“How about I go to your place?” Stephanie’s voice was calm and steady, and there was nothing unusual about it.

On the other end of the phone, Sean was slightly confused at first and scratched his head. Judging from Stephanie’s tone, she was indeed just making the most suitable suggestion, and he had no reason to refuse it.

Sean shrugged and replied, “Of course, my family welcomes you as a guest.”

“No, that would be too much.”

“No, take it easy. My home addresses are Kensington and Chelsea in London. When is it convenient for you?”

“My grandfather went out. It’s not the start of school season yet, and I don’t need to look after the store. Pick a convenient time for you.”

“Alright then.”

When the meeting time was set, Sean hung up the phone.

He called the servant at home and ordered, “Please prepare various things for a guest later.”

“Yes, young master. May I ask who you want to entertain?”

“Don’t be too grand. My friend is here. Though, prepare more types of desserts.”

After giving all the orders, Ella ran out from nowhere and hugged Sean, “Sean, I hear dessert. Are you going to serve that sister named Stephanie?”

Sean smiled, “Yes, she is coming to our house as a guest. Although I really want to fulfill your wish, you need to remember that when you talked to Hermione last time, she told you that you can’t eat more sweets.”

Ella covered her mouth in horror and made a muffled voice, “Oh, bugger!”

On the other end of the phone, She still held the receiver as if she needed to grab something hard to calm down. After a long pause, Stephanie quickly stood up and ran out of the store.

Time passed, and in the evening, a few days later, Sean was trying to make a dish of spicy chicken by himself in the kitchen. Not for Stephanie’s, but simply because he was hungry.

“Sean.” Ella’s voice sounded behind him again.

“What’s the matter? Get out, Ella. The kitchen smells pungent now.”

She covered her eyes and nose, stood at the kitchen door, and shouted loudly, “I just want to ask you for a favor!”

“What is it?”

“I invited two friends over to play at home tomorrow. Can you help me prepare something?”

Sean readily agreed, “No problem, there are still a lot of things stored at home. Do you need anything?”

“Dessert! They all like dessert!”

Sean looks through her, “Do they like it, or do you like it?”

“I mean, they like it, and so do I.”

“Since it’s your friend, I’ll let you have dessert together. But remember to brush your teeth. Are they going to play in your room?”

Ella held her head and thought for a while, “I used to play in my room. But, Sean, you wanted to use Dad’s room to play with Sister Stephanie, right?”

“Yes, what about it?”

It’s not that Sean doesn’t want Stephanie in the living room, but what they talk about after they meet must be related to the wizarding world. It’s easy for his servants to hear some weird conversations in the living room.

His father has long thought of this situation, and the private room at home has been remodeled so that some conversations that he does not want to be heard by others can be held privately and comfortably.

Ella thought for a while, “I am also an adult, and I want to play with my friends like you!”

Sean laughed and accidentally choked, “Of course, if you want, I’ll get someone to help you set up the room.”

“Yes! Thanks, Sean!”

In the evening, as the whole family sits at the dining table, Sean finishes his spicy chicken and sprints to the bathroom.

“Look at your son. Pay attention to his facial expression.” Mrs. Wallop scolded.

Mr. Wallop proudly shook the wine in his glass and said cheerfully, “He has been successful in everything since he was a child. I have nothing to teach him anymore. But in terms of cooking, all you need is just emotion.”

Mrs. Wallup narrowed her eyes, too. Indeed, their son is outstanding in everything, and his learning ability is far superior to others. But she won’t worry about her son’s condition. Sean has never let them worry about it since he was a child.

Just a trip to the toilet.

“I’ve seen his report card. Isn’t Potions class deal with pots and fire?” Mr. Wallup suddenly became curious.

“Perhaps so, but Sean’s Potions class has always been excellent.”

Mr. Wallop stroked his chin thoughtfully, “It seems that there is still a big difference between cooking and brewing potions. Sean’s talent in potions is good, and the professors are impressed with him. I never met a professor who didn’t like our son.”

They chatted about their views on wizards, exclaiming and laughing from time to time. On the side, Ella had already started to peek at the dessert served by the servant.

“Oops, excuse me there.” Mr. Wallop leaned over and took out the dessert in front of Ella.

“Ms. Granger said that you should control your desserts,” Mrs. Wallup looked fondly at her daughter, “Your friends are coming over tomorrow. Do you really want to eat it now?”

Ella didn’t eat the pudding in front of her but smiled again when she thought that she could taste dessert freely tomorrow.

“By the way, who’s coming this time? Alice? Kaia? Sophia? Or Wendy? Tomorrow, I will help you welcome them at home. If it’s Wendy and Sophie next to the hospital, I can ask the driver to bring them with me when I come back. I remember that their parents should be quite busy at this time. Our family can take care of that problem.”

Mr. Wallup talked a lot, but he always thought everything was in place when it came to his daughter, even her friends.

