“Is this a dream?” Sean immediately opened the card with the corners of his mouth rising wildly.

Echoes of Hermione Granger (Gold): When activated, you will be given 30 minutes of a buff effect. For every five spells you cast, the next spell will be cast silently. For every twenty spells you cast, the next spell will be cast wandless. For every forty spells you cast, the next spell power will be boosted. (The effect can be overlapped)

Sean looked at this card in amazement. If Dumbledore got this card, then this card is going to be very helpful to him. But to him, who had not yet learned anything, this card was simply an ace up in his sleeve.

The only limitation is the number of spells, but compared to its powerful effect, this is not bad.

Feeling satisfied, Sean chose to quit. He knew that when he needed to quit.

On the next day, when Sean led his father to stand in front of the Leaky Cauldron, Mr. Wallup looked at the crowd of people on the street with a suitcase in doubt.

“I’ve passed by here so many times. How come I never noticed that there’s a bar here?”

“Actually, I haven’t noticed either.” Sean gently pushed open the door of the Leaky Cauldron.

It is unexpectedly messy. Mr. Wallup took out his handkerchief, frowned, and whispered, “I’m already starting to regret letting you learn magic, Sean.”

“But it’s also fascinating, isn’t it?” As a well-known place in the wizarding world, the Leaky Cauldron is not luxurious.

Several old women were sitting in the corner drinking with their glasses; one was smoking a pipe. A man in a top hat was chatting with the bartender, who had almost stripped his hair and looked like a shriveled walnut.

When the conversation between the two came to an end, Sean walked over and nodded to the bar owner, “Good day, sir. Are you Mr. Tom?”

Tom glanced at him and showed a slightly grim smile, “Are you a freshman at Hogwarts?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Follow me.”

They followed Tom through the bar and came to a small patio surrounded by four walls. Tom took out his wand, “Remember this brick. You can enter by yourself when you have a wand.”

After speaking, he tapped the brick surface three times.

Mr. Wallup was shocked, the brick began to move, and a small hole gradually appeared. With the movement of the wall brick, the hole became larger and larger, and soon, a huge passage appeared in front of them.

Walking out of the passage, the field of vision suddenly widened, and the brick wall was transformed back to its previous appearance. It was completely different from what Sean had seen in the movies or imagined.

The solid and flat cobblestone streets are crowded with people walking around. Sean has noticed several people are wearing normal but not gregarious clothes, and on both sides of the road are all kinds of wonderful magic shops.

“Welcome to Diagon Alley.” Tom showed his front teeth, trying to give him a friendly smile.

Sean didn’t show any disgust. He smiled and said, “Thank you very much for your help, Mr. Tom.”

After saying goodbye, they looked at all parts of Diagon Alley in amazement. It was completely different from the narrow alley in Sean’s impression, more like a marketplace with a lot of people.

Is this the new change brought about by the fact that Grindelwald had not been defeated?

Along the way, Sean and his dad couldn’t help themselves to look around in excitement. All of which were magical things they had never seen before. Not only that, but Diagon Alley seems to have a much stronger atmosphere of business competition. He has seen three or four shops selling magical animals alone.

“Renting the vampire castle in Transylvania… but the company is not responsible for casualties? How come this travel agency doesn’t go out of business?” As the owner of a private hospital, Mr. Wallup’s reaction was a bit confused.

“Let’s go, Dad. We have a lot to buy.” Sean took his father and left the travel agency called Horror Tours.

“Yes, yes, you’re right.” Mr. Wallup looked into the distance. “That’s Gringotts, right? We need to go there to exchange our money used in here.” He calmly picked up the suitcase in his hand.

Of course, Sean knew what was inside the suitcase. It was full of gold and gems.

The two walked to a towering snow-white building, and beside the shiny bronze gate stood a goblin in a suit.

The goblin didn’t seem to come up to greet them. He muttered, “The service awareness needs to be improved.” The two passed through a silver door and came to the hall of Gringotts.

At this moment, another goblin in a tuxedo came up to greet him, his speech was fast, and his voice was cold.

“A new Muggle family?”


“Follow me.” The goblin led the two through a door, where there were two rows of very high counters and many customers in jackets and dresses were doing transactions. It looks like this place is dedicated to Muggle families.

Walked up to a goblin. Sean said, “Hello, we need to exchange some Galleons.”

“Name and school?” The goblin behind the counter didn’t even lift his head.

“Sean Wallup, Hogwarts.”

The goblin tilted his head, looked at the parchment beside him, and continued.

“Five pounds can be exchanged for one Gold Galleon. One Galleon can be exchanged for 17 Silver Sickles, and one Sickle can be exchanged for 29 Bronze Knuts. The exchange limit for first-year freshmen is 100 Galleons, and the annual limit is 60.”

Mr. Wallup frowned. He glanced at the shop window just now. A book needs two Galleons. How can 100 Galleons be enough?

He cleared his throat, “Why is the exchange limited to a certain amount?”

The goblin raised his head with an ugly smile on his face, “Do you think Muggle currency is useful to us? Every Galleon, Sickles, and even Knuts have magic on them. What about the pound? Hogwarts itself even sponsors these Galleons.”

“Alright then, what about other types of currency?” Mr. Wallup put the suitcase on the counter.

The goblin raised his sharp ears and opened the box. In an instant, his eyes widened, and his voice suddenly became enthusiastic and sharp.

“Of course, we could do that! We at Gringotts welcome all transactions in precious metals and gemstones!”

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