“The God of wizards.” When Stephanie pronounced it, Sean frowned unconsciously.

The God of Wizard is not a concept that no one has heard of. When you go far enough in the road of magic, you will know this term. The God of wizards is widely circulated among many ancient wizards, but there are very few specific beliefs, and wizards rarely talk about it.

Ancient wizards are not without beliefs; it’s just that wizards do not have a specific image when it comes to such things.

For example, Muggles will believe in God. However, the wizards’ beliefs in everything are essentially based on magic.

To put it another way, wizards believe in nature, the world, and magic. These factors without specific images can be called the God of wizards.

Sean had always thought that the God of wizards was just a conceptual God in the minds of wizards. This God had no specific powers, rituals, images, or even tales.

Because in daily life, it is almost unheard of for wizards to talk about their Gods. People often talk about “Merlin’s beard”, and even Sean likes to say “Merlin’s underpants”.

But no one thinks that the God of wizards really exists, even if they would really thank the God of wizards for giving them the magic power in their blood; after that, the God of wizards is just like a powerful wizard.

Grindelwald’s time incident broke Sean’s view. The world’s eyes exist; the world will listen to everyone’s voices and let the world operate according to normal rules.

If the eyes of the world are real, but what about the God of wizards?

When Sean pretended to be Grindelwald to frighten Andros, he also threw out something about the God of wizards. According to Andros, the God of wizards may not be satisfied with the status quo of this world. Moreover, Andros, at that time, took out a branch with a strange magic power, and Sean also clearly felt that magic power.

Pure to the extreme magic power, but extremely weird.

According to Andros, Grindelwald has also seen this kind of magic power, and this kind of magic power does exist in this world.

Andros said that this magic is the proof that the eyes of the God of wizards are about to fall on this world.

Stephanie explained at this time, “Previously, the God of wizards was just a nihilistic concept. Only the stubborn people in ancient Greece believed that the God of wizards really existed. It should be said that they believe that the God of wizards created the entire world: trees and flowers, mountains and rivers, birds and animals. All of which came from the hands of God of wizards, and wizards are the most perfect masterpieces of God’s creation.”

“The group of people in Greece have been pursuing the so-called miracle in all their lives. They worship the God of wizards and try to expand into a religion so that all wizards believe in their true gods.”

“However, miracles have never appeared. The most amazing thing in this world is magic. Therefore, after the group in ancient Greece gradually dispersed, this belief almost disappeared.”

Hermione had been listening quietly, and when Stephanie finished speaking, she asked, “Do you think that the Gods really exist? This is ridiculous…”

There was no displeasure on Stephanie’s face. She just said softly, “There are many more ridiculous things than we imagined.”

Sean thought so, too.

The Returners appeared in this world, and his body contained one of the seven deadly sins. If the God of Wizards really existed, Sean wouldn’t be too surprised.

Hermione turned her head and saw Sean, who was thinking silently; she frowned, “Sean, do you also believe that the God of wizard really exists?”

“Hermione, this is just a guess for the time being. Don’t forget, our time has literally disappeared for a year. This kind of thing has happened. Maybe the God of Wizards really exists? Just because we can’t prove his existence doesn’t mean you can deny this possibility.” Sean explained.

Hermione pondered. One of the reasons why Sean believed in the existence of the God of wizards was the memory brought by his time travel. The Deathly Hallows really exists. In the story, these are the holy items presented to the three Peverell family by Death.

Sean felt that this might just be a legend and that the Deathly Hallows was a magical creation invented and created by three powerful wizards. But that doesn’t seem to be the case, given that the invisibility cloak does unimaginable things.

This directly raises the level of the Deathly Hallows and makes Sean believe that the Grim Reaper might really exist.

Sean clicked and looked at Stephanie. She saw his eyes, their eyes flickered, and there was a sense of joy.

“You found something?”

Sean took the parchment in surprise, read it carefully again, and then his eyes widened.

“Could it be that…”

Stephanie said, “What?”

“This is…”

Daisy shook her head and looked at the two suspiciously, “What did you find? Spat it out.”

Hermione pursed her lips and explained, “If the God of wizard really exists, then based on the research just now, the identities of the snake and the robin can be deduced.”

Sean nodded, “The snake represents the God of death.”

Daisy covered her mouth in horror.

Stephanie went on to say, “The robin may refer to another god, corresponding to the God of Death. Because, as mentioned in the story, the snake and the robin manage the world under the command of their master, and the master is possibly the God of wizard.”

“The question is, what did Robin play here? Does it correspond to the God of Death? However, the story says that although the snake and the robin have conflicting behaviors and personalities, they are good friends. Maybe, under the God of wizards, there are only two beings that manage this world; if one of them is the God of Death, then the other should be the God of life, right?” Sean spread his hands.

However, this question is difficult for them. Because there are traces of legends about the God of Death, but there are no other recorded gods in the wizarding world.

