Sean’s shooting practice during the summer vacation is worth it, and Alecto fell to the ground with a scream, but Sean didn’t hesitate. He held the pistol steadily and emptied the magazine directly at her.

Even with a small pistol, the sound of the gunshot close to his ear still shook his eardrums. This made Sean unable to hear the situation next to him.

Dave went all out when facing Sean’s enemies. Even though it was just a month after hatching, he could withstand Amycus’s spell.

The spell hit Dave, but the extremely high magic resistance of the Winged Demon only made him let out a small voice. Then, Dave’s eyes became more and more red, and his tail suddenly moved frantically.

Before he could cast the second spell, Amycus saw darkness shrouded in front of him. A monster with its mouth full of fangs was in front of him.

Dave stopped Amycus’s voice. Dave tightly bit him, and there was a gurgling sound of blood bubbles bursting from the throat. His hands gradually weakened, and his wand fell to the ground.

The last trace of Amycus’ remaining consciousness was gone, and his skull was smashed into pieces.

While enduring the ringing in his ears, Sean quickly took off the magazine and replaced it with a new one.

“Dave, don’t eat that stuff. His brain will only give you diarrhea.” He shouted at Dave, who was lying on the body of Amycus, which was no longer moving.

Dave turned his head. His mouth was full of blood, and bones and flesh were stuck in his teeth. Dave glanced at Amycus’ head. It spread its wings and flew towards Sean, circling quickly around him.

Sean walked in front of Alecto. She fell to the ground on her back. Her pupils had begun to dilate, knowing there was a bullet hole in her forehead.

Sean had never killed anyone or anything before in his life. Seeing this scene made him vomit. But Sean’s eyes remained calm. He covered his mouth and raised his pistol to Alecto’s body.

He shot two more bullets into each side of her chest. Sean returned to Amycus’s body, and he wanted to make sure that the two didn’t have any chance of being alive.

Amycus’s death was much more tragic. His neck was pretty much destroyed, and the horrid smell and the moist earthy smell rushed into Sean’s nostrils.

“Ugh…” His stomach churned, and he couldn’t help bending down.

Sean straightened up weakly. He raised his hand steadily and fired two more shots at his chest.

“Shit.” He took out a handkerchief and wiped the corner of his mouth vigorously.


Outside Hogwarts Castle, two figures emerged.

“Dumbledore is old, and he didn’t even notice us.” Quirrell smiled. The somewhat cowardly Defense Against the Dark Arts professor had completely changed his characteristic.

Beside him, a man with a gloomy expression had an increasingly gloomy gaze. He had a thin nose and long, greasy black hair.

“You are too naive and underestimating Dumbledore too much.” He said coldly.

“Naive?” Quirrell showed a malicious smile, “Severus, did you forget that the person who was discovered was you?”

Snape pulled out his wand and pressed it against Quirrell’s neck. He said word by word, “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even need to change my identity.”

“What about the Sorcerer’s Stone?” Quirrell’s voice was hoarse when he was poked with his wand, “Severus, the Dark Lord sent you to watch me. We should be loyal to him and do his task.”

“It’s you, Severus.” Quirrell laughed nervously. “You screwed up the Dark Lord’s task.”

“I created such a good opportunity for you, but you can’t even get the stone that the Dark Lord wants?” Snape took a step closer, his hooked nose almost touching Quirrell’s eyes.

“Do you understand that Grindelwald had already discovered your identity when you used that spell?”

Quirrell stuck out his tongue and licked his lips vigorously, with a mocking expression on his face, “So what? I was originally a spy sent by Grindelwald to Hogwarts. I even took over someone who was tasked to Hogwarts. He even gave me the Goblet of Fire. What are they going to do? Report it to Dumbledore?”

Quirrell raised his hands. He whispered, “Oh, Dumbledore, you didn’t realize that you have spies here. But then, I guess it’s fair knowing that you betrayed me.”

Quirrell stretched out a finger and slowly pushed Snape’s wand away. He straightened his collar, “Severus, you and I have both worked for Grindelwald. But we finally chose to join the Dark Lord. Don’t you understand the reason?”

He gave a mocking sneer, “That old guy no longer has the ruthlessness and courage he had when he was young. Only the Dark Lord can lead us to glory instead of allowing those guys who like to sit in schools and learn magic.”

A look flashed in Snape’s eyes. He slowly retracted his wand and said solemnly, “Where did the Goblet send that kid?”

Quirrell licked his lips, and a frenzied look appeared on his face, “The Dark Lord cast a spell on the Goblet of Fire. Originally, that cup was in Grindelwald’s hand. However, the Dark Lord has interfered with Grindelwald’s magic, and the Goblet will teleport to a certain location.”

With that said, he spit on the ground, “It still has some Grindelwald’s magic. The Goblet will teleport anyone near the Dark Lord’s location.”

Snape’s expression was as usual, and he raised his chin, “Why did you teleport that kid away? I didn’t need you to help me. I could use Imperius to control him.”

“Ha—you don’t know?” Quirrell’s eyes widened, the corners of his mouth raised high, “Didn’t the Dark Lord tell you?”

“My mission is to watch over you.” Snape said bluntly.

“Oh, Severus. The Dark Lord told me something.”

Quirrell showed a crazy smile, “I can get the Sorcerer’s Stone at another time. But now, he wants that Wallup kid.”

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Published On: July 27, 2023

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