Helena nodded, and she showed a slightly puzzled expression, “Isn’t that his name? The bearded wizard with prosthetic limbs.”

Sean frowned at once. After the Ashwinder incident that day, he chatted with other students. Later, the head of the four houses finally returned to the hall while other professors were around the school, busy destroying the remaining eggs.

Professor Kettleburn is obviously in the infirmary. He was influenced by the Imperius Curse and rescued by Professor Dumbledore. He is now lying in St. Mungo’s Magic Hospital for treatment.

Hogwarts has banned the usage of Apparitions and Professor Kettleburn cannot escape everyone’s sight in that short period of time.

Professor Kettleburn obviously has been waiting in the infirmary all the time, and it is very likely that Kettleburn who was under the Imperius Curse attacked Madam Pomfrey.

Then, who is this ‘Kettleburn’ she meant?

“Could it be Quirrell? But that can’t be.” Sean had a guess.

He said goodbye to Helena, who was not in the mood to talk, and entered the Room of Requirement alone with a frown. Looking at Dave who was gobbling down his food, Sean fell into a deep thought.

The one lying in the infirmary must be the real Kettleburn. Professor Dumbledore definitely knows this, then the Kettleburn that the others said must be the fake one.

But what is he doing on the third floor? There is a high probability that it must be something inside there.

What about his group? Kettleburn was controlled by that mysterious man with the Imperius Curse, and the impostor took advantage of the riot to come to the third floor to try to steal something.

It makes sense, but Sean always feels that something is not right.

Professor Dumbledore was not at Hogwarts at the time, Kettleburn and the other Kettleburn were there when the Ashwinders appeared and no one noticed.

However, if he came for the Sorcerer’s Stone, wouldn’t he just need to go directly to the third floor? Why did he take the time to go to the infirmary and attack his group?

There are enough Ashwinders around, and other professors have not found the root cause of the disaster. Sean casually placed a Cleaning Spell on Dave to wipe away the blood and foam from the corners of his mouth.

Sean’s eyes narrowed slightly, and suddenly, a thought popped out.

“But then, who was the Kettleburn he met near the Forbidden Forest?”

He also heard Quirrell threaten him. If Quirrell found out about Kettleburn’s abnormality, it would make sense. But was Kettleburn under the Imperius Curse at that time? And why didn’t Quirrell, who knew what was wrong, tell Dumbledore about it?

As the thoughts unfolded, Sean recalled more details.

On the night of the Forbidden Forest, the Kettleburn they met came back from outside the castle, while his office should be inside the castle. Hagrid had said that Professor Kettleburn was bitten by an animal he raised so he was doing the punishment for that night.

And they happened to encounter the animals going wild in the Forbidden Forest.

Sean only felt that there was something about these incidents and the more he thought about it, the more confused he became.

He stood up. Now the appearance of the Room of Requirement was changed according to Sean’s mind. The ground was covered with something and trees formed a small forest with a small moon hanging in the air.

There are a lot of sundries in the corner. There are all kinds of useful and useless things hidden in the Room of Requirement. Every time Sean comes, the things here are different. He took a few glances and he saw something that caught his attention.

Sean walked over and removed the debris on it.

It was a pile of wood. It seemed that someone had cast Severing Charm and fire magic several times. Sean fiddled with the pile with his wand, and there was a faint trace on the larger pile.

Since the establishment of Hogwarts thousands of years ago, wizards who went into the Room of Requirement intentionally or unintentionally have hidden or lost many things. Just like last time, Sean even saw a salted fish covered with dusts. The Room of Requirement really has everything in it.

Sean shook his head, and at this moment, Dave came to him.

“I’m full, but not completely full.”

Sean smiled. He walked over and touched the Winged Demon’s head, then took out his wand and cleaned the corners of its mouth. When Dave cocooned back into his hand, Sean swung it around like a Yo-Yo.

This is Dave’s favorite way to his food after a meal. After playing it, Sean stretched, and he decided to give up thinking about the two Kettleburns.

“I don’t want to think about it anymore. If Professor Dumbledore knows it, then I don’t need to worry about it. Tomorrow is the Christmas holiday, I should get some rest.”

After exiting the Room of Requirement, and as soon as he got down to the sixth floor, Sean was stopped by someone.

“Oh, Mr. Wallup.”

“Hello, professor.” Sean greeted politely.

The person was Professor Slughorn. He shook his body and his bulging eyes rolled around Sean’s body.

“Mr. Wallup, can I trouble you to do me a favor?”

“What could that be, Professor?”

Slughorn’s mouth twitched and his eyes bulged even more, “Oh, to tell you the truth. There was a Niffler around and it messes up my entire collection of things!”

A Niffler? It must be Newt’s animals.

After speaking, Slughorn sighed deeply, “You also know that certain medicinal materials, such as Horn of Bicorn can be made into several medicinal potions. I wanted to make one since I accidentally sprained my shoulder when I was picking up those snakes’ eggs.”

No wonder Professor Slughorn rubbed his shoulders in the recent Potions class, which probably made him feel bad, and even his teaching attitude was a little harsh.

“Of course, Professor. I can help you with that.” Sean nodded.

Although Slughorn is a bit cheeky, he is still good at potions.

Sean is willing to have a good relationship with him. He has no interest in the Slug Club, so he hopes that he can learn more about potions. If it was Snape, he wouldn’t dare to get in trouble.

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Published On: July 25, 2023

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