Before Sean could see what it looked like, his hand touched something. There was no time to let go at all. Sean suddenly felt as if he was being pulled as if a hook was pulling him with unstoppable force behind him.

Sean’s feet left the ground and flew forward quickly. He subconsciously grasped what was in his hand, and his eyes were blown open. Suddenly, Sean felt his legs go weak, and then he suddenly fell to the icy ground.

“Shit.” Sean scolded in a low voice, then stood up with his head spinning and clenched his wand.

“Dave, are you still there?”

After receiving his response, Sean was a little relieved. He saw the thing around him that flew away with him.

It was an enlarged version of a goblet. A dragon-shaped handle was on the rim of the glass. In the semi-transparent glass, there were blue and white flames jumping. Even if he had never seen it in reality, Sean recognized what it was at a glance.

It was the Goblet of Fire.

This is the magic item used to select the participants in the Triwizard Tournament. Of course, it is now the Quadwizard Tournament. But it was also a Portkey.

He was transported here by the Goblet. Sean narrowed his eyes. He didn’t forget that the Goblet was in Nurmengard’s hand, knowing they had won the last tournament.

Is Snape now working for Grindelwald? Sean remembered that Cotton told him at the opening ceremony that Snape had resigned from Hogwarts four years ago.

Did Grindelwald recruit him? But why? Did Snape go to Nurmengard to be a potions professor and go back to Hogwarts to be a spy?

Sean quickly looked around in place. It was a dark and damp place. Sean was standing on a flat ground surrounded by bushes. Because it was late at night, he couldn’t see anything. Sean’s body became more and more tense. He cautiously stared around, but he didn’t see anyone.

“Damn it, why did they bring me here?” Sean frowned.

There was a loud bang when he was hesitating about whether he should run, and two figures appeared in front of Sean out of thin air. They were two middle-aged man and woman. They looked a little similar in appearance. The man was tall and thin, and the woman was short and a bit chubby.

As soon as they appeared, they stared at Sean and then showed malicious smiles.

“Sean Wallup?” The man asked Sean, showing his broken yellow teeth.

“You may have the wrong person, sir.” Sean shrugged and lifted his right shoulder slightly.

The man showed a puzzled look, but he still held on to his wand and said to the woman behind without looking back, “Did Quirinus make a mistake?”

“Impossible. This kid is lying, Amycus.” The woman’s voice was rough.

Sean narrowed his eyes. It was Quirrell all along. He always thought he was weird. But he didn’t expect him to cooperate with Snape in secret.

The man showed a cold smile, “Boy, you are testing my patience.”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear it clearly just now. If you’re looking for Sean Wallup, it should be me. Also, who are you and this… lady?”

Under the robe, Sean’s chest heaved rapidly, but his face did not show the slightest panic. Instead, he greeted them with a smile.

“You don’t need to know us. Remember, when you are at the end of the road, The Carrows dedicate you to the Dark Lord.” Amycus showed a smile.

Sean’s pupils shrank abruptly. He didn’t know him just by name, but as soon as the surname Carrow came out, he immediately remembered them.

The Carrows are two of Voldemort’s most notorious Death Eaters.

He just mentioned that they want to dedicate him to the Dark Lord. What does this mean?

If the Dark Lord they are talking about is Grindelwald, that’s fine. Because Grindelwald is the principal of Nurmengard in this world, and he also was the real Dark Lord in the wizarding world.

It would be weird if the Dark Lord the Carrows said was Voldemort.

The Goblet of Fire came from Nurmengard. Could it be that Voldemort has surrendered to Grindelwald?

After thinking about it, this is the only possibility.

Seeing their attitude, Sean opened his right arm slightly so that Dave could climb into his sleeve.

“Dark Lord? What are you talking about?” Sean frowned.

“Boy, you should be honored. You will be seeing the beginning of the Dark Lord’s glory!”

“Who is the Dark Lord, Grindelwald?”

Unexpectedly, Amycus showed a disdainful expression, “Grindelwald? A stupid and stubborn old man? My master is a great person beyond your comprehensible thought!”

“Amycus, you talk too much!”

“Alecto, don’t worry. He’s just a first-year student.” Amycus sneered and approached Sean.

“It seems that he hasn’t given up. Why don’t you try Crucio him? I think we can do that while we’re here.” He laughed frantically.

Sean’s eyes suddenly turned cold. He looked at Amycus and asked, “Is this how Voldemort taught you to entertain guests?”

Amycus suddenly stopped, his eyes widened, “How do you know the name of the Dark Lord?”

“Because,” Sean showed an intriguing smile, “He’s right behind you.”

“What?” The Carrows turned their heads in horror.

“Now, Dave!” Sean shouted and then took out his pistol.

Dave threw himself out from Sean’s hand and spread his wings instantly. His eyes were stained with blood and he rushed towards Amycus, who was in front of him.

Sean calmly raised his gun, aimed at Alecto, and pulled the trigger directly.

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Published On: July 26, 2023

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