After going through Portkey once again, Sean didn’t fall to the ground again. He stumbled a little. Although he was a little bit dizzy, he still stood firm.

“Where is this?” Sean looked around strangely.

It was an elegant and unique room. There are various magical items with strange shapes in the room and many strangely shaped specimens against the wall. Sean can only see that it is some animal.

On the other side, a desk is placed in front of the railing, on which is a luxurious and elegant ceiling lamp, and behind the wooden railing is a huge latticed floor-to-ceiling window. From Sean’s point of view, you can see the hills outside. At this time, the top of the mountain has been covered with snow, and it can be clearly seen even in the dark night.

Sean suddenly had a bad feeling that this was not Hogwarts. He took out his wand and walked slowly to the railing.

Sean looked over and saw that he should be on the second floor of this room, while the first floor had sofas and coffee tables, which seemed to be used to entertain guests.

“Where exactly is this?” Sean turned his head but saw something on the desk.

It was a magnificent, huge red-tailed bird. A word immediately popped into Sean’s mind: Phoenix.

Is the owner of this room related to Dumbledore?

Under the phoenix’s tail, a piece of parchment lay quietly on the table. Sean moved over and saw several names.

“Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom…”

Before he finished reading it, a voice could be heard that made him immediately tense up.

“Oh, Sean. It’s been a long time.” Sean raised his head stiffly and saw the person.

Sean lowered his head and gave him a smile. When he raised his head again, he had already put on a smile.

“Hello, Mr. Grindelwald.”

The look of admiration in Grindelwald’s eyes flashed, and he walked over with a gentle smile, “Quite an impeccable etiquette, Sean.”

“Thank you, sir.” He didn’t understand why Grindelwald was so interested in him. Couldn’t he have planned to enter the vanishing cabinet by mistake last time?

Grindelwald walked over to him and sat down in the large armchair behind the desk.

“Look, I’m getting old. I forgot to entertain guests,” Grindelwald didn’t do anything, and a chair against the wall flew behind Sean, “Please take a seat, Sean.”

Sean sat on the chair.

Grindelwald raised his legs and put his hands on his knees. He raised his eyebrows, “Sean, remember this. You can’t just trust a note with Albus’ name on it.”

“Even if you have seen Albus’s handwriting, you should not trust it. I myself had the ability to imitate his handwriting very well.” Grindelwald scratched his beard proudly.

“Why don’t you speak?” Seeing that he still lowered his eyebrows, Grindelwald said with a smile.

“Because you haven’t explained your reason why I’m here.” Sean sighed and said softly.

“Oh, I forgot about that,” Grindelwald patted his own thigh and then smiled again, “Relax, Sean. Do you want to look around in Nurmengard?”

“That would be an honor. But, sir, can I go back to Hogwarts first? I have to catch the train tomorrow morning.” Sean said slowly.

Grindelwald didn’t show any displeased expression. He switched the position of his legs and said with interest, “Sean, you are a very interesting wizard. But don’t worry. I don’t have any bad intentions toward you. I just want to talk with you, that’s all.”

Sean is suspicious of him, who is good at tricking people. But since he said so, he probably doesn’t have any bad intentions for him.

Sean hesitated for a while, then asked softly, “Mr. Grindelwald, I don’t quite understand. Why do you want to see me?”

Grindelwald spread his hands, “Oh, it’s just a small accident. I saw that you had nowhere to go, so I thought, why don’t I bring you here?”

Sean showed a puzzled expression.

Seeing his puzzled appearance, Grindelwald explained, “The one who got you out of Hogwarts was Quirrell.”

Sean nodded. Although he didn’t see it, he could guess who would’ve done that.

“As you can see, Quirrell is my people. Well, he was.” Grindelwald spread his hands.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Quirrell betrayed me and went to find his beloved father. I forgot, what’s his name?” Grindelwald showed a puzzled expression.

“Oh, Voldemort,” he nodded his head and then winked at Sean, “What a weird name.”

After hearing what he said, Sean realized that Quirrell was a double agent.

Sean frowned. Why did Grindelwald give Quirrell the Portkey?

As if seeing his doubts, Grindelwald said, “Oh, I originally wanted Quirrell to help me steal the Sorcerer’s Stone to study it. After all, Albus and Nicholas didn’t want to lend it to me. Both of them were painful to deal with sometimes.”

His tone was relaxed as if stealing the Sorcerer’s Stone was just a trivial matter. Sean smiled dryly. Grindelwald hasn’t changed at all, and he doesn’t care about rules.

“Oh, by the way,” Grindelwald stood up as if remembering something, “In order to make our conversation go more smoothly, I’ll show you something.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Grindelwald put his arms around Sean’s shoulders, and after a while, Sean found himself in a dark dungeon.

Grindelwald didn’t let him go. He put his head close to Sean’s ear and pointed to the corner with a pleasant tone, “Look, Sean. That’s my gift to you.”

Those were two middle-aged men locked by heavy chains. They seemed to have been tortured just now. Sean looked carefully, then his eyes widened. There is a mark on the wrists of the two men.

It was a skeleton, the body of the python wrapped around and showing its tongue.

It’s the Dark Mark.

Sean looked at Grindelwald, “Sir, I don’t quite understand…”

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Published On: July 28, 2023

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