“Come in, guys.” Sean was sitting face to face with Hermione but stood up to greet Harry and Neville.

“What about Ron? Isn’t he with you guys all the time?”

“His parents went to Romania to visit his brother so that Ron will stay at Hogwarts this holiday.” Harry smiled, “However, Neville and I prepared a gift for him this morning. He also has his brothers to accompany him.”

The train started, and Sean took out a lot of snacks from the pocket of his robe and put them on the table.

“You’re welcome.” Sean smiled at the two of them.

Harry thanked him, then peeled off a toffee and threw it into his mouth.

“Neville, it’s alright.” He patted Neville’s shoulder carelessly and smiled at Sean, “Neville’s grandma didn’t even allow him to eat a few pieces of candy.”

“Come on, Harry.” Neville bumped Harry with his elbow, obviously not happy about his friend telling his secret.

Sean was very curious about the family of origin of the two. After chatting for a while, he asked curiously, “I read it in a certain book. You two come from, um, the 28th Pure Blood family?”

Harry’s expression changed. He was obviously not interested in the topic.

“Some arrogant and impolite people compiled such a thing for their pathetic and degrading so-called ‘honor’.” Harry thought for a while. His face became more and more disdainful, “It’s disgusting.”

Neville peeled off another candy and added, “Some Pure Blood wizards in the wizarding world value this very much. But our family and Harry’s family don’t care about those things. Harry knew about that information from Sirius.”

Harry leaned back in the chair lazily, “Sirius has the same opinion as I do. Besides, the Black family is also a Pure Blood family.”

He suddenly remembered the origins of Sean and Hermione and explained, “My godfather, Sirius Black is also from a pure-blood family, but—”

He shrugged, “People who hang with my dad don’t really care about the glory of pure blood.”

“Why do you say that?” Hermione interjected. She was curious about all things in the wizarding world.

Harry explained, “My family has been excluded from the Pure Blood category because my grandfather has a more friendly attitude towards Muggles, and they write off my family. After my parents got married, they were even more reluctant to categorize my family.”

“Why?” Even though Sean knew the reason, he still asked.

“Because my mother came from a Muggle family.” Harry spread his hands, then raised his head proudly, “My mother’s skills in magic are amazing, especially potions. All those Pure-Blooded wizards couldn’t even match her at that time.”

“I can see that.” Sean nodded with a smile, knowing that he got the Felix Felicis.

During the chat, Sean noticed that Harry had been unconsciously trying to scratch the back of his head. But there seemed to be something, and his hand stopped as soon as he reached his hair.

Harry smiled shyly, “Maybe this is what my dad passed it on to me. My hair grows so fast, and I can’t help but want to scratch it. Even my mom told me to stop doing it.”

He spread out his hands and said in his mother’s tone, “Stop imitating your father’s bad habits, or I’ll give you less pocket money in the future.”

Hearing what he said was funny. Sean laughed, “Your parents must be fun.”

Harry is obviously very proud of his family. He nodded with a smile, “Sean if you have the opportunity to come to my house, my parents will definitely welcome you.”

Neville already ate a lot of toffee and shrugged, “I think you should think about how to explain to your mother first. About a student who went to Hogwarts and was caught bringing a broomstick inside.”

Harry’s smile suddenly froze, and he leaned back in his chair in frustration, “Why are you bringing this up, Neville…”

“What’s wrong?” Sean asked.

Neville spread his hands, “He smuggled a broomstick and was found out about it. Although her mom didn’t send him a Howler, she informed him that she would do something to him at Christmas.”

Sean couldn’t help laughing.

Harry whimpered, “I should have stayed with Ron.”

“What should be faced must be faced.” Sean comforted.

The sky outside the window gradually darkened, and several students were chatting inside the carriage.

Harry stood up excitedly at this time, “Sean, you really should come to my house sometimes. The Flobberworm Sirius gave me is really big!”

Neville shrugged his shoulders at Sean, “It’s really big. The Flobberworm swallowed my entire arm. If that thing had teeth, I would lose my arm back then.”

Sean smiled and listened to some interesting things that happened between the two of them when they were young. He found that he liked Harry and Neville quite a bit.

Harry likes to show off, but good parenting makes him very friendly to others, and you can clearly feel he is kind.

As for Neville, he is loyal. Obviously, his parents are Aurors and provided a lot more education that’s suitable for him.

Even Hermione gradually became acquainted with the two of them. When they approached the station, Hermione’s rapid speech made them both a little dizzy, so they often asked Sean for help.

After getting off the train, Harry waved his hand excitedly at once, and Sean’s eyes moved to see Sirius.

Harry also noticed something was wrong with his expression. He was stunned for a moment and seemed to have thought of something, and his expression also became serious.

“Sirius, how’s Daisy?”

Sirius nodded solemnly and said quickly, “Your parents have taken her to St. Mungo’s. We should go there right now.”

“Let’s go.” Harry hurriedly greeted Sean and the others, followed Sirius, and quickly ran out of the platform.

Sean cast his eyes on Neville.

Neville’s face was not very good-looking. He said apologetically, “This is Harry’s family business. We should…”

“Yes, we should, Neville.” Sean nodded.

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Published On: July 30, 2023

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