“Why?” Snape asked calmly.

Quirrell stretched out his hands with a hint of fanaticism on his face, “Do you think I know what the Dark Lord wants? As his most loyal servant, I only need to complete the task he gave me.”

“You’d better make sure there are no accident.” Snape said slowly.

“Accident?” Quirrell gave a laugh, “Severus, you’re too cautious. What are you trying to do? I guess… you want to win over that kid?”

“But that kid discovered your flaws, Severus. You’re really showing yourself as time goes.”

Snape’s expression didn’t change. He gave Quirrell a cold look, “I suggest that you should be careful drinking anything in the next few days.”

Quirrell’s expression finally stiffened as he walked out of the castle.

“Severus, it’s just a joke.” He sneered.

Snape’s eyes narrowed, “I don’t like to joke.”

Snape glanced at Quirrell, but a small glass bottle slipped out of his sleeve. The blue liquid in the bottle dripped onto the ground and disappeared.

“It’s time to find that kid. Are you sure there will be no accident?”

“Don’t worry, Severus,” Quirrell also took out his wand, “The Carrows have been there for a long time. He won’t die. At most, he’ll be tortured with the Cruciatus Curse.”

Snape’s face stiffened, “If something happens, you’d better pray to the Dark Lord so you won’t die so miserably.”

The two then disappeared in place.


At the same time, Sean was in trouble.

The trouble has been resolved, but Sean is now faced with a problem. How does he get out of here and return to Hogwarts?

He set his eyes on the Goblet lying in the dirt. The Goblet of Fire itself does not have the ability to teleport him to anywhere he wants because this trophy has been enchanted into a Portkey.

As for why the Goblet is used, it is because the entire Hogwarts castle has been put on a counterspell. Any means of teleportation, such as Apparition, Floo powder, and Portkeys, are prohibited and need the current principal’s approval to be used.

The Quadwizard Tournament was held at Hogwarts last year, and the moment the winner touched the Goblet, they would be teleported to the podium to receive cheers from the crowd.

The magic on the Goblet will be removed after the tournament, and it will lose its function as a Portkey. Now it seems that it is very likely that Grindelwald has done something to keep the Goblet as a Portkey at this time.

According to the book, you should be pulled back to Hogwarts if you touch the Goblet again.

But Sean was very worried. He hadn’t figured out what was happening between Voldemort and Grindelwald and whether the Goblet of Fire would be a key to this mystery.

Moreover, he has always wondered why he was not directly teleported to Grindelwald or Voldemort. Is there a limit to magic, or are there other reasons?

However, this is not a place for him to stay. There will even be more Death Eaters coming here, presumably Quirrell or Snape.

At this moment, Sean felt something move in his arms, he took it out, and his expression became strange. It was the monocle that Stephanie gave him. Because the shape was good, Sean always kept it just for style.

At this moment, the monocle was shaking. After thinking for a while, he put the monocle in front of him. A strange thing happened. Although it was a transparent lens, Sean saw something from his left eye.

It was a table with a piece of parchment on it. The red ink showed a sentence of it.

‘Touch that the Goblet again, and it will take you back to Hogwarts. Come to my office to find me – Dumbledore.’

“Dumbledore?” Sean’s eyes widened.

Did he know that he was teleported out of the school?

As for why Dumbledore was able to use this monocle to contact him, Sean was not surprised at all. There were many magic items that he didn’t know what it capable of.

Sean thought about it carefully. According to his theory, if Voldemort surrendered to Grindelwald, then they would not need to engage in such a small encounter.

Sean turned his attention to the Goblet of Fire. When he was about to touch the Goblet, Sean suddenly stopped and then showed a smile.


A voice sounded. Quirrell and Snape appeared on the ground where Sean was standing. In front of them are the two corpses of the Carrows, who were already dead.

“You said there will be no accident?” Snape looked at Quirrell coldly.

Quirrell’s eyes widened. In disbelief, he rushed to the Carrows, his lips trembling, “How is this possible? He’s just a first-year student!”

“It must be Grindelwald! No, it could be Dumbledore! They left something for this kid!” Quirrell roared loudly.

Looking at his appearance, Snape said coldly, “You should think about a way to explain this situation to the Dark Lord.”

Quirrell’s body trembled uncontrollably, his throat heaved up and down with difficulty, and then he hysterically cast several spells around him.

“He must be here. That Goblet has been enchanted and can’t be used to teleport again!” Quirrell’s eyes were red. His voice showed a hint of fear and panic.

“It’s your plan. Where did you think the Goblet took him?” Snape stood where he was, had already stretched out his wand, and was about to leave.

Quirrell’s hands were shaking. He hurriedly turned to Snape and pleaded, “Severus, help me. I don’t want to…”

Before he finished speaking, there was a magical fire around him. A ray of light rushed into the sky and then exploded into a firework. A figure appeared in the air.

“Someone is going to be punished, but I won’t say who.”

This is the magic firework that the Weasley twins gave Sean, and you can write a few words before it is used. Snape’s expression changed. His face turned sour, and he grasped his wand tightly.

“I’ll help you.” Snape lowered his eyes, covering the anger in his eyes, and disappeared instantly from the place.

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Published On: July 27, 2023

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