top leather boots. The students of Nurmengard lined up in two rows, and everyone’s expression seemed to be carved out of a mold.

They looked straight ahead, and their expressions were confident and arrogant.

An idea popped into Sean’s mind unconsciously. Compared with Hogwarts, the students of Nurmengard are indeed more like a group of elites.

However, it is a little strange that Grindelwald was not in there. The one who led the rows was a witch, and the man beside her was good-looking, like those nobles that Sean often saw at family dinners.

Dumbledore greeted him, both of them hugged gently, and Sean could hear a few words of greeting.

“I haven’t seen you for many years…” Dumbledore and the man seemed to be old acquaintances.

Is it a student that Dumbledore taught? Looking at the young man, Sean thought curiously.

The students of Nurmengard kept in line and walked to the vacant long table. Everyone still looked ahead until the woman who led the rows gave a signal, and the students relaxed a little but still maintained order and etiquette.

Sean saw Colton Sterling, the president of the Nurmengard Student Union, who had come to his house to recruit students.

Sterling looked particularly arrogant. He didn’t even turn his head when he passed Charlotte.

“Please sit down, everyone.” Dumbledore held out his hand.

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