When they were at a loss, Daisy murmured, “There is one God that could deflect Death, right? Maybe the robin symbolizes kindness and love, and Professor Dumbledore also said that love is the most powerful form of magic.”

“It seems to make sense.” Sean’s eyes lit up.

Stephanie also agreed, “Let’s use Eros as a code name.”

But Hermione sighed, “The seriousness of this matter has surpassed our imagination.”

Sean’s breathing was also a little short. This might not just be an issue between powerful wizards. Rather, God is killing each other.

This guess made Sean’s scalp tingle a little. He never expected that the most reasonable one among the guesses that went around directly pointed to the fall of the Gods.

There was silence in the room for a while, and finally, Sean broke the silence.

“It’s useless for us to think about it. If Gods killing each other is really involved, it’s not something we can get involved in.”

Only figures at the level of Dumbledore and Grindelwald probably have enough right to speak in this matter.

“That’s true,” Stephanie nodded, “However, continuing to answer the deeper truth of this story can help us understand the Returners.”

There was one thing she didn’t say, but she believed Sean knew it. Sean nodded; of course, he knew what the other sentence Stephanie didn’t say was.

As the holder of the two deadly sins, the stories in these stories are the only ones they have seen so far that are related to something that they have.

Sean has never forgotten that the Pride in his body will fully awaken before graduation. Looking at it now, it seems that he and the Pride are at peace, but if that time really comes, Sean is not sure that he can suppress it.

Therefore, it is necessary to find out all possible clues; he does not want to become a time bomb that destroys the world.

Thinking of this, he glanced at the girls around him. Stephanie’s gaze was as calm as ever as if nothing could disturb her. Hermione was holding a few documents and reading them constantly, and she was still muttering something. Daisy propped her head up. Her brows were tightly knit together with an expression of deep thought.

Sean hesitated to tell them about the Pride.

The more people who know the truth of the prophecy, the easier it will be for the prophecy to come true. However, the involvement of the two people might not cause much of a disturbance. Sean is not worried that Daisy and Hermione will fear him and alienate him when he reveals it. These two girls are always trustworthy.

However, once it is said, once something related to Pride happens in the future, Hermione and Daisy will definitely get involved, which is a huge danger to their safety. Daisy notices Sean’s brows. She secretly glanced at Hermione and Stephanie.

Sean suddenly felt a gentle warmth from his hand. Sean turned his head in surprise and saw Daisy smile at him. Sean was slightly taken aback; warmth welled up in his heart; he gently shook Daisy’s hand and showed a relaxed smile.

“Actually, the birds in the nursery rhymes may correspond to tests.” Sean thought for a while and said.

“Why do you say that?” Hermione looked over suspiciously.

“Have you ever heard of the seven deadly sins?” When he said this, Sean glanced at Stephanie, who returned a look of “I don’t mind”,” indicating that he could speak freely about it.

Hermione thought for a while and said, “Of course, I’ve heard of it. Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Sloth, and Pride. The seven sins correspond to the seven virtues. Wait, the seven tests?”

“That’s right, they refer to seven deadly sins respectively, and the Pride was replaced by the Snake.” Sean nodded.

Hermione looked down at the book and suddenly realized, “You’re right, it can indeed correspond to… and birds, wait. The number is wrong. There are eight kinds of birds.”

“Remember how we speculated earlier that the birds might all be accomplices?”

“Yeah.” Hermione nodded.

Sean pointed to the nursery rhyme.

“The fish, the beetle, and the cow are the most difficult to judge, but we can get one thing from them. These animals may say something else.”

Hermione’s eyes widened, “The author of the book is one of them!”

She pressed her hand on the parchment and slid along the words. While reading, she said, “The three animals you just mentioned are the most difficult to judge, so let’s put it on hold for now. The author’s greatest possibility is a fly.”

Who saw it die?

it’s me, said the fly,

With my little eyes,

I saw it die.

“One of the birds is a strange one, the Dove. The Dove’s meaning is close to that of the robin, and the robin is the Dove’s love interest. The Dove may have been the author.”

Stephanie went on to say, “Dove can be included. Of course, the author may not necessarily be the Dove, but it may also be another bird. Of course, if one bird, that is, the author, is excluded, then exactly It corresponds to the seven deadly sins.”

Sean spread his hands, “Although it is not very useful, at least we have narrowed down the scope, flies, dove, and larks.”

Hermione seemed to be interested in these reasonings and said excitedly, “The scope is small enough for us to narrow; the author must have left this story to convey something, and they must be clear that this story cannot explain the whole truth.”

Hermione spoke faster, “We can look for wizards related to the three creatures of flies, larks, and Doves. Family symbols, inherited images, and even family names. At least we have a heading now.”

Stephanie pulled out another piece of parchment, “This is the purpose of my coming. I found some clues about it.”


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Published On: May 7, 2024

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