“Sean, is that girl who came to say hello your girlfriend?” As the city with the worst traffic jams in the UK, even before the 21st century, London often has this problem. In the driver’s seat, Mr. Wallup held the steering wheel, stared at the road ahead, and asked casually.

Mrs. Wallup, who was in the passenger seat, also quietly listened.

Sean was explaining wizard toys to his younger sister and shrugged, “No, she’s only my senior at the beginning of school.”

The Wallups gasped at the same time. Stephanie is too small, and Sean has been in school for so long, and his height has completely jumped up, but Stephanie seems to have stopped growing. She was half a head taller than Sean when Sean was in the first grade, but now she is way lower than him.

The Wallups looked at each other.

“Oh, a very small girl,” said Mr. Wallup.

“Yes, and she’s beautiful. I’ve never seen a girl with that kind of hair in real life. Did she dye it, Sean?” said Mrs. Wallup.

Sean sighed, “No, she was born with this hair color, and there are many people with strange hair colors among wizards. Like green, white, and purple, there are all kinds of colors. You can dye it yourself with a magic spell. But why are you asking this?”

Mr. Wallup shrugged, “Sean, your birthday is in November, so you are sixteen years old now. Your dad started dating girls when he was sixteen.”

Mrs. Wallup turned, “Come on now, that would not be a good example for him.”

Sean immediately leaned forward, “I think Dad has a lot of ex-girlfriends that he hasn’t told you about.”

“No, that’s not what I meant. Look, let me explain…”

Sean successfully diverted the topic, sat back in his seat, and stretched. At the station, Stephanie didn’t say much and left politely after a simple greeting, but her sudden appearance still caught the attention of the Wallups. Sean is too lazy to explain this.

On the side, Ella is playing with a flying pink elephant, which is a custom gift from Sean. Ella rubbed the elephant’s ears, suddenly raised her head, and looked innocently at Sean.

“Sean, will that sister call you?”

“Uh, probably.”

“Can I take the phone later?”

Sean rubbed Ella’s head, “She wanted to call me, not you.”

“But,” Ella turned to play with the pink elephant again, “I answered the phone when Hermione called you, and Hermione and I had a great chat.”


After returning home, Sean first went around his home to confirm that all the magic had not been tampered with and greet the wizards sent by Lupin to protect his family.

“Sir, your salary is already very high.” A young wizard with freckles took the potion that Sean handed over with some embarrassment.

Sean smiled and shook his head, “Compared to your work, this is nothing. My father is grateful for your protection all the time. I want to make sure everything is fine with them, given my father is an important businessman. Also, I want to make some preparations in advance so that when I enter the wizarding world in the future, I can meet more of you later.”

“Oh, don’t say that, Mr. Wallup. You’re too generous and kind, as we haven’t done anything yet.”

“I mean, it is funny to think that you kept getting salaries, but you have no work to do, right?” Sean made a joke.

“Haha, rest assured, we will continue to protect them with all our strength.”

“Then I’ll leave it to you.”

Sean did the same thing, making friends with every wizard who helped to keep his family safe, and they all got a lot of things. Lupin sent the person, so there is no need to worry about trust, but the enthusiasm and generosity of the employer will always make them do better on their job.

When it comes to the safety of his family, Sean doesn’t mind paying any price for it; he only needs the highest level of protection. After finishing everything up and down, Sean returned to his house. He lay lazily on the chair by the pool and closed his eyes.

It feels so good to be home.


It has been such a crazy year; two years have passed, and when Sean returned home, he finally felt the complete relaxation he had lost. Apart from practicing the necessary spells every day, Sean spent most of his time relaxing and entertaining himself.

While the current situation is tense, and there are still a lot of problems that need to be solved, Sean should not waste any time available. At the same time, it is important for him to take a break.

After playing at home for a while, either going out every day or playing with his younger sister, Sean was surprised to find that his magic power source, which had been growing at an extremely slow rate, expanded at a faster rate after some time of relaxation.

In the past, Sean might cast dozens of spells in a row in the Room of Requirement before he could feel the slightest change. It might take a full week for him to increase the total amount of magic power noticeably. But now, Sean may just be feeling a surge of magic after teaching Ella how to swim.

It is not the magic power that is practiced, but the magic power has naturally increased. Sean scratched his head.

One day, Sean, who had just climbed up from the swimming pool, was enjoying a glass of iced drink when the phone rang in the room. Ella, next to him, smirked and ran towards the house in a hurry.

“Don’t! I’ll answer the phone!”

Sean looked at his sister’s voice with a smile and did not forget to tell him, “Run slowly; your feet are still wet, or you’ll slip.”

She has been obsessed with talking to other people lately, though most of those calls aren’t to her. But anyone who could call the Wallups knew the Wallups’ daughter, and they were all happy to have a chat with Ella. Of course, there are only two people who can chat with Ella for a long time: Hermione and Daisy.

