Sean followed Newt to a deep jungle. The area was enchanted and under the illumination of the moonlight. On a small cliff, two animals are facing each other.

On one side is a creature resembling a leopard, and the roar just now came from it. On the other side, a huge three-headed snake was coiling. Its three heads kept spitting its tongue, showing an attacking posture.

“A Nundu and a Runespoor. These two guys have been fighting for a long time.” Newt explained.

The Nundu looked small and seemed to be still young. It didn’t notice the two people who came over and only gave a low roar to the Runespoor.

The Runespoor, which was more than ten feet long, shook its right head, and the body was about to move. The Nundu bristles stood up, and the neck was also inflated.

“Hey, you two, listen.” Newt stepped forward.

Both of them cast their gazes over.

Newt spread his hands helplessly, “I have a guest, don’t embarrass me, alright?”

The Nundu and the Runespoor turned their attention to Sean behind Newt. Sean still held several animals in his hand, and he smiled at the Nundu and the Runespoor. The Nundu and the Runespoor turned their heads and glanced at each other. After each issued a sound, the two quickly separated.

Newt looked surprised. He turned to Sean with his eyes full of surprise, “I thought I had a high enough opinion of you, but I didn’t expect your talent to be higher than my imagination.”

He comforted the little animals in his body, and Sean asked curiously, “Why do you say that, sir?”

Newt threw some food deep into the jungle and waited for the Nundu and the Runespoor to share their food. He explained, “This is their favorite food, so they both often fight over it. Because this Nundu is still young, and the Runespoor is far bigger, these two would go on fighting several times. Although they are a bit of a pain to take care of, they’re amazing creatures.”

Newt led Sean to other places, “Usually, I came just to put an end to their fight, and they will separate after that. But I’m not the one doing it now because you seem to have caught their attention. “

“Me?” Sean didn’t expect this.

Newt nodded. “I think they both want to make a good impression on you.”

“Well, that’s good to hear.” Sean spread his hands like Newt.

Under the lead of Newt, Sean saw other magical beasts he had never seen before, which made him very interested.

After all, new students can’t take the Magical Animal class until their third year, and they’re still dealing with creatures like the Flobberworm.

After helping Newt treat an Occamy with an injured beak, the two returned to the workshop.

“Thank you for helping me with today.” Newt said as he sorted things out.

“It’s nothing, sir. I’m just helping you out.” Sean said with a smile.

Newt looked at this scene with a smile, “I’m serious. I don’t like to praise others against my will. But I have to say that you have a high affinity with those animals. Many acted docile when you’re around, making my job a lot easier.”

Most of the magical animals in Newt’s suitcase were rescued by him. Some of these animals were injured, some were separated from their parents, and some were rare animals that were illegally captured.

Newt rescued them in various ways, taking good care of the animals until they could live normally, and he would put them back where they belonged.

Sean had great respect for him. He bowed slightly, “Compared with what you did, it would be my honor if I am a help even for a little bit.”

“You’re good, Sean. Very good.” Newt’s eyes were full of admiration.

Sean smiled and stood straight, “If you need my help, you can come to me anytime. I want to ask you a lot about these animals.”

“Before the day’s end, I might need your help.” Newt winked at Sean.

The Nundu was lying quietly on the cliff in the dense forest area. It fought with the Runespoor like today. However, the person that Newt brought today gave him a very gentle and special feeling, and the Nundu couldn’t help but want to get close to him.

In order to leave a good impression, the Nundu chose to stay away from trouble.

“Hey, little guy.”

A voice that has only been heard once but will never be forgotten came, and it also carried the smell of the owner of the voice. The Nundu immediately stood up and saw Sean greeting it from the bottom of the cliff.

It held its breath involuntarily. Newt told it that the breath it exhaled could hurt other creatures. The Runespoor didn’t care because the person in front of them couldn’t be poisoned.

Sean beckoned to it and threw another piece of its favorite food over, “Hey, little guy. Could you behave nicely and not fight with the Runespoor in the future?”

Looking at Sean’s expression, the Nundu rubbed its paws uneasily on the ground and finally nodded obediently.

“That’s good to hear. We’ll get along well in the future.” Sean showed a smile.

The slender tail of the Nundu swung involuntarily. It jumped happily twice and then opened its big mouth to show a smile.

Just as it was about to open its mouth, it immediately thought of its own poisonous breath, and the Nundu swelled its neck, holding back the breath it was about to exhale.

Sean smiled and waved, “I’ll be going now.”

When Sean walked away, the Nundu opened its big mouth and then hurriedly let out a roar.

When Sean heard the voice, he turned around and looked at the leopard with anticipation. He waved his hand and said loudly, “I’ll come see you when I can. Remember to listen to Professor Scamander’s words!”

The Nundu roared back, saying that he understood his message.

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Published On: July 24, 2023

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