In front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window with lattice grilles, the man who had been standing with his back turned around, with wild short silver-white hair and a neat mustache, His face was wrinkled, but he was standing there.

Grindelwald smiled at the visitor, “Vinda, even in private, I prefer you to call me the principal or professor.”

Vinda bowed slightly, “I understood, Professor Grindelwald.”

Grindelwald turned his back and said in a vague voice, “Well, you just have to get used to it. Now, let’s talk about business.”

“This year’s enrollment is good. Many young wizards from No-Maj families have chosen us in Nurmengard.”

“Well, what about the UK side?”

“Compared to other regions, the rate of young wizards in the UK choosing Nurmengard has dropped a lot.”

Grindelwald tapped his fingers on the railing rhythmically a few times and said in a relaxed tone, “All right then.”

“Professor Grindelwald,” Vinda crossed her hands on his chest, “Since the beginning of glory has come, do I need to send someone to fight for it?”

Grindelwald waved his hand, “No, no need at all.”

“I see.” Vinda never questioned any of Grindelwald’s decisions.

Grindelwald put his hands on the railing, looked into the distance, and then showed a wild expression, “A new era is about to start, Albus. Let’s see who is right.”

While his family had fallen asleep in his room, Sean turned on the updated system. The previously empty system finally has some words in it.

Name: Sean Wallup [Muggle family, Bloodline Unknown]

Magic Items: None

Charm learning talent: 4 [Study more, there is still a chance.]

Transfiguration talent: 7 [As long as you study hard, you will become a master of Transfiguration]

Potions Talent: 2 [When making potions, your main goal to stay alive]

Fantastic Beast Affinity: 9 [Are you a descendant of a druid?]

Ancient Rune Talent: 0 [Did your head get hit by a troll?]

Dark magic talent: 8 [Continue this path. Azkaban waits at the end.]

The corners of Sean’s mouth twitched, his talent looked very good, but this Dark magic was questionable. Continuing reading, there are a lot of question marks behind, probably something that hasn’t been opened yet.

[At present, you are a weak wizard.]

This is a system comment.

Sean pouted and clicked on the next page.

In the upper right corner is the 3,850 points that he has saved, and in the middle of the page is a shimmering box. Looking at the rules, this system probably didn’t refer to the pools of various mobile games in later generations and only had a simple lottery function.

Ten points are needed for a single roll. There are no limits or guaranteed rewards, so he’ll have to depend on his luck. The prizes are divided into four grades: white, blue, purple, and gold. The specific content has not been shown yet.

Sean rubbed his hands together and directly pressed the ten consecutive draw rolls.

[You got a pair of round-rimmed glasses.]

[You get a box of cockroaches.]

[You get a Lightning Scar sticker.]

Sean’s eyes darkened, and when he looked around, the sky was already blue, and clouds were starting to appear.

“Shit…” A lot of useless things were piled up in the inventory, and only one card caught his attention.

Call of Mundungus (Blue): After using this card, the success rate of stealing within an hour increases slightly.

Reading the description, Sean fell into silence.

“Roll again!”

Grawp’s Clash (Blue): After using this card, your strength will be increased, but your intelligence will be reduced.

“Roll again!”

Umbridge’s Gaze (Blue): After using this card, you will become incompetent for half an hour.



After several draws, Sean’s eyes were already dark. He changed his strategy and made a single draw. Because single draws might be something that he’ll get lucky on.

Finally, in the ninety-one draw, Sean won a purple quality prize

“This fucking system…”

Sean opened the inventory blankly and was surprised to find a new purple reward that matched the previous one he got.

George Weasley’s Trick (Purple): A single-use item that is guaranteed to escape from a scene when used.

Fred Weasley’s Trick (Purple): A one-time-use item. After use, you’ll know who the winner is in a bet.

The two cards seem to be relatively childish, but these two caught Sean’s attention, and at the same time, combining them could have a really good effect.

Gemini Suit Effect: It can randomly copy a spell possessed by the target character. The success rate is inversely proportional to the level of spell mastery and the strength gap between the two.

After seeing the effect, Sean couldn’t help thinking of Dumbledore. He thought about replicating his power. But he’ll think about it later.

Looking at the remaining points, Sean struggled for a while and finally pressed the roll button. As long as he has some points, he’ll continue rolling the lottery.

The 100th draw resulted in a white reward. Sean’s lips trembled a little, knowing that there was no guaranteed reward.

Fortunately, after three draws, a golden light finally flashed. Sean was moved and ecstatic. He immediately checked the details.

Independently Assignable Talent Point *1 (Gold).

Looking at his attribute panel, Sean hesitated for a while and directly allocated the points to Transfiguration. He wanted to get strong through Transfiguration because Transfiguration is actually one of the most versatile spells. Investing in it will definitely not be a loss.

As the number 7 becomes 8, the description of his talent information also changes.

Transfiguration talent: 8 (a once-in-a-century Transfiguration genius)

Looking at his remaining points, Sean turned his gaze back to the lottery.

“Why not just one more roll?”

Although this lottery page is straightforward, the shimmering box in the center teases Sean’s heart.

After struggling for a while, Sean still made a choice.

“One more roll… no, ten last rolls.”

As the number of points changed, a golden light flashed again.

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