Sean groaned and turned around stiffly.

Outside the big gate, a small girl with long silver hair was quietly watching Sean.

“Good day, Sean. Am I late?” Stephanie said.

“How come? You came early…” Sean forced a smile.

Since Hermione and Daisy are the guests invited by Ella, it’s normal for them to play on their own. At that time, he finds an excuse to come out to get drinks and desserts, meet Stephanie, and take Stephanie to the private room that his father prepared.

The plan ended before the moment it was implemented.

“Am I late?”

The moment Hermione and Daisy saw Stephanie’s appearance, their expressions changed after these words were dropped. There was already a little resentment in Hermione’s eyes.

Sean hasn’t invited her to his house since the summer vacation, and he invited Stephanie directly. Various thoughts floated through her mind, and Hermione puffed out one cheek as if she were taking a deep breath without exhaling.

Daisy blinked and secretly asked Ella, “Ella, did Sean invite Stephanie?”

“I don’t know,” Ella said loudly.

Her voice made Sean wake up for a moment, and it was too impolite to let others stand outside the door. He quickly opened the door and welcomed Stephanie in.

“Excuse me. Oh, Ella, hello. This is the second time we have met and talked.” Stephanie greeted Ella.

“Hello, sister Stephanie!” Ella greeted warmly.

Stephanie had seen Hermione and Daisy long ago, but it was only now that she formally greeted them.

“Nice to see you again, Hermione, Daisy.”

Hermione forced a smile, “Yeah, nice to meet you, Stephanie.”

Daisy tugged at Hermione’s sleeve and asked, “How’s your time going, Stephanie?”

“Very well, thank you for your concern.”

Stephanie turned to Sean again, “Sean, I brought everything here. Shall we start now?”

The guards who had been silently observing the villa saw this, and when they heard the conversation between them, they were surprised.

“Is he that popular? Look at the girls coming to his house.” A guard pondered.

Another wizard responded, “It’s normal. If I were younger and I was still studying at Hogwarts, this kind of thing is normal.”

“I guess so. The two girls who arrived first seemed to be invited by Ella. Sean probably invited the girl with long silver hair. Does that girl have Veela blood? After staring at it for a couple of times, suddenly there was a feeling that I was about to be bewitched.”

“Looks like it. Her demeanor is amazing, and Sean has only invited her. Ella invites the other two girls, but I think they have no chance against her.”

“The girl with long brown hair should have a strong personality, but she can’t hide her expression very much. She can’t hold back her anger. Looking at that expression, she is jealous and pretends to be calm.”

“The other girl looks quite innocent, but the more she calms down, the more she proves that she is covering up something. She looks like the wife of James Potter, Lily Potter. Like she was a smaller version of her.”

“She should be. That girl with long brown hair should belong to Granger’s family. I went to Granger’s house to help guard for a while.”

“Now, what would our boss do at this moment?”

Sean stood in the middle and glanced left and right. He secretly smiled and said to Stephanie, “Welcome to my house. Let’s go and sit down first.”

Although Stephanie proposed to come to his house, he prepared everything. Stephanie nodded slightly and followed Sean towards the house.

Hermione and Daisy stood there without moving. Hermione just stared at the two as if she wanted some explanation. Sean had a headache, and just as he was about to speak, Stephanie behind him spoke first.

“We have something in private to talk about. Diagon Alley is under strict guard now. It was inconvenient for Sean to find me, so I took the liberty of coming here. I didn’t expect to meet you, don’t get me wrong.”

“What an amazing girl.” The guards were shocked again in unison.

The wizard said, “This girl looks young. Is she really in the third or fourth grade? What she says is out of this world.”

“She helped Sean ease the situation, and she is much more convincing when she speaks out. She looks generous and caring. She is clear about her goal, not directly slander the two and rob him, but simply increase Sean’s favorability.”

“You can only see it at a surface value. Girls are not as simple as you think.”


“Raising Sean’s favor is one thing, but on the other hand, and the most important point, is the last sentence.”

“The last sentence? ‘Don’t get me wrong’?”

“Yeah, among the two girls, the girl from the Granger family is the leading one, and she is the most angry one right now. Once someone said ‘don’t get me wrong’ to you, how would you react?”

Several wizards frowned and thought about it.

“With the sensitivity of your mind, you still want to find a girlfriend? Stop dreaming.”

“Isn’t it just a simple conversation?” Several wizards muttered.

The wizard sneered, “You guys have no idea how girls’ minds work? Think about it. ‘Don’t get me wrong.’ It’s like explaining that she doesn’t have that kind of relationship with Sean, and neither do they. She has a secret relationship with no one to tell others. Ms. Granger is not an idiot, and she will immediately realize that she is acting way ahead of her. Now, how would you react to get Sean’s favor?”

A wizard replied, “Show your superiority by saying, ‘There’s nothing to misunderstand. Ella invited us; it’s a coincidence that we met, and it’s a pleasure to meet you at this time.’?”

