Grindelwald narrowed his eyes slightly, and the corners of his mouth curved. His whole body suddenly became terrifying, as if the kind and gentle old man just now was just an illusion.

Grindelwald stretched out a hand and waved it in midair, and a somewhat blurry picture emerged. Sean’s eyes widened instantly, and his breathing became rapid.

It’s the Wallup family villa.

He took another look at the two Death Eaters, and he immediately reacted.

Did Voldemort send someone to his house?

Sean couldn’t help but glance at Grindelwald beside him.

Did he save his family? Would Grindelwald save ordinary people, saving a Muggle who he would resent?

Sean had his doubts. Grindelwald seemed to see through Sean’s mind. He slowly stood up straight and put his hands behind his back gracefully.

“I did save your family, Sean. You should be able to feel it, right?” He gazed at Sean and said slowly, “You are special.”

Sean was silent for a while and then asked, “I don’t think an eleven-year-old wizard can be so special. What makes me so valued? Is it because of a prophecy?”

This is the only thing Sean can do. He doesn’t believe that his magic talent can make Grindelwald treat him so special every time they meet.

Grindelwald didn’t hide the admiration in his eyes, “Sharp, mature, calm, and talented enough. Sean, you surprise me more and more.”

Sean smiled bitterly, and he was quite frightened.

Grindelwald continued, “The prophecy is magical. It’s so magical that you believe it will happen.”

He raised his chin, with unparalleled arrogance and confidence in his eyes, “However, I haven’t decided whether to believe that prophecy or not.”

“Of course,” Grindelwald turned into a typical old man again, and he winked at Sean, “It’s always good to make some plans ahead of time.”

According to Grindelwald’s words, he became a key figure in a prophecy. Just like in the original plot, a savior like Harry?

Before he could ask a question, Grindelwald said directly, “Sorry, I can’t tell you the contents of the prophecy for the time being. It’s because I haven’t decided whether to believe it or not.”

Sean laughed dryly and murmured in his heart. While Dumbledore is always mysterious with his own things, Grindelwald does the same thing but more cruel. Always teasing him with hints of details.

Grindelwald smiled and walked over to the two Death Eaters with his hands behind his back, “These two gentlemen tried to use the Imperius Curse to control your family. I’ve left some defenses in order to protect them in the future. But I want you to have them as a gift from me.”

He turned around with a happy expression, “You don’t have to worry about me lying to you. Your principal can vouch for me.”

Sean murmured in his heart, seeing Grindelwald like this. It really doesn’t look like he’s lying to him at all. But he was tricked by him by using Dumbledore’s handwriting.

However, Grindelwald doesn’t seem to care if Sean trusts him. He waved his hand, and the two Death Eaters slowly floated into the air.

“Come, introduce yourself.”

Sean saw the two Death Eaters open their mouths. His heart tensed. The two had their tongues pulled out by Grindelwald.

Grindelwald waved his hand lightly, and Sean saw that forked tongues were growing out of the mouths of the two.

“Let me go…” One of them immediately pleaded in a hoarse voice.

Grindelwald looked at one of them with a displeased expression. The man’s eyes were blank, “The Dark Lord wants us…”

“Introduce yourself, gentlemen.” Grindelwald spread his hands.

“Forget it…” He waved his hand impatiently and turned his back.

Grindelwald them, and they let out a painful voice. The tongues of the two had just grown on their own and seemed to be torn off by something. They then fell to the ground.

Both of their eyes bulged violently due to the severe pain, and only the sound of bubbles was left in their mouths of blood.

Grindelwald smiled at Sean, “Well, I guess it doesn’t matter now.”

Sean raised his eyebrows. He could sense that Grindelwald didn’t lie to him. Knowing they targeted his family, those two Death Eaters deserved to be dead.

Grindelwald walked to Sean’s side and then put his arms around his shoulders, “Sean, I wanted to teach you one thing. If you want to solve a problem, you aim for the roots. But it looks like you are already very experienced in that matter.”

He thought about it in his heart. Did Grindelwald see the scene where he dealt with the Carrows?

Grindelwald showed a smile, “Well, about your gift.”

Sean looked at Grindelwald, and he slowly said, “Combustficus.”

Immediately afterward, Sean saw that the two Death Eaters trembled violently. Flames burst out from their mouths. Then flames spewed out of their eyes, ears, and nostrils. They turned into a ball of fire and then gradually turned to ashes.

Grindelwald showed a smile. He lightly patted Sean on the shoulder and said in a gentle voice, “Did you learn anything from it? Look, it left no traces at all.”

Sean’s breathing became a little heavier. Grindelwald taught him this spell, which he had never seen in any spell book.

He seriously doubted that this was a spell created or improved by Grindelwald himself or even a new dark magic.

Grindelwald blew the air, and the two ashes on the ground disappeared in the dungeon.

He clapped his hands with satisfaction, “Well, there’s nothing left here.”

Sean felt something and then found himself in a familiar place. This is the room he came to by mistakenly entering the Vanishing Cabinet, and it is also the place where both Grindelwald and Dumbledore talk about something.

Grindelwald patted Sean on the shoulder and said gently, “Time to get you back.”

Sean’s eyes widened. Grindelwald actually let him go back?

Sean was worried about this and immediately walked to the Vanishing Cabinet. He stroked his chest and said, “I’ll be leaving, sir.”

Grindelwald waved at him with a smile and then clapped his hands as if remembering something, “Oh, by the way. Send my regards to Albus, will you?”

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Published On: July 28, 2023

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