Naturally, Granger Dental Clinic is now a joint clinic of Wallup Private Hospital Empire. The relationship between the two is close, and Hermione and Ella have known each other for a long time.

Of course, Daisy also had Sean’s home phone number. When she called for the first time, she told Sean that she asked Sirius to get a phone. Most of the two people called to chat with Sean, but Ella answered the phone first every time, and the two chatted better with her than with Sean.

Stephanie never made a phone call after meeting Sean when she was at the station.

Sean only thought that she hadn’t obtained any useful information. Besides, the owl communication service was still under strict control, and Sean didn’t believe that this kind of contact method would be good to be used now.

According to his experience, people who call his parents usually call through their mobile phones. Even if they call at home, they will be transferred to his parents after a while. If it were Daisy and Hermione who had called, Ella would definitely have gone for the phone.

Half an hour later, Ella’s voice sounded.

“Oh, Sean~”

“What?” Sean sat up in a daze and rubbed his eyes.

He glanced at his watch, got up, and walked towards the house.

“You guys only talked for a moment.”

In the house, Ella stood on a small stool, holding a huge microphone in both hands and handed it over to Sean after seeing him.

She said loudly, “It’s that small, beautiful sister with silver-white hair!”

Sean answered the phone, “Hello, Stephanie?”

“Hello, Sean.”

Stephanie’s voice didn’t sound as flat as it used to, with a bit of stiffness and politeness, and it seemed that she wasn’t used to this way of chatting.

“Long time no see, Stephanie. It was my sister just now. She usually picks up the phone; I’m sorry about that.”

A deep breath came through the microphone, and Stephanie returned to normal.

“No, Ella is cute. I had a great time chatting with her just now.”

Sean looked to the side and looked up at his younger sister expectantly. She looked like a customer service officer who was expecting good reviews.

“Small, beautiful sister, it’s a pleasure chatting with you.”

“Please don’t say that in the future.”

Ella tilted her head in doubt, “But sister Stephanie is really small.”

Although it is true, she should not said it bluntly.

Stephanie’s voice came from the microphone, “Please don’t blame Ella. She is right. I have always known that my body is relatively small compared to my peers.”

Sean gave Ella a warning look, signaling her to stop being so rude.

He turned around and said casually, “I guess that makes you cute.”

The phone fell silent.

It was only after Sean said that he regretted it and wanted to slap himself.

“I meant, like, you’re cute, but I’m not like…” Sean tried to explain.

“No, it’s okay.”

Before Sean could say more, the voice of the system sounded in his mind.

[Task: Increase the favorability of five girls towards you, completed.]

[20 points have been sent.]

Sean could only laugh.

At Ollivander’s wand shop, In the small and cozy room, a girl with long silver hair was wearing a vest at home, kneeling on the cold floor at this moment, holding a landline phone’s microphone tightly in her hand.

There are many books scattered around her; most of them are various magical secrets, manuscripts, and other materials. However, there are occasionally one or two books such as “The Key to Love,” “Capturing Men is Another Kind of Magic,” “Two or Three Things Witches Should Do,” etc.

There was a piece of parchment spread out in front of Stephanie, and the handwriting on the paper was not completely dried.

(Ella Wallup, eight years old, chatty, pink flying elephant, dessert pudding.)

(Sean: Likes swimming (from Ella), lemon ice drink, with three cubed sugars and less ice. He likes Chinese food, and the Wallups are going to eat at a Chinese restaurant tonight.)

There are a lot of things densely recorded on the parchment, all of which are various information about the Wallup family. It records various hobbies or life details of the Wallup family, and the source of the information is marked in detail and mostly from Ella’s words.

However, the last line became a little crooked, and panicked wavy lines appeared. Stephanie clutched the microphone tightly, her chest was throbbing back and forth, and a blush had already appeared on her face.

“Hello? Stephanie?” When Sean’s voice came, she took a deep breath, and her voice returned to normal.

“Yes, I accidentally knocked over a book just now and tidied it up.”

“Oh, I see. By the way, what do you want from me?”

“I found some useful information and found a new story.”

Sean regained his spirits all of a sudden, “Oh? What’s that?”

“It may not be clear on the phone, and I am more worried about the safety of this way of communication.” Stephanie said calmly.

“That’s right, you’re in Diagon Alley. But I’ve had trouble going to Diagon Alley recently. They told me that I need a certificate issued by the Ministry of Magic to enter and exit Diagon Alley.”

Stephanie covered the microphone and took another deep breath. She had a piece of magic parchment with the Ministry of Magic stamping “Access and Exit” on it.

“Well, that’s true. The Leaky Cauldron’s checking points are strict, and it’s inconvenient for you to come here.”

“But how about I go to find you?”


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Published On: April 22, 2024

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