Sean steadily went to the school library on Sunday, changed his schedule, and Newt’s suitcase became his new destination.

Sean helped Newt take care of the injured or underage animals. His affinity for magical beasts played a huge role. Newt even joked, “I’m going to be jealous. You have a good relationship with them all.”

Sean, who has learned a lot about magical animals, can only shrug his shoulders, saying that he was just doing his usual stuff. Sean’s life at Hogwarts seemed to go smoothly, during which he celebrated his twelfth birthday.

His parents sent him a brand new watch through the owl, and his sister Ella included her homemade snacks in the package. However, it was no longer edible when it was delivered to Hogwarts.

Hermione gave him a thick copy of “The History of Spells”. Since Sean stopped going to the library with her on Sunday, she was a little bit disappointed, but she still supported his decision.

Fred and George brought him a bunch of prank gadgets, and Cedric gave him a wizard hat, which Sean decided to put in the room. He even got a gift from Stephanie. She gave him a pair of monocles.

Thanks to his usual good relationship, Sean’s birthday gifts almost filled his bed, and it took him a long time just to open the gifts. Sean also had to write down the birthday of the classmate who gave the gift to return the favor.

Before Sean had finished eating all kinds of snacks, he began to receive gifts again because Christmas was coming.

When Professor Flitwick registered the list of people who went back for Christmas, Sean immediately registered it. Many students going home began giving gifts in advance because not everyone had an owl to give gifts.

Sean was ready this time. He spent half a day compiling a list and then bought a gift at Diagon Alley. Before the holidays began, there was a crow inside the Hogwarts Castle.

The morning in the hall is always chaotic because the owls bring all kinds of letters, packages, etc., but no one has ever seen dozens of owls delivering packages to the same person at the same time.

Everyone in the hall focused on Sean. At this moment, his face was helplessly drowned in a lot of packages. He didn’t expect the gifts he bought to be delivered all at once.

“Sean, how many people have you bought gifts for?” Hermione looked at him.

“Ah, thanks for your help,” Sean took her hand and climbed out of the pile of gifts.

He shrugged helplessly, “Because many people have given me gifts. Of course, I want to return the favor.”

“Even if it means dozens of them?”

Sean nodded, “Yes, dozens of them…”

In the afternoon, with the help of Hermione, he gave out all the gifts. This time, Sean’s reputation grew bigger. Even the Slytherins were a bit jealous of his action.

After delivering everything, Sean slumped softly into a chair in the common room. He made up his mind that he must hire someone to help him next year. Giving gifts to people is more tiring than taking care of a Kelpie with their wounds.

However, Sean is in a good mood because of the thought of being able to go home and start his vacation tomorrow. After chatting with his classmates for a while, Sean stood up and walked out.

It’s time to feed the Winged Demon again. Sean named this little guy “Dave”.

He seriously considered ‘Yo-Yo’, ‘Tamagotchi`, ‘Curly Boy’, but finally chose Dave because it’s simple.

Dave is not the same as the ordinary Winged Demon. Apart from the appearance, the difference is the amount of food he needed.

According to Newt, you would only need to feed a Winged Demon once a week. But Dave would need to eat twice a day, or he’ll be starving.

Sean bought a lot of sheep brains from Diagon Alley and asked the house elves to store them somewhere for him and give them to Dave every day.

Because the holidays were about to start, students were excited. Sean met many students on the way to the Room of Requirement. Dave, in his pocket, was constantly conveying his thoughts to him.

“She looks and tastes good.”

“He has a huge amount of food.”

“Eh, he’s alright.”

Evaluating the taste of each person’s brain flower has become Dave’s way of entertaining himself. Because this guy has always been obedient, Sean just let it go.

As for Hermione, Sean would always remind him not to pick on her.

However, this may be related to the fact that Sean has not had close contact with Dumbledore. Hence his taste range had not been expanded.

“These two are about to expire.”

Shawn passed Crabbe and Goyle. Dave showed a somewhat uninterested comment.

These two tried to cast a spell on the armor in the castle, the armor jumped off the shelf, and one of them was punched.

Sean walked around to the seventh floor in a hurry. It was safer to feed Dave in the Room of Requirement, and it would be really bad if he were caught raising a Winged Demon.

Just before the tapestry, Sean saw a ghost floating there.

It’s Helena Ravenclaw. After the Ashwinder Incident, Sean wanted to thank Helena, who helped deliver the news, but he never met her again except to see her from a distance in the hall a few times.

“Ms. Helena, it’s nice to meet you.” Sean stepped forward and greeted him.

Helena had a sad feeling in her voice. She nodded, “Hello.”

“Last time in the hall, I wanted to thank you for helping me back then.” Sean said.

“It’s a trivial matter,” Helena fiddled with her skirt, her tone flat, “Besides, I didn’t help much.”

“You are too polite.”

Sean thanked her and prepared to leave. Just as he was about to walk, he remembered a question and asked casually, “By the way, Ms. Helena. Can I ask which professor did you talk to last time?”

At that time, the help from the professors came a little late, which confused Sean. Logically speaking, the professors should know about the news after Helena delivered the news.

Helena pointed to the bottom of the building, “I only met the first professor on the fourth floor at that time. The teacher of the Care of Magical Animals, right? I think his name is Kettleburn.”

“Huh?” Sean froze for a moment. Then his eyes widened unconsciously.

“You said, Professor Kettleburn?” He asked in disbelief.

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Published On: July 24, 2023

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