“That’s right, but ‘nothing to misunderstand’ can be interpreted in another way. For example, I don’t like Sean yet, and I’m not jealous.”

Hermione immediately smiled, ‘There’s nothing to misunderstand. Ella invited us; it’s a coincidence that we met, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

The wizard guards outside the villa were dumbfounded.

“I know you might not understand these subliminal messages. But the Granger girl seems to be no match for that girl with long silver hair.”

Sean had no idea that the guards he had hired had already discussed such a lot of things. Stephanie’s wave of explanations for him made him feel relieved. The atmosphere finally returned to normal, and at this time, Mrs. Wallup came out to greet her. Under her warm greeting, the three girls all walked into the house.

Sean secretly grabbed his sister, Ella, “Why did you suddenly invite Hermione and Daisy?”

Ella put her hands on her hips and said in a childish voice, “Because I want to eat dessert!”

“Just for that?” Sean was dumbfounded.

“Is there anything more important than dessert?” Ella stared at her brother strangely.

He rubbed his temples and asked helplessly, “Why did you take advantage of the day when Stephanie came to our house to invite us?”

“Because this way, I can eat two desserts!” She waved her fist excitedly.

He glanced at Ella, who was running towards the house and secretly made up his mind. This summer vacation might not go so well.

As a lady who often accompanies her husband to various social occasions, Mrs. Wallup can’t see the thoughts of these girls in front of her. However, she is not going to say anything. When it was about the same time, she looked at her son. Under Sean’s gesture, she found an excuse and took away Ella, who was stuffing dessert, from her mouth.

There were only three girls and Sean left.

Sean stood up and shrugged, “Let’s go inside and talk.”

Stephanie immediately stood up and followed Sean, and Hermione’s eyes flashed a bit of dissatisfaction, but she still stood up.

Daisy looked at it and whispered in Hermione’s ear, “Hermione, don’t let it go over your head.”

Hermione woke up, took a deep breath, and finally regained her composure. Daisy smiled at her and followed the two people in front of her. Looking at the footsteps, Hermione’s eyes flashed a complex look.

When they walked into the private room, Sean locked the door and turned around. At this time, Stephanie had already spread a piece of parchment on the table.

“I won’t say much else. Let me tell you about my new discovery.” Her voice was calm and cold.

Sean walked over, and on the parchment was the nursery rhyme of Who Killed the Robin.

He thought about it and said, “There must be key information hidden in the nursery rhymes, but we can’t find out what these animals refer to.”

Hermione also resumed her usual attitude and spoke very fast but clearly, “As we speculated before, the birds are all accomplices, and the whole rhyme is the trial and punishment of the sparrow. But in the end, the next bird court will try the sparrow again, which may represent a kind of reincarnation. However, there is no specific information substituted into the nursery rhyme, and it is impossible to interpret the deep meaning.”

Stephanie went on to say, “I think these birds are the key and involved in the trials in the story.”

As she spoke, she glanced at Sean with a questioning look in her eyes. Sean shook his head. He hadn’t told Hermione and Daisy that he was “Pride” among the seven deadly sins.

Stephanie nodded slightly and continued, “The behavior of the birds is strange because when dealing with the funeral, they all choose to be in the daytime and look at this.”

She pointed to the writing on the parchment.

Who will dig its grave?

it’s me, said the owl,

With my chisel and shovel,

I’m going to dig the grave.

“Owls are nocturnal creatures, and it’s unreasonable for them to be active during the day. Look at this.”

Who will record the tomb?

It’s me, said the lark,

if not in the dark,

I’ll make history for it.

Who will bear the torches?

It’s me, said the cardinal,

I bring it right away.

I’ll carry the torch.

Who will carry the coffin?

It’s me, said the kite,

If it’s not night,

I’ll come to carry the coffin.

“The behavior of the larks, cardinals, and kites is understandable, and the funeral did take place at night. I think the night here refers to something that needs to be covered up.”

Sean frowned, “Robin’s death needs to be covered up?”

“Yes, I found this.” Stephanie took out a piece of withered yellow parchment.

The parchment appears to have been torn from a book, with obvious marks along the edges.

“From a scholar of ancient Greece, this paper is included in the research manuscript.”

They gathered around, the handwriting was somewhat blurred, and there was a short story on it.

“The Snake and the Robin…” Daisy read the title of the story.

The story is not long; just glance at it casually, and they finish it. They can briefly summarize it as follows:

At the beginning of the birth of the world, a snake and a robin were born at the same time. They became good friends and managed the new world under their command.

It is a short story in which the snake emerges from the darkness, and the robin rises from the light. The snake will have all kinds of dark and evil thoughts, but the robin will always stop him.

“A little story about creation?” Sean dragged his chin and thought.

“The key is the source.” Stephanie looked at the three of them.

“That ancient Greek scholar has been studying and worshiping a God from the beginning to the end.”

“The God of wizards.”


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Published On: April 28, 2024

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