Slughorn showed a smile, and he waved to Sean, “Great, Mr. Wallup, you’re a savior.”

“You’re too polite, sir.”

“No, no, I’m telling the truth. People of my age should sit in a small bungalow to bask in the sun and listen to music every day.” Slughorn rambled and took Sean to his office on the seventh floor.

It was a hot, crowded room, even though Slughorn’s office was much larger than the other professors’.

The ceilings and walls are hung with emerald green, crimson, and gold drapes. Which at first glance makes people feel like walking into a tent. On the ceiling are luxurious golden chandeliers. However, there seems to be a lot less decoration on the chandelier, which makes it look weird.

There were many sofas and armchairs in the room, and in the middle was a huge round dining table, which Slughorn presumably used to entertain the members of his Slug Club. There was a black suitcase at the very edge, which seemed to keep his valuables.

On the wall beside the suitcase, the doors and drawers of several cabinets were wide open at this time, and the contents were all messed up.

Slughorn moved to the cabinet, frowned, and muttered, “I’ll never put silver and gold powder in the medicine cabinet again, cursed Niffler.”

He turned his head and said to Sean, “Mr. Wallup. Just put the materials into different categories and put the spilled medicinal powder back in its container.”

“Okay, sir.” Sean took the airbag he handed over and started helping him.

Slughorn saw him helping with the mess and nodded in satisfaction after seeing Sean meticulously repacking his Galleons and an ounce of Horn of Bicorn powder.

“Mr. Wallup, I want you to have this potion,” he looked at Sean, then smiled, “Don’t say no, it’s what you deserve for your meticulous work.”

“I’m thankful, sir.”

Sean turned around and went back to work. Although it was tedious and troublesome, Slughorn’s Invigoration Draught was helpful. The potions produced by the potions professor were much stronger than those on the market. Slughorn chatted with him while he was packing a closet.

“I heard Professor McGonagall say that your talent in Transfiguration is amazing.”

“It’s just that I have some experience in it, so I think I’m just doing what I should be doing.” Sean said modestly.

“You’re very humble, Wallup. Are you from a wizarding family or not?”

“Sadly, my parents don’t know magic.”

Slughorn nodded, and then said, “Don’t get me wrong, I have no prejudice against Muggle-born wizards. I have taught many Muggle-born wizards and they are equally good.”

“I understand what you mean, sir.” Sean said sympathetically.

He was puzzled that Slughorn didn’t mention Harry’s mother, Lily Potter. What this Professor likes most is to show off his former outstanding students.

The two continued to chat for a while. Slughorn rubbed his shoulders, then changed his sitting position, and said casually, “Did you also receive the letter from Nurmengard?”

Although he was a little puzzled as to why he asked this, Sean still nodded.

“Why did you choose Hogwarts?” Slughorn asked curiously.

Sean thought for a while, then said with a smile, “It’s just a feeling. I think Hogwarts is more suitable for me.”

“Feeling huh?” Slughorn was thinking about something.

“Is there a problem, Professor?”

Slughorn waved his hand, and he laughed, “Ah— nothing, it’s just a random question that I want to know.”

When Sean finished packing all the materials, he closed the last cabinet.

He looked at the suitcase, “Is there anything I need to organize, sir?”

“Oh, that one is unnecessary.” Slughorn walked over to him, blocking Sean from the suitcase.

He waved his wand, and the dispensing kit flew to his side.

“Here, take this.” Slughorn rummaged for a while and handed over a small tube of a potion.

He put away the potion and said with a smile, “Thank you for your generosity, sir.”

Slughorn isn’t as fond of taking advantage of others as it is rumored. He was paid for his voluntary labor, which Sean was very satisfied with.

“You deserve it. Well, I won’t take up more of your time. Time for you to go back.” Slughorn showed his smile again.

“I wish you a good night, sir.”

Just as Sean was about to leave, he remembered something. His roommate, Stephen, had been struggling with his grades in Potions class. Like himself, he had a mediocre talent for potions, so he had been talking about buying a book on potions that suits him.

This is the perfect time to ask that since he would likely to buy the same book as well.

“Sir, Can I ask if there are any books that can help me understand potion making? Something that’s for beginners. You know, I’m not very good at potions.” Sean smiled helplessly.

“Oh, that’s good to hear if you want to learn more. Wait here,” Slughorn rummaged for a while, then handed over a notebook. “Here, here are some tips I have when making potions. They may help you.”

Sean took it over flattered and said in surprise, “Sir, isn’t this too much?”

Slughorn waved his hand, “Don’t worry about it.”

Sean smiled. Today’s work is so worth it.

After thanking him again, before leaving, Sean asked, “Can I tell my classmates the contents of the notes?”

Hermione should really like this, and Sean doesn’t mind sharing at all if Stephen needs it.

“Oh, who?”

“My friends, Hermione and Cornfoot.” After speaking, Sean remembered that Slughorn might not remember who they were. Just as he was about to explain, Slughorn spoke directly.

“Miss Granger and Mr. Cornford? Oh, alright then.”

Slughorn remember other people’s names? Though, Hermione is more well known, knowing her performance in class. Stephen was like him but did not stand out much in the potion class.

At this time, there was a loud noise from the suitcase in the corner, and he well hid the stiffness that flashed on Slughorn’s face, and then smiled at Sean, “It’s getting late. Time for you to go back.”

Inside the suitcase, there was a strange voice again. As if a person was covering their mouth. Sean couldn’t help thinking of Professor Moody in the original book. He had a bad feeling about it.

“I’ll be leaving, sir.”

Sean turned his head and was about to leave, only to find that the door closed automatically. Behind him, Slughorn’s voice suddenly became calm and cold.

“I almost get caught because of you.”

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Published On: July 25, 2023

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