Mrs. Wallup nodded in agreement, “Yes, you can pick them up on your way home. However, Sean’s friend, the girl with long silver-white hair, Will come over tomorrow too. Should we pick her up?”

Mr. Wallup stroked his beard and thought, “Sean didn’t say anything about it, so it shouldn’t be necessary. Wizards must have various ways to move around, just like the Potter family who came to our house, and Mr. Black uses flying cars and motorcycles. That’s pretty cool.”

Ella was looking at the pudding and said casually, “Dad, you don’t need to pick up my friends tomorrow.”

“Oh? Did their parents send them here?”

“No, they’ll come by themselves.”


On the next day. Outside Wallup’s villa, at the end of the neat and clean road, a car stopped.

“Just stop here, Dad.”

“Don’t want to drive to his house? I’m always welcome in the garage of Mr. Wallup’s house.” A middle-aged man joked with her daughter.

“No, we’re just going for a walk.”

“Alright then. I’ll go home straight away.”

“Be careful on the way home.”

“Have a good time, and remember to say hello to me.”

The car turned around and left, and two beautiful girls carrying things stood on the street.

“Do you think Sean knows?” Daisy looked at the villa not far away with expectation in her eyes.

Daisy wore a summer skirt today paired with a hat with a bright yellow bow.

Hermione looked at her, “I don’t know. When Ella invited us, she specifically said that she would give Sean a surprise.”

Hermione also wore a beige tulle dress and was covered with a short denim jacket. The two walked slowly along the sidewalk under the shade of the tree towards Wallup’s villa, and from time to time, they laughed.

After walking for a while, the two came to the outer wall. Daisy stretched out her hand and made a voice, “There is a lot of defensive magic, just like the ones outside your house.”

Hermione explained, “When the attack happened, Sean hired many wizards through his own connections to protect his family and my family. The same powerful wizard also laid the magic.”

“As expected of him. Hey, Hermione! Look, Sean!” Daisy exclaimed in a low voice, then pulled Hermione to hide under the railing, and the two poked their eyes out to look into the yard.

In the yard, Sean was watering the flower beds.

Daisy looked at him, “He’s just whistling there.”

Hermione also couldn’t help laughing, “As soon as he relaxes, he loses his usual elegant appearance. Last time I heard Professor McGonagall saying Sean looks like a gentleman, but he has a different side sometimes.”

“He looks like it,” Daisy said, “However, judging by his appearance, it seems that he really doesn’t know that we are coming today.”

“It seems that Ella has done a good job of keeping secrets, but what is he wearing?” Hermione muttered.

Sean didn’t dress well today, but considering that guests were coming, he still wore a short-sleeved shirt and big pants that made him comfortable.

Outside the wall, Daisy took Hermione’s hand and walked quickly towards the door.

“Give him a surprise. Ring the doorbell, and we’ll hide.” Daisy’s face was full of excitement.

“You’re sneaky,” Hermione said, but she didn’t stop her.

In the yard, Sean suddenly squinted his eyes, picked up an earphone, and put it on his ear.

“Mr. Wallup, there are two girls approaching quietly outside the villa. But they seem to be very familiar with your family.”

“Oh, I see. It should be Ella’s friend. I’ll go and open the door.”

As soon as he took a step, the doorbell rang.

Sean yelled into the room, “Ella, your friends are here.”

He hurried over and opened the door, but strangely, there was no one outside.

“Mr. Wallup, they are hiding behind the flower bed next to the gate as if they are going to scare you.” The voice came from the earphone.

Sean touched his head strangely. He did know some of Ella’s friends, but since he had been studying at Hogwarts all year round, he might not know her new friends.

Just as he was thinking, two girls suddenly jumped out and stood in front of Sean. Two familiar voices appeared, and Sean’s eyes widened.

He took a step back in horror.

“Hermione, Daisy?!”

Daisy smiled, “Didn’t expect that, didn’t you? We are also Ella’s friends, you know.”

Hermione raised her eyebrows at Sean, “After a period of vacation, your senses seem to have declined, and you’re easily frightened.”

He was indeed shocked, not because two people jumped out suddenly, but because the two people who jumped out suddenly were them.

“Hey, shouldn’t you welcome us?” Daisy smiled and moved closer.

Hermione immediately frowned suspiciously. She knew Sean’s behavior well. Sean would definitely be surprised if she and Daisy appeared here, but he had something different in him.

At this time, a little girl ran out from inside, “Hermione, Daisy, you are here!”

Hermione could only dispel her doubts, smiled, and hugged Ella. The three played for a while, and Ella took one of them and led them towards the house.

“Come on, dessert is ready. Sean?”

Sean touched his head, “Ugh, coming.”

Just as the door was closed, he took another step, and the doorbell rang again.

Sean froze in place. Hermione and Daisy turned their heads in unison.


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Published On: April 27, 2024

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