Sean felt a little uneasy because the nature of his spell is very strange. The flame it summons has the characteristics of a fire, but when he and the people he recognizes touch the flame, they will not feel the temperature of the flame.

The Winged Demon’s egg should not be affected by this flame, but whether or not it will hatch is still unknown.

Sean put the egg above the flame and saw the blue flame grazing the surface, and the egg stopped shaking. Sean breathed a sigh of relief, which was consistent with what Newt said about the hatching characteristics.

The hatching process does not require other steps, and Sean’s Protego Diabolica will continue to burn quietly if he does not stop it or is disturbed by anyone else.

With this, he could also practice his spell at the same time while hatching the Winged Demon Egg, while Room of Requirement will be indefinitely burned until it’s over.

The hatching process lasted a whole day, and Sean practiced some spells on the side, and from time to time, he had to look at the eggs of the Winged Demon. With time, the turquoise pattern on the surface of the egg gradually blurred.

When the eggshell that Newt said began to deform, Sean stopped the practice and stared at the center of the flame. The egg finally trembled slightly. At this time, the patterns on it had long since melted into mixed colors, and only a trace of red blood remained.

The shell of the egg made the sound as if being crushed.

There was no scene in which the eggshell gradually shattered as Sean expected. The shell seemed to turn into a liquid suddenly. The smoke churned violently and shrank suddenly. The egg disappeared, and there was a cyan cocoon lying in place.

Sean stretched out his hand, and before he even got close, he felt a strange feeling. The previously vague connection seemed to be strengthened all at once. He felt that the cocoon in front of him seemed to grow with him.

Sean smiled, and he put the cocoon the size of half a fist into his hand. It moved a few times in Sean’s hand and seemed to be adapting to the new environment.

“Hey, little guy. Wanna come out and see me?” Sean squeezed the Winged Demon.

The cyan cocoon instantly grew bigger. A pair of blue-green wings suddenly opened, and a creature that looked like a reptile and a giant butterfly appeared in front of Sean.

The thorn-covered wings took up most of its body, the back of the wings showed a turquoise color, and the rest was blue. The two layers at the tail have a fine mesh pattern; if you look closely, you can find that the edge of the pattern is a faint blood red.

The Winged Demon’s head was white, and the round black pupils were staring straight at Sean.

“You looked very cool.” Sean murmured.

He put his hand on the head of the Winged Demon. This animal, who was just born, made a sharp and hoarse sound. It responded to Sean’s movements and then spread its wings.

It seems that the flight of the Winged Demon was influenced by magic. It just shakes its wings twice, and the speed is getting faster and faster.

After circling quickly in the air a few times, the Winged Demon suddenly made a cry, and its pupils were instantly stained with blood. The Winged Demon’s speed suddenly increased, and then it went straight to the dummy in the corner.

It pounced heavily on the dummy, its saliva mouth suddenly opened, and then bit the dummy’s head fiercely. The head of the practice dummy exploded like a watermelon, and the fangs of the Winged Demon directly broke it.

“That must be hurt.” Sean shrank his neck involuntarily.

The Winged Demon showed a disappointed expression. It turned around and rushed towards Sean. When Sean saw the fangs, the Winged Demon suddenly shrank and wrapped itself tightly into a cocoon in his hand.

Sean felt the connection again and vaguely understood the meaning of the Winged Demon. It was hungry and wanted some food.

Sean was stunned for a while before he came to his senses. He took out the sheep’s brain he got from the kitchen. At that time, the house elf respectfully complied with his request and even chased Sean to ask if he needed other kinds of brains.

Sean put the sheep’s brain on the ground, the Winged Demon unfolded its body, and its pupils went big. But it didn’t move. It just stared at Sean.

Sean smiled, “Well, eat it. It’s all yours.”

The Winged Demon licked its saliva and threw itself on the sheep’s brain. Looking at the little guy who was gobbling down the brain, Sean nodded in satisfaction.

His biggest worry before was that the Winged Demon wouldn’t listen to him, and his violent emotions were transferred to the Winged Demon, which might make this guy extremely aggressive.

Now it seems that although this guy’s eating is a little aggressive, he is still willing to listen to his own words. Sean flashed a glimpse of enlightenment, it must be influenced by his emotions.

The Winged Demon was a little bigger than the owl when it unfolded its body at this time, but its eyes turned red when it saw the brain. Sean prepared five pounds of brains, and the Winged Demon swallowed them all in two minutes.

It looked at Sean with his mouth open, his saliva still dripping as if hinting it wanted more.

Sean touched its head, comforted, “It’s not good to eat too much. I’ll give you more tomorrow.”

The Winged Demon took away the blood in his pupils and turned back into the cocoon. Sean couldn’t help smiling. Although this guy likes to eat brains, it is still cute when it acts obediently.

Sean wrapped a tentacle sticking out from the tail of the cocoon around his finger and left the Room of Requirement contentedly.

During this period, Sean met a few people, and the Winged Demon in his hand would always shake. It asked Sean if it could taste that person’s brain. After Sean’s told it not to, the Winged Demon had to wrap himself up again.

Back in Ravenclaw’s common room, Sean happened to meet Hermione, who was still reading in front of the fireplace.

“Sean, where have you been today? I haven’t seen you all day.” Hermione wondered.

Just as he was about to answer, Sean felt the Winged Demon in his palm shaking violently. The emotion it conveys brings excitement.

“I want her. Her brain seemed more delicious than anyone else I’ve seen!” Said the Winged Demon.

“Stop it, don’t think about brains at all times.”

Sean looked at Hermione, “Oh, I went out to train my brain today. No, I meant I went to train my body.”

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Published On: July 23, 2023

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